Things I Love Thursday

The weird, melancholy awesomeness of Girls on Cardigans. It’s like a cross between The Dog Blog and A Softer World but about girls in cardigans in Wellington.

Lovecraft inspired art exhibition opening.

Neil Gaiman’s new footwarmer

I need one of my lovely friends who is talented in the knitting department to make me this alot: Inspired by this.

Toughest coyote evah!


5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Sorry you’re still feeling ill- I hope you’ll get better soon.

    I’m making this a special TILT because my husband, while he is always an honourable mention, this week deserves to be the Thing I Love all by himself. Work’s been rotten this week, and he’s been full of TLC, in fact he rushed across town to get home half an hour early, just because he knew it would make me happy to have more time with him. So he’s number one with a bullet.

    • Yeah at first I was like, oh seagulls have been dropping things from great heights to smash them open for ages, but then the pedestrian crossing bit! Amazing!

  2. Because I couldn’t do it without irony last night…

    -sunshine, which makes everything brighter!
    -walk at lunchtime… quiet outside time in the bush, fantails… delicious lemon tart and coffee on the way back
    -2nd spill training course running well (after mediocre 1st try yesterday)… this group still didn’t roleplay (I now think that is too much to ask) but at least discussed the scenario, with some interest and dramatic anecdotes!
    -looking at jobs for statisticians in Wellington… saw at least 3 I think I’d enjoy that I’d be easily qualified and xp’d for when I finish this diploma… hope… at least if I can be organised and brave
    -my Nana and my wee boys enjoying pizza and each other at dinnertime
    -starry starry night when I brought the washing in. Beautiful

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