Day of Games

I am hardcore and stayed the whole day for Day of Games this year.

First round: Time and Temp run by Paul.

This is a neat Inspectres-esque game where you play temps at an agency for dealing with time discrepancies. We were sent back to London 1598 to check out something that they said was ‘big’. It turned out that Kenneth Branagh was there, chatting up Will Shakespeare and trying to steal Love’s Labour’s Won, the lost sequel to Love’s Labour’s Lost.

I played Charlie Greene, who had been a librarian, then a stay at home mum and a volunteer at Playcentre before temping. Nasia played a ditzy former hair-dresser/nail technician called Sam. Nick (who played Edgar Allen Poe at Fleet St) was a slightly violent former supermarket worker and Ellen played an ex-journalist.

Sam: This is nothing like Shakespeare in Love!
Charlie: It would have been if you could smell it.

I played up the mothering and even got to tell off Kenneth Branagh when we managed to track him down. This is after we had encouraged the crowd to boo him off stage and Nick’s character had beaned him with a wine bottle.

Next round: Best Friends run by me. A gang of 14 year old vampires go on a road trip to see the premiere of the new Twilight movie. Some of them were die hard fans, some of them were too cool to care. I had a brilliant time playing all the emo brothers that they variously had crushes on. I also stole a plot device off Jackie and her American Gothix game and forced them to take the annoying younger brother along too.

Nasia played Persephone, from an epic Gothic all vampire family. She had a twin brother called Hades and a younger brother Cerberus. Ellen was Twyla, who was on Team Jacob, Nick played Morbidia (yeah, me, Ellen and Nick were in all the same games, it was awesome.) Mike played Laura, who was hip, alternative and kind of embarrassed about being a vampire, Paul played Claudia who had been a vampire the longest and was way too smart for this. She also had an older brother called Louis.

After some random killing of high school boys and road trip fun times they made it to the red carpet and vampire mind-powered the security guys to let them drive through. Twyla, in love with Taylor Lautner, decides that her goal for the evening is to kidnap him. The others point out that he has security and a career that he might not want to leave.
Twyla: Well, I can tie him up until he loves me. I have time.

There was some conflict over Persephone having killed Morbidia’s boyfriend and who had to look after Cerberus and whether or not Morbidia and Hades actually didn’t care about each other or whether they absolutely loved each other but were too emo and disaffected to show it. Overall it was a rollicking good time and the girls managed to kidnap both Taylor Lautner and R-Pattz, although they got rid of him because he smelt funny.

At lunchtime Sophie took off home to nap off her migraine and I took over the role of organiser. I think I roleplayed Sophie pretty well.

Third round I ran a session of The Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon.

Nick and Ellen played the supernatural best friends and decided to go the Greek Gods route. Nick played Theseus, God of the Hunt and Ellen was Minerva, goddess of Hearth and Home. Karen played the danger magnet human girl, Beth and Thomas played her best friend, Brandon, a bad ass loner who played by his own rules.

Minerva: Don’t hunt the ducks alright, there are humans around.
Theseus: Just a sparrow?
M: I am *not* plucking a sparrow.

Beth and Theseus lock eyes, I described it as lightning striking.
Theseus: It’s like Dad just slapped me.

Brandon, the son of a happy marriage: Oh, I know all about dysfunctional families.
Minerva: That’s a lovely hand knitted sweater you’re wearing, who made that?

Theseus: You can’t hunt and kill paperwork.

Theseus, it turned out, was rather clueless and full of himself. Minerva was trying hard to keep their god-hood a secret.
Theseus having said something about hearing her voice from across the school. Minnie raised her eyebrows at Beth and Brandon who were watching: Oh, yes! Humans!
Minnie: Yes! WHICH WE ALL ARE!

Brandon slowly came to trust Theseus, here’s how he told Beth: I don’t think he is the hunting obsessed bestiality enthusiast that I initially thought. He’s nice.

Minnie: You like her don’t you, whenever we hear them talking about underwear you go bright red.
Theseus: Are you trying to play matchmaker?
Minni: No, no, why would I be doing that? All the girls you chose on your own are entirely appropriate.
T:…Yes. Yes, they are.

Beth and Theseus talk about how she’s a vegetarian but he can only eat meat that he has hunted.
T: I’ve never hunted a lentil…

Although the players were having heaps of fun creating conflict and having conversations in character, it was my duty to move the story forward. I did this by having Zeus turn up to bug Minerva, teach a class about how to spot Gods in classics and then inevitably, sleep with the girl Brandon liked, accidentally turned her into a moose and then melted a glacier to flood the entire town. You know, standard Zeus stuff. The players all had to band together, visit Mt Olympus and convince him otherwise. It was epic. It worked out in the end, with them presenting a united front to him and appealing to his sense of family.

Beth to T: You ARE a hero! For a moment there I thought you were a total asshole!

For the last session of the evening I played in Paul’s game of The Dresden Files, set in Wellington.

I got to be a half-fairy lawyer. To be honest, I was pretty trashed by this point. Running two games and talking all day had taken it out of me and I found the system a bit hard to follow. The story was great though and I had a lot of fun interacting with the other characters.

So thanks to Sophie for organising Day Of Games.
Thanks to Ellen and Nick for being my DoG buddies and thanks to Paul too for running two games I was in and playing in one I ran.
Thanks to everyone who played in one of my games, I hope you had fun!
Good times good times.

5 thoughts on “Day of Games

  1. … Moose nostrils!

    I loved DoG. It was cosier than Kapcon… but I am still kind of ‘sausted! Your game was great! I loved Zeus and the forest Mt Olympus and my kind big brother (I need one of those in real life). Theseus was deliciously creepy! So self-satisfied and self-obsessed and lacking in tact and decency! I can’t believe Beth fell for him… but had fun with it! Thank you!

  2. I had a fantastic time at DoG- thank you to you too for being one of my gaming buddies for the day.

    I thought our solution to the ‘Love’s Labour’s Won’ issue was actually quite elegant- that the real reason the play was lost is that people hated it, and they hated it because we went back in time and booed it off stage! I’ve since downloaded the rulebook for Time and Temp, and am considering writing a standalone of it for Confusion.

    I figured, in ‘Best Friends’ that if you were a 14 year old vampire, you probably would want to kidnap a movie star and make them love you. You also forgot that we didn’t just eat high-school boys- we ate STONER high-school boys, because it was, like, SO much fun last time. I loved Cerberus, he was so annoying!

    I had every bit as much fun playing ‘Silver Kiss of the Magical Twilight of the Full Moon’ as I expected to, it’s a great game. I think ‘it’s like Dad just slapped me’ was one of my favourite lines of the day, and loved your performance as Aphrodite (“just do to him whatever it was you did to my last 3 boyfriends”)

    As for the Dresden Files game, I would definitely play it as a campaign game, and I loved that the Temple Dog’s special abilities included ‘Baroo?’.

    Anyway, great day, glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. πŸ™‚

  3. P.S- I also loved Brandon (Tom)’s reaction when I complimented the ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ design on the FRONT of the lovely hand-knitted sweater- look of deadly embarrassment and zipping up of jacket.

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