Fall actual play report – “Knock ’em down”

It has started raining. As the gang drives towards The Limit there are a couple of ominous flashes of lightning. It’s moody.

Darius: I’m feeling much better now. (OOC he spends some drama points and feels a lot better.)
Alex meantions that in the The Sky Evil Megan’s room was up the top, so they should try and sneak in one of the sky lights.
Darius: How are we gonna get up there?
Alex: There were fire escapes, we can climb.
D: So, so I’ve got a few…options…if we need any…extra…
Megan: what are you saying Darius?
D: I know Alex isn’t into it, but we are going up against Evil Megan and it might be good to have some magical…like we could use the Paragon spell and stuff.
A: if you want to blow your brain up, I’m not going to stop you.

They talk about what their plan is. They have to get to the mirror, but they have to get through the guards and Evil Megan, blue haired Xavier, etc. They talk a bit about making various people and dogs invisible. They talk about the possibility of a distraction, maybe Alex goes in the front and the others sneak in the back. Calvin suggests grenades as a likely distraction. Smoke grenades is suggested and agreed on as a safer alternative to regular grenades.

They drive to the military supply store and get the guy to open up shop by showing Calvin’s gold card. They pick up smoke grenades, some more body armour for Megan, a bean bag gun for Darius and other random stuff. As they leave several dead bolts are slid home behind them.
Calvin: what a nice guy.
Darius: So trusting.

They recap, Alex will go in the front door and throw smoke grenades, the others will climb up onto the roof and sneak in a sky light, try to locate the mirror while Alex distracts and fights all the minions and guards. Alex walks towards the door, turns, runs back and gives Calvin a big hug.
Calvin says into her hair: Take care.
Darius shouts indignantly: Hey, what about me?
Although she hadn’t been going to, Alex gives Darius and Megan hugs too and then walks over to the door. Darius, Megan, Calvin and Nebby go around the back and locate the fire escape. There’s a problem that they hadn’t anticipated, how to get the dog up the ladder? Darius fashions a sling out of a blanket from Kermit and since Calvin’s the strongest he carries Nebby.

Some brilliant Calvin fan service: Climbing the fire escape with a dog strapped to his back, in the rain. Nebby struggles, Darius panics as Nebby tries to jump out but Calvin reaches down and grabs him by the scruff of his neck, hauls him up onto the roof. Nebby licks his face, happy as anything.

Up on top of the roof Megan snoops around, looking for a way in. There’s a skylight with an alarm wired to it. She works on disabling the alarm so that they can climb in and sneak around. There’s a bit of a struggle when Nebby tries to get free but Calvin manages to keep his feet. He wrenches open the skylight and Megan goes through first. Calvin follows and then opens his arms for Darius to drop Nebby into them. Nebby thinks its a great game, but luckily doesn’t start barking.

Alex kicks open the front door just as there’s a flash of lightning. Inside are about 10 demons, they seem to be torturing someone on one of the pool tables. They look up in surprise. She throws the smoke grenade. It bounces around a bit and then starts spraying smoke around. One of the demons with a huge hooked nose shouts out ‘Kill her!’ Four of them rush towards her. (Soundtrack for this fight was My Delirium by Ladyhawke and A Million Ways by OK Go ) She runs to meet the first demon and attacks with a jump kick. She launches herself into the air, bounces off a pole and smacks her leg into his head. He goes reeling into the coat check area. Several more appear around her. There are actually too many to attack her all at once, so they have to take turns. She dodges but two of them manage to hit her, one with a kick and one with a bar stool.

