Delicious cookies

So I followed a link in Gala Darling’s blog to a new recipe blog and then I became overwhelmed with a need to make these cookies. They’re called, rather inelegantly, garbage cookies. I think because you can chuck in whatever you like, but I gotta say they rock.

The amazing recipe for Garbage cookies, from I Am Baker.

I bought a packet of pebbles to add into them when we went food shopping. When Lee was at rehearsal I made them up and chucked in the pebbles and a big handful of chocolate buttons. The recipe was easy and quick. It calls for you to use a 1/4 cup to measure the cookies out, I used a dessert spoon so that the cookies weren’t too huge, and they’re plenty big.

Straight out of the oven these were amazing. The chocolate all melty and delish, the oats give them a bit of a nutty flavour. I think I’ll try adding in some peanut butter next time, like she suggests, because I think that would put them into orbit.


10 thoughts on “Delicious cookies

  1. two trays and extra dough left over that made three extra-big cookies. Extra big cookies are visible in the left corner of the cookie box picture.

  2. Also, did you use shortening (like Kremelta) or did you just use butter or marg?

    I’ve been enjoying the books you lent me. Hunger Games FTW! So Yesterday, as you said was not as good as some of the other stuff of his I’ve read and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies makes me wish I’d borrowed real Pride and Prejudice so I could see what they actually said sometimes.


  3. I just used butter. I can’t be bothered with shortening 🙂

    And yay, I really love the Hunger Games books and I want everyone to read them.

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