I attended Craft 2.0 yesterday with Star, Rachel and Sally. It was a good one, although it turns out that Star and I are bad influences on each other and we egged each other on. I bought two badges made of teeny versions of old books (Titled fabulously Supernatural stories for boys and Monster book for girls.) I got a little zippered purse made of a vintage vegetable print tea towel and some lovely hand made soaps. But the best thing, the thing we had to go back for was the velveteen rabbit.

He has a lovely realistic rabbit shape, all big round butt and weeny feet. The fabric is an incredibly soft piled fur of that lovely colour in between grey and blue. His feet and ears are lined with soft satin and he has a fluffy white tail.

The eyes are small, just french knots really, but I like the way it looks. The woman who sold him to me had run out of big bags, so we put him into a bit too small paper bag with his head and ears poking out. Star laughed because I was carrying him around under my arm and absently petting his head like he was a real pet. He’s just so soft!

The lovely lady’s business is called The Grin Factory. Check out the rest of the range from The Grin Factory here. It looks like she’s just getting started selling stuff on felt, at the moment there’s just a few little squirrels and mice available. I quite want one of those big dogs and a giraffe with a scarf. So cute!

Look at the way his ears stand! So adorable!

I had three envious comments on the way out of the fair “Oh, you bought the velveteen rabbit!” Apparently I wasn’t the only one who coveted him. I was a little worried that Lee would complain about me bringing home yet another soft toy but he greeted velveteen rabbit with a smile and hasn’t complained once. Thank goodness.

So yeah Fizzgig, Gizmo, Blankies Owl and Trogdor have a new sibling. Also today I found my tiger hat again. Yay tiger hat!


6 thoughts on “Bunny!

  1. Argh velveteen rabbit envy!!! SOOO CUTE! I was a little envious of the Craft 2.0 posse, but was glad I had a relaxing day at home in the end 🙂

  2. That was me with the comment. Not too envious. I just loved him too and thought you had excellent taste. ^^

    My next craft 2.0 purchase is going to be the wall mounted boocraft heads. I’ve got the spot sorted and I cant wait to collect up just the right monsters ^^ ❤

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