Megan goes to open a door to the right, Calvin tries one on the left. The room Calvin found has a bunch of random club junk and stairs on the floor. Megan points at the locked door and then mouths ‘Axe’. Calvin swings his axe at the door, makes a dent and swings again. Halfway through this he remembers that they’re meant to be being sneaky and he should have just picked the lock. The door is suddenly yanked back and into the room, revealing Evil Megan.
Megan bazorks Evil Megan, who was standing there looking smug. She’s still standing there looking smug because the bazorker has worked. Calvin checks for blue haired Xaviers but it appears to be only Evil Megan in there. Darius and Calvin search for the mirror but it’s not in there. Good Megan is being kept flattened onto the ceiling by telekinesis or magic or something.

Back in the main room Alex is climbing up to the mezzanine to get out of immediate range of the demons. A bar stool is thrown at her, but it isn’t enough to stop her. One of the demons is starting to run up the stairs after her so she throws a table at it squashing it completely.

Evil Megan seems to have outfitted the room as her bedroom, there’s lots of cheerleading paraphernalia and photos of Megan. One entire wall is clothes. The whole room is very frilly and pink. It’s still a work in progress but it’s looking good. Darius throws the blanket over Evil Megan’s head, which luckily breaks the spell and Megan falls to the ground. The blanket starts lifting off on its own so Calvin swings the flat of his axe at the back of Evil Megan’s head with the intention to knock her out. Evil Megan falls to the ground. Calvin throws the blanket over EM again.
Darius: You know, we have an excellent opportunity here. (Raises his eyebrows at Calvin, indicating Megan.)
Calvin: Right. Yes. (points at Megan) You’re her.
Good Megan grabs a jacket from the rack and they all run out to find the mirror.

In the main room the fight has devolved into the demons below throwing stuff up at Alex and Alex throwing furniture and things down on them. The demons are mostly throwing bottles of spirits and beer. Smoke is filling the room quite effectively. One of the demons climbs up the far side of the mezzanine and pops his head up. Alex decapitates him with the machete. Two use this time to run up the stairs. The first one, who is a vampire, gets a face full of machete when she turns to meet them.

The others have reached a reinforced door which cannot be broken down. Calvin tries to pick the lock but it’s complicated, he can probably get through but it’s going to take time. Time which they are all aware they don’t have: they don’t know how long Evil Megan will stay frozen and they also don’t know what’s going on with Alex.
Calvin: I can get through, but it’s going to take time. There must be a key.
Megan: I’ll go look! (She rushes back up the stairs.)
Darius: Will you be ok?
Calvin waves him away: go with her, I’ll be fine.
Upstairs Evil Megan is moving and sitting up, but very slowly and painfully. She glares at Megan and Megan goes flying through the air into Darius, back out of the room and partially down the stairs.
Megan: I think I’m OK (Bryn used a drama point.)
Darius: Great, because I’m not!
Megan: Darius, distract her while I grab the keys.
Darius runs around the corner and tries to punch Evil Megan telekinetically. It works really well, she is shoved back across the room, her feet tear up the carpet. Unfortunately she telekinetically punches Darius back and he flies back through the wall. He’s back in the room with the junk in it. He falls to the ground, unconscious. Megan rushes out with the keys and dashes down the stairs. ‘Calvin, catch!’ She throws the keys and Calvin catches them.

Alex is hitting things with her machete. She stakes the vampire in front of her. He explodes into dust. She dodges the swing of one of the demons and another one hits her with a bottle that smashes on her. She then breaks that one’s legs, he falls down, screaming obscenities. More are climbing up to the mezzanine.

Calvin matches the key to the lock he’s been staring at for ages (it’s the big key) and opens the lock. Megan runs back up the corridor to talk to Evil Megan and stall her.
Megan: why can’t you just leave us alone? You’re not needed here any more!
EM: This is about what I want.
M: You came here to help.
EM: Yeah. Myself.
M: Why do you have to be so mean?!

