Fall ep 202 – ‘Troubled Waters’

First thing, the morning after last episode. Megan wakes up cheerful and secure in the knowledge that she is loved. She immediately logs into facebook to chat with Ash. She is then late for school. Calvin doesn’t turn up til Midday, Alex doesn’t come in at all.

Alex is riding her bike through town, trying to locate a big black truck. She finds it at the motel Ash and Yuki are staying in, and spends her day creepily stalking them, waiting to see if they do anything. The only thing that seems to happen is they have an IKEA delivery.

At lunchtime Megan and Darius sit together and awkwardly talk about Ash. Calvin comes in, sits down with them.
Darius: Where’ve you been all day?
Calvin: sleep.

Darius: So Ash seems a bit abrupt, like, he’s a bit off hand. Kind of rude. It’s like, he isn’t treating you as well as you deserve.
Megan: I’m confused.
Calvin: Hey, where’s Alex?
D: I dunno, I haven’t seen her all day.
Darius texts Alex but doesn’t get an answer. Calvin texts and the reply is: “Dude, stop texting me.” He calls the phone again and the person who answers is clearly immature and putting on a fake high voice.
Calvin: Jared?
Jared *hangs up*.

Darius texts Alex again asking why she punched Yuki and gets into a text argument with Jared.

After school Calvin drives past Alex’s house, but her bike isn’t outside where it normally would be. He goes straight to Darius’s instead.

Meanwhile, inside the hotel room. Yuki is watching random videos on youtube and Ash is facebooking.
Ash: So what are you going to do about Alex?
Yuki: I thought you were taking care of it.
A: I sent her a facebook message, but I thought you’d want to you know. Do more.
Ash gets a friend request from Darius, which he is pleased about. Megan comes online and asks Ash what they’re going to do tonight.
Yuki: Why would anyone hit me? People hit you, they don’t hit me. She was talking about being a vampire slayer, carrying around a sharpened piece of wood.
A: She’s a psycho.
Y: Vampire hunter stuff, what’s that about?
A: It’s shit. It’s total shit.
Y: She hit really hard too.
A: Maybe she’s one of us? The only people we’ve met who’re as strong as us are vampires.

Ash types a message to Megan: So what’s up with Alex, she’s pretty strong for a girl.
Megan replies: Yeah. She’s on the lacrosse team.

Darius comes online and chats with Ash too (around now we all thought this was getting very post-modern or meta. We were roleplaying chatting on facebook?).
Ash: I thought your coat was cool last night.
Darius…yours was too.

Ash closes the laptop and turns to Yuki: so what are we going to do?
Y: I’ve got some board games. Connect four?

Darius is studying in his occult library when Calvin knocks on the front door. Calvin is quite worried about Alex being missing. Darius calls him on it and Calvin points out that they haven’t heard from her all day, Jared has her phone and the last thing Alex said to Calvin was that there was a vampire around. They talk a bit about her reasons for saying that.
Darius: She might be staking out where they’re staying?
Calvin: Dunno.
Calvin insists that Darius do the Find Named spell so they can track her down. Darius agrees and they drive through town, quickly and sometimes ignoring road rules. They end up outside the hotel that Ash and Yuki are inside.

Inside, Ash: Connect four motherfucker!
Yuki: It sounds like that horrid green car is outside. Are you expecting anyone?
Ash: Calvin’s here.
Yuki: Yeah, did you expect him?
A: It’s a little fucking creepy because I didn’t tell him where I was staying. But I like his enthusiasm.

Outside Darius and Calvin can see the shadow of Alex lurking. When she hears the car pull up she comes down to meet them.
Calvin: so…?
Alex: So let’s talk about this away from here?
She slings her bike into the trunk of Kermit. The trunk is weirdly empty. When asked where the weapons chest is Calvin mumbles something about another car race and how he wanted to lighten the car. The others don’t seem too curious and they drive off. Calvin’s phone goes off, he has a text. Darius grabs it and reads it. Ash texts: So Megan and I want to know if you and Alex are meeting up with us later? I won it fair and square.
Alex reads it as well and looks at Calvin.
Calvin: I would’ve told you earlier but you haven’t been answering your phone. Jared has. Anyway Ash wanted you and me to go out with him and Megan. For dinner.
Alex talks about how Yuki wasn’t sweating after the dance, etc: But not about Ash, except that he’s…but he could be…yeah, that makes sense.
Calvin: finish sentences.
Alex: But I don’t have any proof.
Dairus: You should go out for dinner, maybe you can check him out.
Alex looks at Calvin: do you want to go?
Calvin: Seems convenient. I mean, you can take a mirror or something.

