Wet Wednesday Writing

Editing is going very well. I have just 15 pages to go on Rain which I will get done in the next couple of days. Then I will be concentrating on shopping What’s the Worst That Could Happen? around some more, fixing some short stories up and trying to sell them and then who knows? New thing? Maybe not quite yet.

Did I tell you that I have a whole new novel idea? It’s based on a long and detailed dream I had. The dream itself gave me the setting (post apocalyptic), main characters, main conflict and a lot of thematic detail. It’s a bit of a twist on the post-apoc genre in that it’s pretty hopeful in tone and there’s some neat stuff I’m looking forward to explaining. I haven’t written anything for it though, since one thing at a time is the way I work best.

In the past week I have also written a short story with Sophie, basically a deleted scene from the last episode of Fall. It’s a really nice scene between Calvin and Alex in which they talk about the fight and some other things. It was very fun to write and I’m quite happy with the way it came out.


Steve sent me this very encouraging interview with Karen McQuestion. Who has a freaking awesome name. She has had a lot of success selling her books herself on Kindle.

The redoubtable Andrew Jack (buddy of mine on twitter) has come down with pneumonia, and has written a blog post on how to write while sick. He also touched on an interesting point: writing is tough, like, physically. I have a lot of half formed theories on this, must remember to work them out some time.

I must read more of this blog, Got YA, but in the mean time check out this excellent post on redundancy and why you should definitely kill it. I’m terrible/very good at creating redundancy in my writing so it’s nice to see a couple of tips on avoiding it.

Finally, some neat bookshelves that are all architecturally and weird and unhappy hipster-ish. I most want the curtainy one.


One thought on “Wet Wednesday Writing

  1. Post apocalyptic is always fun… back when the entrance to red rocks was a quarry I used to fantasise about running a spooky post-apocalyptic (tabletop?) RPG on top of one of the gravel piles at night… but now I never will!

    I like the curvy bookshelf… but think it would be too tall to suit any of the readers in our home! Also think the rodent wheel is kind of cool!

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