Things I Love Thursday

My sewing machine is back! It’s all fixed and working and I can sew again, wooo! Of course, this is my busiest week in ages and I have no time to sew, but yay!

Getting my short story mojo back. It’s a tentative connection I have with my ability to write short stories and it comes and goes like mad. I have it at the moment though, and I’m loving that. Especially since I’m keen to be involved in the 48 hour magazine project. (Not related to the film competition.)

New books arriving in the mail: Fables 12, Sublime Stitching, Y: The Last Man 10 and a copy of The Boneshaker. Which is a steampunk zombie book. I love collecting books. It’s a complete addiction to me, and completing comic series is definitely important.

My new Evenstar necklace. Is very pretty. Although, rather spiky. Might have to wear it over clothing rather than on bare skin.

I don’t much like it getting colder, but I do like wearing some of my winter clothes. Today I’m all long home-made jeans skirt, non-Ugg boots, hoodie and my new jacket. It’s pretty cosy and I feel good.

I’m really loving myself a couple of song covers at the moment. What is it about covers? Some of them can be really dire, but if the right person covers the right song it’s so much better. Some examples:

and the Chili Peppers doing Higher Ground, which is the version that they use in Centre Stage. Also in the Power Rangers movie.

Honourable Mentions: Ice cream, going to see MacBeth tonight, Fall, naps, people who are polite on the phone, weird dreams, new Blu-Rays such as Dead Snow and Inglourious Basterds, being on the same wavelength and my black zombie Threadless hoodie.

And my darling TiLT regulars, I look forward to seeing your contributions below…


7 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Cherie Priest looks worth investigating! The wikipedia entry on her makes the steampunk books look pretty appealing, and the horror stuff might be worth a look as well.

  2. Jenni, ‘Y the Last Man’ is a great series, is it not? I think I need to get my hands on more of Fables. And have you read ‘Runaways’?

    Things I Love Thursday (Birthday Edition)
    1) The pirate birthday card some friends sent me
    2) Paypal, for allowing my Nan to send me birthday and housewarming money without having to send cash in the mail to New Zealand.
    3) Tina Fey, Steve Carrell and Chicken Ranch Salad at the Hog’s Breath Cafe for creating a trifecta of awesome that made my birthday evening most pleasant (‘Date Night’ is a danged funny, and very sweet, movie which my husband laughed at as much as me.)
    4) New spinning wheel! Arriving tonight!
    5)Ysolda Teague– I think I want to knit everything she’s designed.
    6) My friend Erin for knitting me a birthday present, to be revealed at our knitting group on Monday!
    7) The handknitted cabled hoodie I made myself, which I’ve worn every day for the past 2 weeks, because it’s just so snuggly and warm, and stylish.
    8) Star Wars for ensuring my husband never ever forgets my birthday (May the Fourth be with you!)

  3. – Baby giggles
    – Free fruit
    – Gorgeous Bonnets knitted by my friend’s Mum
    – My mum turning up with food
    – a sleeping baby
    – blob days
    – watching godson in the Jolly Jumper. He *is* a jolly jumper

  4. – J getting player of the match for football this morning AND a certificate in assembly yesterday for his reading. I am one proud mum!
    – feijoas
    – taking my folks to Cafe Cuba (our fave Palmy cafe) this morning and Mum having a passionfruit smoothie she reckoned was one of the nicest drinks she’s had
    – cooking delicious burgers with J tonight… we made our own tomato sauce with basil from the garden… and had them with tomatoes we grew too… J really was going omnomnomnom as he stuffed them in
    – T learning to pedal his own trike

    Giffy’s list is lovely ❤

  5. Ellen: yes, I have read and enjoyed Runaways. It’s an awesome series. And Y: The Last Man is fun, it’s like reading an action movie 🙂

    Karen: I’d love your recipe for home made tomato sauce. I’m looking for something like that for my pizzas….

  6. 🙂 I don’t use recipes very much… just cook what I feel like with what I have… but I can tell you roughly what I do… It may not be very different from other recipes you’ve tried!

    This works best with a shallow heavy bottomed pan so you can do a quick reduction… preheat it to a medium temp… drizzle in enough olive oil to coat the bottom and cook (“sweat” more than fry… brings out the sugar) a small finely chopped onion and about 3-4 cloves garlic (chopped tiny or crushed in a crusher not just with a knife… you want the flavour to blend)… sometimes I add 1 tsp ground coriander and 1/2 tsp cumin towards the end of this stage, esp if adapting for nachos (see below)… then add a tin of (budget or other cheap brand)chopped tomatoes or chopped up whole tomatoes or equivalent amount of peeled (stick in boiling water for a couple of mins 1st) fresh tomatoes (this is the stage when you would add dried herbs if you don’t have fresh ones… maybe 1 tsp or so of oregano and/or basil)… for pasta sauce I often add a grated carrot to increase the vege content. (I think Idiot adds a bit of sugar to his basic tomato sauce… this is quite traditional, but you’d have to ask him how much or play yourself)

    Turn the heat up a bit to get it boiling then drop the temp so it simmers until it is as thick as you want it. (The last 2-3 minutes I often chuck chopped spinach or silverbeet on top and stick the lid on to steam it, then mix it through). If using fresh herbs (I used about 10 basil leaves yesterday… oregano, coriander leaves or even parsley are also nice), chop them finely and add them when it is pretty much ready… just cook another minute or so to let the flavour blend…

    Because I’m lazy (or usually in a hurry) I use basically this recipe for pizza and pasta sauce or add brown lentils, tinned beans and kumara or whatever other veges appeal and cook with the lid on to absorb instead of reduce for nachos.

    Here ends the brain dump of Karen cooking method… hope it is useful ❤

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