Fall actual play report – Season 2 ep 1 “Frenemies part 1”

It’s been a few weeks, there have been a bunch of weird thunder storms hitting Fall River. It’s been quiet, lots of the bad stuff and monsters left town when Evil Megan got powerful.

A black pick up truck pulls into town, carrying Ash, Yuki and Megan. Outside the Young household is Jim Locke’s van.
Ash: is that your Mom’s man?
Megan: Yeah.
Megan goes inside, asking Yuki and Ash to wait while she sees what’s up inside.
Inside Megan’s mother and Jim are on the couch, she has surprised them, they have just sprung apart from a clinch and her mother looks embarrassed.
Megan: I got a ride back with…some friends…and they don’t have anywhere to stay. Is it OK if they stay over?

Ash and Yuki talk about how oblivious Megan is. And then she invites them in.
Yuki: I can’t go in there! I’ve been wearing this same thing the whole day. I haven’t had one change of clothes.
Ash: She’s not going to know.
Yuki: She might.

Megan brings them both inside. Ash shakes Mrs Young’s hand.
Mrs Young: You must be very cold. Would you like anything to drink?
Ash: No, I’m fine.
Yuki: do you have any Pepsi? In fact, do you have any lime?
Mrs Young: Is Coke alright?
Y: She asked.

Ash turns down the offer of a room for the night, saying that they already have somewhere to stay. Megan’s mother says how nice it is to meet some of Megan’s friends.
Mrs Young: Megan hasn’t been getting out enough, lately.

Ash goes into the kitchen to meet Jim Locke.
Jim: I understand that you’re a friend of Megan’s.
Ash: I understand that you’re a friend of Megan’s mom. So you fix locks huh?
Jim: Yeah, I replace them. There’s a lot of crime in this town, you wouldn’t think, I mean, it’s a nice place don’t get me wrong but there is more stuff going on than you’d think.

Ash tells Megan he wants to see her room, so she takes him up. Yuki tries to go up there with them but Ash is firm, it will only be him and Megan together.
Ash: why don’t you stay and talk to Megan’s mom?
Yuki: I don’t like her! She’s wearing moccasins. Who does that?

Mean shows Ash her bedroom. He makes a beeline to a framed photo she has.
Megan: So that’s Calvin and uh, Alex and Nebby and Darius.
Ash: Darius wouldn’t friend me on facebook.
M: We’ll meet them tomorrow.
A: Cool.

Ash has to be pretty careful because there is a large, new vanity with a very large mirror on it. Megan tries to convince Ash to stay for the night but he refuses.
Ash: You don’t want me to go do you?
Megan: No…
Ash: I can’t stay.
He spins her around and kisses her, carefully positioning her so that her back is to the mirror and she cannot see that he is casting no reflection.

Downstairs Yuki is reorganising the furniture in the lounge. Megan’s mother is quite appreciative but Ash hustles him out in a huff.
Ash: what was that about? Moving the furniture.
Y: They have so much more space now!

Ash and Yuki track down a hotel room and check in. Ash logs into facebook, where he starts chatting with Megan. His other facebook buddy, Calvin, is not online.

Calvin and Alex are wandering around in one of the cemeteries, but it’s really quiet. Alex suggests that maybe they should try kissing or talking about something serious and see if that makes the vampires appear. Calvin agrees that the vamps do seem to love interrupting them and they end up making out against a tree.

The next morning, Megan texts Ash first thing, he tells her to be a good girl and text him when school’s out. Megan heads into school and fits by Darius, who was in homeroom first. Darius asks Megan what’s going on with her and where she’s been. He’s pretty incensed. And possibly hurt. Calvin joins them and clarifies for Darius who Ash is (Megan’s internet boyfriend who she randomly went to New York, alone, to meet). Alex comes in and relieved to have girl talk, Megan starts gushing about Ash and her time away. She shows Alex her photos from the holiday.
Alex: Oh, so you guys shared a room? And who’s this? (Picture of Yuki.)
Megan: That’s Ash’s friend, Yuki. I think he’s gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
Calvin, who doesn’t normally notice this kind of thing, notices that Darius is looking very put out and possibly jealous.

