I’m not sure where the n in the title came from, but I think it looks nice. I’ma let it stay.

I’m sorry I’ve been so blog-absent. It’s all Things I Love Thursday and roleplaying at the moment. The reason for this is quite simple: I’ve been sick. It’s just a cold, but it’s a very bad cold. Lee got it first and then I got it three days later. It’s been a coughing, sneezing, mucus-y, feverish cold and it really fried my brain. So I haven’t been able to write anything other than roleplaying fic and blog posts about roleplaying.

I am getting better, but very slowly. I know I am still sick because I have an ugly patch under my nose and absolutely no attention span. This is a problem when you want to write, let me tell you. But I do have the linky, and I have the ideas to write in the future.

Oh the future, that’s right. Some stuff is going to change in my life that will mean that writing Wednesdays don’t happen, at least for a while. I’m very happy about these changes, but I’m going to need to adjust the time and space I give myself for writing and look at rescheduling some life. I’ll tell you more about this when it’s all settled anyway.

One cool thing this week is that I had a surprise training course wherein we went over grammar and tone and suchlike. It was very helpful. It also gave me a short story idea so that’s neat.

The linky:

Pippi with the dragon tattoo. I’ve never read any Pippi Longstocking (I was scared of her as a kid) and I haven’t read the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo but this article is neato.

(stop saying neat and neato, Jenni.)

Pearce has set himself a daunting task over on his blog. He’s going to read or watch every incarnation he can track down of Dracula and review them for us to read. Awesome sauce. I love me some Dracula and the project sounds neat FUN.

If you don’t achieve your writing goal, what do you stand to lose?

I enjoyed this article about the importance of a good critique group. It makes me thankful for my little email circle of readers. Sure, we’re all friends, but we’re also nice and constructive of each other’s work. Having different perspectives helps too.

Writing When you’re weary. I’m gonna watch that TED talk now.


6 thoughts on “nWriting

  1. Yeah, what she said you tease :-p

    I haven’t forgotten rest of review, might be a little delayed though.

    Lol at Chilli’s antics in video. I saw their cameo in that old movie The Chase the other day.

  2. I’m so hoping I’m not getting that cold right now!! 😀
    I’m really enjoying Pearce’s blog, I loved the horror movie posts, and am looking forward to more Dracula.

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