My writing is still up the spout. In fact I have been crafting rather than writing. Which is awesome, actually, because making stuff is very satisfying. Plus, I’m telling myself that this is actually a holiday for my brain and when everything becomes clear again my mind will teem with ideas and awesomeness. Teem I say.

But it’s not happening yet.

Here’s some links:

Who says you need a publisher? Embrace the impossible has a great article that answers this question.

The difference between post-apocalyptic and dystopian futures. Explained and actually, yeah. I knew that. Cool. I is smrt.

Wither utopia?

Writing and chocolate.

Why are so many female characters beautiful? Are we privileging the pretty and if so why?

The art of seat-of-the-pants storytelling.

A rather awesome article from Melissa Marr about Sex in YA books and whether it’s OK.

3 thoughts on “Writing

  1. I wasn’t sure if you were home today or not, Sweets and I were up for a visit. Our Pin group got cancelled due to Foot and Mouth!

  2. If you are doing crafting, are you also doing drawing/painting? It would be nice to see pics of that! I remember you used to post some of your paintings.
    Still haven’t gotten around to drafting any drawings for your game. I feel really bad for that. I shall print out your game so it gets higher priority on my to do list.

    • naw, I haven’t done any painting for ages. Hence no pictures!

      It would be awesome if you could get around to pictures for Silver Kiss. I have a big plan to finish the rewrite pretty soon…

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