Things I Love Thursday

Very excited indeed about Fall tonight. It’s the first episode of the second season and we have two guest stars: Ash and Yuki. There’s been a lot of build up on facebook and emails and in the mail yesterday I received a postcard addressed to Calvin and signed Megan and Ash. Excellent.

This college humour video about what would happen if the Ninja Turtles actually used their weapons as you know, weapons.

Having new art up in my house makes me really happy still. I am easily pleased.

Good books. I’m currently reading Monsters of Men which is the third in the exceedingly good Chaos Walking trilogy. I can’t wait to find out what happens. Also Giffy is enjoying The Hunger Games, which I love. It’s good to share awesome books.

I finished the re-edit of Rain on the weekend and since then I have reworked a ghost story to a better state and I’m feeling very good about both of them. I am anxious to hear back from the readers I sent Rain too but they’ve only had it a few days so I know I must be patient.

Lee’s play opened last night and I’m going to see it tomorrow. You should too. Supporting community theatre is important.

Honourable Mentions: Glee, music from Glee, singing music from Glee while in the bath, meeting new people, watching old movies, cadbury’s white bubbly chocolate, those cookies I made the other day, hugs and love.

Please share with the whole class what you are thankful for this week by commenting below…


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Finished Rain last night, I liked it and am in awe of someone I know writing a cool story! So that’s a thing I love Thursday 🙂 I’m going to read/skim-read it again before I compile and send feedback.

    I always thought Michaelangelo had the best weapon of the turtles – concealable, throw-able, cool looking and it actually made sense that he could incapacitate someone easily with nun-chucks. The clip reminded me of the South Park episode where the kids pretended they were ninjas and Butters ended up with a shuriken in the eye.

  2. I’m trying to get Beau to read it too, but he just received his incredibly huge textbook (over 15cm thick) and needs to study.

    He wants me to add that it has tissue thin pages.

  3. – Alaska… last night DS Wakeley and DC Meade saved an old lady from a giant human-headed spider-thing and tongue-eating shiny green beetles and disappointingly retained their sanity, and we ate Idiot’s awesome brownie (i have no resistence to the brownie)
    -Going to Day of Games AND staying with Ruth this weekend… yay social life! 🙂
    -T with his wheat bag… taking his pajama pants off so he can drape it over his nether regions

  4. 1) Discovering a pattern that will let me make a scarf in a couple of days.
    2) Chimera game selections going live on Monday!
    3) Hitting LARP costume paydirt in a back issue of ‘Piecework’ magazine- an article on how to make knitted chainmail from nylon cord, written by a theatre professor. Now if I can just learn how to dye the nylon cord black…
    4) Experimenting with a no-shampoo hair cleaning method- what do you know, it worked!
    5) Eating green salad (cos and iceberg lettuce, mizuna, endive, rocket) made entirely of things from our greenhouse.

    Honourable mentions for rewatching ‘The Middleman’ (*sigh* Matt Keeslar is ridiculously handsome) and, like yourself, singing songs from Glee at home (quite loudly),and in my case, playing the soundtrack at work.

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