Pukeko time

Following Craft 2.0 I am inspired. There are lots and lots of awesome crafts there that I could never make, and then there are some which seem like something I have the skillz for. I haven’t really got my writing mojo back just yet so yesterday I hauled my ass off the couch and made a pukeko.

I started drafting the pattern at 3pm and by 9pm I had a pukeko. I also went out for dinner in there, so it didn’t actually take 6 hours. I used leftover flannelette from the sheet I used to back my T shirt quilt. It’s a perfect blue. Red from my Trade Me T shirt, also used in T shirt quilt, made the bill and the lining of his wings. The legs is one old knee high sock sewn down the middle and rounded off. Finally some quilting cotton for the top of the wings, a couple scraps for the eyes and voila.

Jennitalula pukeko

As you can see, he’s hilarious. Something about the legs and the expression just cracks me up. You can see that I placed his legs one in front of the other. This is because it’s easier to sew them into the body seam that way and I like the way it looks. It kind of upset Lee though.

But who needs side by side legs? Pukekos can straddle with front to back legs no problems at all. Blankies Owl feigned indifference.

artsy shot

The hero the world has been searching for?