Calvin goes through the door with Nebby, closes the door behind him and makes sure it’s locked. He has the keys in his hand. He’s at the top of some more stairs, downstairs are blue haired Xavier and spiky yellow demon sitting at a table and playing cards. Behind them is the magic mirror.
Xavier: Wait, who are you again?
Calvin: I brought the dog…Megan sent me to get the mirror. I have the keys. (Shows the keys. This bluff doesn’t really work, but it gives him time to get downstairs while they figure him out. Also Xavier is trying to pick who he is.)
Xavier to the demon: Kill this guy.
The spiky yellow demon stands up and pulls a huge bone knife out of his arm. He throws it at Calvin, hitting him in the shoulder. He thinks he’s ok (drama point halves the damage), then hits the demon with the axe.
Xavier does magical gestures: I call upon the darkness. The things that crawl… DIE!…(Lightning bolt)
Calvin is hit by the lightning bolt but is still standing. It turns out blue hair Xavier is maybe not so strong with the magics.

Alex, back in the main room is still dealing with the swarm of demons and vamps. Alex is slashed again with the broken bottle. She turns and knocks the legs out from under the bottle wielding one and then hits at the one trying to get up. She’s slowly wearing them down but she’s also taking a lot of hits. She’s not looking too healthy.

Calvin is determined to get to the mirror. He embeds the axe into the neck of the demon who crumples onto the floor. (The soundtrack to this scene was ‘DOA’ by Foo Fighters, BTW) Calvin goes towards the mirror then remembers that the mirror needs to be touched with something magical to open, otherwise they can’t move Nebby through. He stops halfway there and looks at Xavier, who appears to be inherently magical. He grabs Xavier. Xavier does a protective force field spell, Calvin grapples him into the mirror which he falls straight through. It’s worked (another drama point there for a plot twist). Calvin hustles Nebby through the hole, which he jumps through happily. “Now run!” Calvin says to Nebby and then sticks the magical stake into the mirror. A weird bluish glow emanates out from the stake and spreads over the mirror, which then solidifies into a kind of marble looking case over the mirror.

Outside Evil Megan is having some trouble going down the stairs, she’s pretty beat up looking. Turns out she’s not really much tougher than regular Megan. Good Megan is pinned to the wall and watches in horro as Evil Megan becomes transparent. Evil Megan tries to make a force field, and for a moment she is more solid looking. Then she goes two dimensional, twists sideways and vanishes.

The demons and things that Alex is fighting mostly disappear as well and there are only 4 left. The two vampires run away, panicked. The two demons stay to fight. Alex beats the crap out of them, punching, kicking and slashing with the machete. One falls and the other one curses Alex and spits a fireball onto the ground where all the spilled booze immediately ignites. Alex is singed from the flame but manages to flip off the mezzanine and land on one knee in a non-flaming part of the club. The Limit is burning.

The fire alarm and sprinklers go off. Alex gets up. The door to the back of the club over by the stage appears to be the only way into the rest of the building. Alex forces it open by shoulder barging it. She climbs up the stairs to where Calvin is frantically first aiding Darius. Darius wakes up.
Alex: It worked?
Darius: Apparently you can throw a person through a wall. Yes, it worked.
Calvin: Yeah. The mirror closed over.
Megan: But she didn’t die, I think she teleported somewhere?
C: what.
A: wait, describe how it looked.
M: she went sideways and then vanished.
A: that’s what happened to the guys I was fighting too. I think that means it’s worked. She’s gone.

Calvin picks a protesting Darius up and they get out of the burning club.
Darius: Ow! Ow! Ow!
Calvin: Dude, it’s this or we leave you in the burning building.
D: I know, just let me say OW!

The fire engines arrive just after they pull away in Kermit. The gang goes to the hospital for the healing.

Final scene shows Alex, Darius, Megan and Calvin sitting around a table at Darius’s, impressed that they managed to beat Evil Megan. He is quite vocal and bouncy. Alex says that they still need help from someone who knows what they’re doing but the gang is otherwise quietly happy.

– End of Season 1 –

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  1. Yep, we were all pretty stoked. It didn’t look good for a while there…also did you notice that it wasn’t the slayer who took down the big bad?

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