Yuki spends the day ordering stuff from IKEA and Ash spends the day slowly killing someone. Seeing how long he can make the person last, it’s a game called control. Yuki sews a new shirt for Ash from a curtain, using the sewing kit from the hotel, but he refuses to wear it.

There is a time passing school montage includes Darius acting mopey, Megan texting Ash and Calvin yanking Alex into the stairwell in between classes for a sneaky make out session. Megan suggests everyone meet up at The Limit so they can meet Ash and Yuki.

The Limit has recovered from the unfortunate incident, reported in the papers as a fire caused by the espresso machine blowing up. Darius is there early, having given Alex a lift over there. Alex keeps glancing up at the mezzanine floor, slightly nervously.
Darius is dressed roughly James Dean-ish, a leather jacket and T shirt.
Alex: Looking sharp, Darius. I like it.
D: Thanks, I figured that the first time out since I nearly died, I should make an effort. You know, meeting Megan’s boyfriend.
They talk a bit about how odd it was that she just took off without telling any of them.
D: She could have been killed!
Alex: That’s what I said, but Calvin said I was over reacting.

Darius and Alex slightly awkwardly sit together in a booth, Calvin comes in and soon after Megan makes an entrance. Megan has made a real effort with her appearance, looking rather on the slutty side of good looking. She walks into The Limit holding Ash’s hand. She introduces everyone around.
Darius insists on shaking Ash’s hand and there’s a battle of wills. Darius squeezes hard and won’t let go.
Ash: quite a grip.
D: pleased to meet you. Any friend of Megan…
A: thanks.
Yuki: Any friend of Megan?

Ash: Yuki cares about fashion a lot. He made this shirt.
Yuki: It’s vintage.

Ash reaches over to shake Calvin’s hand, then sits down next to him as Alex has gone to the bathroom and there’s a space there. When she comes back Yuki talks about Pepsi to Alex.
Yuki: Blue pepsi is just good to look at, it’s such a nice colour.

Calvin: So…you got up to lots of stuff in New York?
Megan: Oh yeah we did loads, we went to shows and stuff, lots of walks.
Ash: Coney Island at night.
Calvin: what show?
Ash: Cats.

Mason and Martha rock in together, they look surprised to see Calvin. Calvin introduces everyone, but slightly ineptly. Mason starts pulling up a chair.
Calvin: Why don’t you join us?
Overwhelmed by the awkwardness Alex gets up to dance, even though the dance floor is empty.

Ash: Alex seems a little bit upset.
Calvin: she just likes to dance.
A: Nah, she’s working out some tension, she’s pissed off.
They watch as Devon, the guy from a previous episode joins her on the floor. She looks a little uncertain but keeps dancing.
Does she want to be dancing with that guy?
Calvin, slightly freaked looking: How would I know?
A: Yeah, Yuki you should go dance with her.
Yuki doesn’t need much prompting, he gets up and starts pop locking, dancing up a storm. (Think Mike Chang from Glee…) Alex carefully manoeuvres herself so that Yuki is always between herself and Devon.

Martha makes polite conversation, Calvin slouches down in the booth a bit looking annoyed.
Martha: So you met on facebook, you travelled all the way from California?
Ash: Yeah.
Megan: Isn’t that, like, true romance?
Calvin: True Romance was a horror movie.
M: Oh.

There’s a little more awkward conversation before Ash starts posturing.
Ash: Calvin and I are gonna have a car race.
Alex: you are?
Calvin: Yeah.
Darius: A race? For what?
C: For what? Why does anyone race?
Megan: to see who’s faster.
M: When are you going to race?
Ash: Whenever Calvin mans up.
C: *raises eyebrow*

Yuki has moved onto the table top and break dancing. He makes a big finish and then poses, waiting for applause. Darius obliges with an ironic slow clap. Yuki is pleased and returns to the table.

