Things I Love Thursday

I’ve been sick with a stupid, awful cold and last week’s Things I Love Thursday was meant to be twice as long. I wrote it all out and I had all this awesome stuff in there and then my cold-infected brain published an older draft of the entry and deleted the nice one. I couldn’t cope with rewriting it *at all* but I’ll try and remember the best things that didn’t make it last week and put them in this week’s.

Leonard Cohen OMG. So Leonard Cohen is coming back to New Zealand and we got tickets and I’m totally going to see him perform again. You cannot believe how happy this makes me. Very happy.

Lovely new friends. Day of Games wasn’t just awesome for the games aspects, it was awesome for the new friends thing too. It’s awesomely happy making to transform acquaintances into proper friends.

I appreciate these new Sheldon shirts, but I am v sad that they have the Penny before the knock knock knocks. That’s incorrect. Sheldon would be shocked. I quite want the ball pit bazinga one.

It’s been fantastically cold in Wellington this last week. It has also been raining an awful lot and the combination of these two conditions tends to make me (and a number of people I have spoken with) want to hibernate. On Sunday I got a text from a lovely friend asking Lee and I to join them at Joe’s Garage for lunch/late brunch. Once there I ordered an ‘autobahn’ which is not a road but a schnitzel served with gravy fries. It was hands down, honest to blog the best ever comfort food. The schnitzel tasted exactly how I wanted it to. The gravy was delish, the fries perfectly crisp and not too salty. I have in fact been craving it again ever since. Yum.

My new hat. I indulged in a little retail therapy yesterday and bought myself a sweet little pink cloche from Glassons. It’s slightly too big, but entirely adorable and I like the way it works with my new glasses.

Hat and glasses

When I put up a blog post I then link to it on my facebook, my twitter account and my livejournal. I like it when I then click on the stats page and see that some people have already clicked through to my new post. It makes me feel popular and interesting.

Honourable Mentions:
This. Frozen coke when you have a sore throat, Glee (I am addicted, I just keep rewatching it), Ashes to Ashes (I ā¤ Gene Hunt, I can't help it), Rocky Road flavour Memphis Meltdowns they are amazing you have no idea; chocolate with nuts for the shell and then a layer of marshmallow and then inside is chocolate ice cream with jelly-tip ice cream rippled all through it oh my god it's amazing. New starry PJ pants, warm snuggly merino tops, SURPRISE ROBOT SHIRT FROM AMPHIGORI OMG AWESOME, hot drinks and aloe vera tissues. Oh and quote from Dr Who: “There’s something here that doesn’t make sense.Let’s go poke it with a stick.”

And you my dear, darling friend? What is it that you are thankful for this week?


6 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I love your hat!! I must mend my cloche. I started unpicking what I thought was a loose thread, but turned out to be the actual stitching around the middle. Doh.
    Other things I love:
    Feeling pretty and girly
    Looking forward to a month of great things:
    Someone taking me to the planeTarium on my birthday! šŸ™‚
    Champagne breakfasts
    Wonderful parties organised by lovely friends

  2. 1) Being 2 for 2 on characters I wanted for Chimera.
    2) My husband is playing the Secretary of Defence in ‘All the President’s Zombies’- you have no IDEA how much this rules.
    3) New slow cooker- beef stroganoff on Monday (quoteth darling husband= “next time, I would like it with more beef stroganoff, and less people to share it with”)
    4) Starting to get costumey for August (and September- I believe I have a wedding to attend in Stillwater?:) )
    5) My cousin and his wife’s ridiculously cute new baby boy.

  3. I like RPattz in that video! Also, I like my heater/comfy bed and sleep. I think I’m gonna go get me some more right now!

  4. – awesome midwinter/Matariki food and games last night… will post pics of Idiot’s tarte tatin on LJ when not so tired
    – being warm
    – Parents’ Centre fundraiser at Lollipops Playland… fun with T in the ballpit (has anyone else read the amazing horror story about one of those… who wrote that? They make me shivery now) while J clambered on high with a friend… won haircut vouchers!
    – Hazardous spill scenario sessions finished and no-one who attended acted like they were a waste of time… = win in H&S training terms!
    – Feeling pretty positive about my exam and looking forward to 2nd semester… a whole course on regression models which I loved this semester!
    – J behaving better again
    – it being Friday of a week where coping felt a bit
    – nice things to read on the web… off to Morgue’s linky now in pleasant anticipation

  5. I bought tickets to take my mum to Leonard Cohen (she’ll be over her chemo by then).

    FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS for two tickets! And to think that Talib Kweli was shocked that I paid $70 to see him & Jean Grae.

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