Calvin drops her off at home and she finds Jared seated in the kitchen with her parents. They ask Alex who Yuki is and why Alex punched her. Alex explains that her friends knew that Jared had the phone and were just being silly. While her mother is holding her phone it goes off, there’s a text from Ash. (Sophie: How did he get my number? Everyone looks at Bryn who shrugs.) TXT: BTW tonight wear a dress. Dress up fancy. It will make Megan happy.
(It is very creepy.)

Later on Alex goes over to Darius’s house where Calvin and him are talking. Calvin has been trying to convince Darius to come to dinner, since he knows about it and then it will be less like a double date. They do have some holy water around to possibly use to see if Yuki is a vampire. Alex arrives wearing a dress and a cardigan and manages to convince Darius that it’s ok for him to come as well. He rushes upstairs to have a shower and get changed, leaving Alex and Calvin alone.
Alex: Have you told Ash?
Calvin: Have I told Ash?
A: About us.
C: Uh…yeah.
A: Would he have told Megan?
C: Nah. (Then he thinks about it and realises he might have.) Uh. You look nice.
A: Thanks!

Darius comes down wearing a fancy salmon coloured shirt from his gay phase with a charcoal sweater vest and his leather jacket. They detour to Calvin’s house so he can also change and load the weapons back into the car. Then they head for Trattoria Fratelli, where Calvin has made a dinner booking. It’s a very nice, expensive Italian place that his family used to go to often.

Ash and Megan are already there, cuddled up together.
Megan: So, are Alex and Calvin coming?
Ash: Yes. Alex is wearing a dress. Why is that important?
M: I just thought it would be nice for us all to get dressed up, you know. It’s nice.

Alex walks in with Darius, Calvin coming in behind them, and Ash looks perturbed. When they all sit down he says. “I thought this was a couples thing?”
Alex and Calvin both kind of mumble but don’t say anything. Darius and Megan ask what he means and he said “Calvin and Alex are together, didn’t you know?” Darius immediately becomes very uncomfortable and panics, taking the tray of drinks from the waiter and hustling them back to the bar. Megan looks surprised but gives them both her blessing.
Alex: I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before.
Megan: It’s ok. I mean, I’m really happy for you. I mean, I’m really happy with Ash, so.

Alex, embarrassed and panicky, rushes to the bathroom to regroup. Megan goes with her. They talk about how they got together and how long ago.
Megan: Calvin’s awesome. I mean, a couple of months ago I would have been really upset but now I’m really happy with Ash!

Meanwhile Yuki appears, having driven up on a motorbike. He has made up his face so it appears to be heavily bruised.
Ash: Yuki, the doctor said that you were supposed to be resting!
When Alex comes out and sees the bruises she is overcome with remorse and self doubt and runs out of the restaurant. Calvin follows her. Calvin, isn’t as much help as she probably needs him to be.
Calvin: look, it’s not the end of the world. You don’t want to stay, I can drive you home. Or you could just g in there and say sorry?

They walk back in hand in hand, when Ash sees this, he clamps his arm around Megan. Alex apologises to Yuki and he forgives her, clasping her hand in his rather cold on briefly. There is silence around the table.
Megan: So this is fun, huh?
Calvin: Um, since right around the time when (looks at Megan)…Gina left town.
Ash: Why are you embarrassed?
Calvin: I’m not embarrassed. It’s just complicated because of Mason and stuff.
Darius and Megan: Oh yeah…

Over the course of the dinner Megan and Darius get hideously drunk. Megan giggles, Darius and Yuki get on extraordinarily well and Alex and Calvin do not say much. Megan encourages Yuki and Darius to spend time together.
Alex: What are you doing? You know he’s not really gay right?
M: Are you sure?
A: Megan!

Darius is trying to be charming to Yuki and goes to pay for his meal and ends up paying for the entire bill. Which is substantial because Calvin started by ordering a $600 bottle of wine and then Ash escalated to a $900 bottle. The $600 wine was ruined by the addition of holy water, which Ash did take a tiny sip of but managed to cover the pain he experienced by saying he’d bitten his tongue. Yuki offers Darius a ride on his motorbike and everyone agrees to meet up at The Limit. Yuki takes Darius on a longer, scenic route so Calvin and Alex get there first.
Yuki and Darius talk a little about Megan and Ash.
Yuki: He doesn’t have a very good history with his past girlfriends. They haven’t been very good for him.
Darius: Megan is good for everyone!

