Antidotes to Monday

So today is one of those Mondays. It’s rainy and cold and then sunny when I have to go back to work after lunch, and I keep saying the wrong thing. Also, mid-morning I discovered that I put my knickers on inside out. Like I said, one of those days.

If you’re having one of these days too, here’s some links that should hopefully happy you up a bit.

A French couple are backpacking around the world with a kitten. Pictures please, they were featured on cuteoverload 🙂

best packing ever

I’m not sure if I could love Unhappy Hipsters any more than I already do. It’s just so much awesome.

Paul and I are writing a superhero LARP which will be run sometime in September (probably.) Why don’t you check out the characters and sign up?

Just think, no matter how you feel, it can’t be as bad as Dawson’s crying face:

and I really like this tampon ad. Seriously, watch it.

Finally, since True Blood is coming back soon I’m torturing myself by watching Bill singing Hard Hearted Hannah…


4 thoughts on “Antidotes to Monday

  1. Could be worse, you could have worn your underwear on the outside of your clothes.

    I’m looking forward to the return of True Blood, but I want less Bill and a lot more Eric. Really I just want a spin-off with Eric as the main star.

  2. Rachel – depends where they’re backpacking. You walk through overland borders pretty easy in many countries, and money can remove problems that come up. I’m guessing they picked up the kitten along the way in their travels.

    You’re right though, the first time they fly to a first world country with biologic controls they’ll have a problem.

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