Ash: So, when are we racing?
Calvin: Fine. Whatever, let’s go now.
Darius: OK, so we’ll catch up with you two later.
Megan: I’m going too.
Ash: Yeah, she’s my good luck charm.
Darius, crosses his arms and pouts: Then I’m going with Calvin!
Calvin: Yeah. (Looks at Alex) I’ll take Darius.
D: I’ll be like Sulu to your Chekhov.
C: Dude.
D: Sorry.
C: I’m Kirk. If I’m anyone, I’m Kirk.
Alex: What is this Calvin, Grease?
Alex huffs and sighs and storms out of the club. The others argue about whether it’s stupid to race cars and where they should do it and who gets to go. Calvin waits until Darius is talking and says low and quick “I’m gonna go outside and check on Alex.”
Calvin catches up with Alex. She’s a little freaked since she was close to Yuki during the dance and noticed something odd. She tells him that Yuki wasn’t sweating and wasn’t out of breath or anything.
A: I mean, he did all that crazy dancing.
C: yeah but Darius did that and he’s OK.
A: He wasn’t sweating or breathing heavy…
C: So he might just be really fit.

Calvin plays Reptilia by The Strokes and the race starts. Calvin’s green hummer vs Ash’s black 1951 Ford pick up truck. Alex and Yuki mark the starting line and tell them when to go. The car race on the Pacific Coast Highway is annoyingly tied. The hummer and the pick up are evenly matched and cross the finish line at around the same time. Towards the end a cop car comes out with their sirens blaring. Calvin pulls over, turns and glares at Darius.
Calvin: Don’t. Say. Anything.
Darius: Wha?
C: Every time we…you say something stupid and then they get suspicious and then they check the trunk! And it’s no good if they check the trunk.
D: That was one time.
C v serious: You let me handle this. Don’t say anything.

Ash compares speeding tickets but they’re the same speed. The race is a draw.
Darius: We won.
Calvin: We were ahead. Can’t beat my car.
Ash: Lemme drive it. You can drive mine.
Calvin shaking his head: whatever.
A: we can see whose is better.
C: I don’t let people drive my car who I only just met.
A: We’d better get going or your girlfriend is going to be pissed.
Calvin goes red, doesn’t say anything.

Alex and Yuki talk a bit and then Alex concentrates on her surroundings. Tries to sense vampires. She is sure that there is a vampire within 100 metres. The only other person on this deserted highway is Yuki. She tries checking behind the bushes and trees but there’s no one. Yuki decides she’s crazy and refuses to get into the car with her. Alex says goodbye to others and then takes off home in Darius’s car, starts researching online comparing Ash’s trip across America to disappearances across America.

Yuki walks over.
Yuki: Megan, your friend is strange.
Megan: She has a lot on her mind.
Darius: She has a lot of responsibilities.
Calvin: She’s on the lacrosse team.
Ash: No. There’s something wrong with Alex.
Calvin: There’s nothing wrong with Alex.
Darius: Some of us had a really bad time last term.
Yuki: Like what?
Calvin: Got in a lot of fights.
D: Yeah, I was black and blue.
C: Yeah and my shoulders both got fucked up. (Ash gives him a look, Calvin catches him.) What?
Ash shrugs.

They decide to head to Bohemian Like You for coffee. Ash asks Megan to get a ride back into town with Calvin so that he can catch up with Yuki alone.
Ash: I don’t like Alex. She’s not good enough for Calvin.
Yuki: She’s with Calvin? Not that I care, but they don’t act like you and the blonde one.
Ash: Megan, her name is Megan.
Yuki: when did you start calling them by their names?
Ash: what do you think about Calvin?
Y: He seems ok. More your type than Megan is.
A: I think we should hang out with him, just the three of us.
Y: Huh?
A: you know, safety in numbers, but then there’s only two.