Alex lets Calvin know, quietly, in private, that she is also not embarrassed about being with him. They watch as Darius opens the door for Yuki and bows as he walks past.
Alex: What is with Megan setting Yuki up with Darius?
Calvin: What’s with Darius going along with it? Hey, I think Darius is into Megan.
A: That’s awkward.
C: He’s been so weird about Ash. And remember, he didn’t want to believe Megan was evil.

Ash and Megan come in and join them all at the booth. Darius, for some reason, drinks some scotch. Then asks Megan to dance. She agrees and they take to the floor, but D gets over excited and tries to lift her, Dirty Dancing style, into the air. He’s a bit too drunk to pull it off and she goes flying into the stage.
Ash rushes to her side: What’s going on? Why are you in the drums?
Megan: I was dancing with Darius. He didn’t mean it.
Ash is abrupt with Darius and tells him to go away. Alex intervenes before they can actually fight and firmly removes Darius from The Limit. She tells him off and heads back inside. On stage, Megan is bleeding, her arm got slightly scratched by the cymbal stand, so she goes to the bathroom to clean it off. When Ash sits back down opposite Calvin his face looks strained and he stares rather intensely.
Calvin: You OK?
Ash: Yeah.
Calvin loosens the top buttons on his shirt and settles back into the booth, displaying neck cleavage, partially to see how Ash will react. There is a lot of intense staring.
Calvin: You’re staring.
Ash: No I’m not.

Yuki has gone outside to check on Darius and it’s a good thing he did as Darius is attached by a vampire. Darius panics, but Yuki fights back.
Darius: Wait, no, that’s my job!
Yuki: Darius get out of the way! (He pushes Darius back, out of the way and Darius stumbles and hits his head on the wall.)
The vampire asks Yuki what he’s doing and says that they’re the same but Yuki spits as he stakes him: I’m nothing like you!
Darius picks himself up: Where’s it gone?
Yuki: It’s alright, you’re safe now.*
Yuki escorts Darius back inside and then flees the scene, the blood seeping from the back of his head proving a bit too temptig. Calvin takes Darius into the bathroom to first aid his head. Calvin and Alex then take Darius home. At the door Nebby greets them with an emphatic “I haven’t been fed.”
Darius: I fed you before I left.
N: *whimpers*
D: Go to bed you’re drunk.
He closes the door, leaving Alex and Calvin shaking their head in a somewhat parental manner. Overnight Yuki prepares a care package for Darius and leaves it outside his door for the morning.

Ash takes Megan back to his place since she isn’t keen to head back and face her mother while drunk. He remembers, belatedly, that the man he’s been playing the game ‘control’ with is stashed under his bed, alive still and tied up. So that Megan will not notice they have lots of loud sex until she falls asleep. Ash then kills the man and goes to the scorecard he has written on the wall in the bathroom and writes up his new record.
Ash calls Yuki to get some help disposing of the body. A: Where are you?
Y: At the department store.
A: What:
Y: Darius had a bad day, so I’m gonna make his morning a bit better.
A: Fuck! Why are you so fucking tense all of a sudden?
Y: I don’t like vampires!

Yuki promises to come back and help with the body. While he waits Ash creepily undoes the bandage on Megan’s arm and has a little taste of her blood. She doesn’t wake up, too much drink and sex. It was creepy. Yuki comes home and is astounded.
Yuki: How have you changed so fast? Do you really care for her?
Ash: No.

The next morning at school Megan isn’t there first thing. Darius is there but wearing dark glasses. He is clutching tylenol, candy, stuff from Yuki’s care package. Alex is in school too.
Alex: You doing OK?
Darius: No.
A: I’m impressed you’re here.
D: I hope I didn’t get breathalysed on the way home. Or the way here.

Calvin is on a mission and tracks down Mason in shop class. Mason is turned away, working on the lathe and making a mini-surfboard.
Mason: Hey. What’s up?
Calvin: So, you know how I’ve been spending a lot of time with Alex?
Mason: Yeah.
C: So, some stuff happened…and, I think I really dig her.
Mason’s surfboard is no longer connecting with the lathe at all. Calvin waits with some small amount of fear.
Mason turns to look at him: Is it serious?
C: I hope so.
Mason thinks for a long moment: Just, don’t mess her around, alright?
Mason turns away, Calvin takes the hint and leaves the class, goes to a quiet place behind the art block. He texts Alex: Talked to Mason.
Alex: Where are you?

Previously on Fall season two…
Frenemies part 1.

*It was round about there that I became a Darius/Yuki shipper.


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