Things I Love Thursday

The other day I tweeted this: some things I never think now about but figured largely in my childhood: moss, saladas, skinned knees and ways to bug my siblings. People replied with things that they hadn’t thought about in years and it was nice to reminisce. I also thought of lolly scrambles, building cities in the garden out of flowers, sharpening pencils and getting all my picture books and reading through the whole stack.

Home made pizza…I am addicted to this base. I’ve been making it pretty much every week with salami, capsicum, mushrooms, lots of garlic and proper mozzarella. It’s noms.

High tea at the James Cook with a couple of old friends on Saturday morning was awesome. We had teeny sandwiches and cakey things and delicious light scones. I had rosehip and hibiscus tea and it was a delightful shade of pink and v tasty.

So we had the final ep of Fall last week and that was awesome, and Sophie and I wrote a deleted scene from the last ep and that was awesome and next week we’re playing the start of the second season and we have guest stars. So much awesome from one game. Love it.

I had some neat stuff from Topatoco arrive today. The actually ugly duckling strip from Pictures for Sad Children, a Softer World strip and a T shirt from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal that says “Oh No! I’ve become my mother!” It’s neat. Topatoco gives much of the profits straight to the artists so I know I’m giving something back to three creators of awesome. Even if it is a small something. Plus the delivery was much quicker than they said it would be. I went to Briscoes for frames for the prints and they had 40% off all frames so I got some extras. Nice one.

Old school cutes: slow loris!

Honourable Mentions: Basic chick burger from Burger Fuel, the house after the cleaner’s been, new T shirts, compliments, writing, editing, reading awesome books, buying books, books on the shelves, book memes, um, in a loop. I am also thankful for time alone, time with Lee, time with my lovely friends, watching Big Bang Theory and the end of Supernatural season 5.

And you my darling readers? What are you thankful for this day?


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. My hubby…who puts my bad days (and nights) into perspective.
    My children even though they are both “at that age”.
    Meeting new people
    A good old bitch session
    Having friends that you can just ring up and vent to… and they understand
    Finding a cheap but good red wine
    Being able to put “going out” on the calendar.

  2. 1) Getting a short story published! OK, so just on line, but the website is a well-respected one: 365 Tomorrows (my story is in the archive- it was on the main page of the site on May 19th.
    2) Having two more stories that need a bit more ruthless editing and will then be ready to go.
    3) Finding my DVD of Season 1 of ‘Outnumbered’
    4) 2 LARPS in Wellington now on the horizon, plus starting to prepare for the sew-and-knitathon which will be the 3 months leading up to Chimera.
    5) Finding awesome vintage knitting patterns for both Regency and 40s designs, linked to number 4.
    6) Brown paper packages, from Fishpond (autobiography of the brilliant Peter Kay, Glee Soundtrack, and ‘Night of the Necromancer’- the new Fighting Fantasy which is keeping my husband amused), (2,000m of lovely 4ply wool, so pretty, so becoming a cardigan), and to come a stack of knitting magazines including some holiday gifts issues.

    Honourable mention for a most interesting episode of Dr Who (‘Amy’s Choice’), Better Off Ted, and the word “assbutt”.

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