In Kermit Darius and Calvin seize the opportunity to tell Megan off.
Darius: So Megan, Ash seems…
Megan: he’s great isn’t he?
D: He seems intense.
M: I think he’s artistic. Like I think he does poetry.
D: but doesn’t he seem pretentious and stuff.
Calvin: So what happened?
Megan: What happened with where?
C: Do you remember online you said that I’d be with you when you met him?
M:…I forgot.
C: Yeah.
M: But it’s alright!
C: You didn’t know anything about him, you could have been killed.
M: But it was fine, he’s lovely.
C: You know all that crazy shit that’s been going on in the last year?
M: Yeah, in Fall River. New York is alright.
Darius and Calvin shake their heads.

Darius complains about the James Dean outfits and Ash’s general demeanour culminating in: With his stupid fat head!
Megan: Darius are you ok?
D (shrugs, averts eyes, goes red.): Yes, everything’s fine. It’s fine.

As they go into the cafe, Ash: Just, look at him, think about it. Calvin. You know, maybe it’s time we had someone else to hang out with us.
Yuki: I dunno.

Ash: This is place is quiet, a bit dead.
Darius: We don’t like hanging out in dead places.
Calvin: But we seem to end up there quite often.

Ash makes out with Megan for a bit, offers to buy everyone drinks.

Yuki fixes Calvin with an intense stare: So what’s there to do around here?
Calvin: Not a lot. It’s a small town.

Darius: How did you meet Megan through facebook?
Ash: Calvin introduced us. I though he had a thing for Megan. But apparently not.
D: Calvin? Have a thing for Megan?
A: makes more sense than Alex, she’s such a hard case.
D: Yeah, she’s tough on the outside but like a soft gooey caramel inside.
A: How do you know she’s gooey on the inside?
D: I’ve seen her insides.
A: Huh?
D: Yeah, you’d think this is a quiet town but not so much.
A: What do you guys do?

Calvin: yeah, it’s a small town. We have to make our own fun.
Yuki: How do you stand it?
C: I dunno, drink a lot? Get into fights.
They stare at each other, trying to work the other one out.

Darius and Ash return with the drinks.
Ash: Darius said that you guys get into fights a lot.
Calvin: I guess.
Ash: With who?
C: Uh…Kids at school. Yeah. And Darius started a fight with the star quarterback. But he doesn’t really remember it..
D: Yeah and then his head got cut off.
A: what.
C: Unrelated incident.

They talk about things they could do the next day, get onto surfing and then the moon on the ocean at night and then Ash and Megan take off together. Yuki has been getting friendly and bitey with the guy who makes the coffee. He doesn’t kill him, just drinks from him a bit and then leaves him behind. Alex is waiting around outside to confront Yuki.
Alex: so I learnt a funny thing last year?
Yuki: How to effectively stalk people?
A: I just learned something about people who have cold hands, don’t breathe much, don’t come out in daytime.
Y: This paints a picture of…
A: A vampire.
Y: What? Are you crazy?
A: so you kill people by draining their blood.
Y: Ummm, I don’t really know what to say…
A: I’m just saying, you don’t breathe, you don’t sweat…
Y: I think you’re crazy, but your friends seem ok.
Alex punches him in the face. He goes flying back, he starts bleeding and complaining about how he is now hurt and she’d insane. Alex is overcome with doubt, perhaps she was wrong? Seeing vampires where there are none.

Alex goes to Calvin’s house and then texts him. He comes out to meet her.
Alex: I think I just made a huge mistake.
Calvin tries to calm her down, assuring her that she has great instincts but she’s pretty upset.
Calvin: Look, we’ll do some more research, like, try and get him to come out during the day or mirrors…
Alex: Yes, mirrors we can try that.
Calvin: Do you, do you want to come in?
Alex: No, I’d better head home. If my mother finds out I’ll be in so much trouble.
Calvin watches her walk away into the dark night.

To be continued…


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