Things I Love Thursday

Awkward family pet photos.

Just amazing.

Jay showed me this awesome video of an owl that transforms when presented with rivals…

Steve sent me the link to a collection of images from an art show called OMG Pwn!es which features some fantastically geeky My Little Pony Mods. From the same website, I enjoyed this list of the best Batman panels ever. “Seriously. The dude loves to punch.

Honourable Mentions:
True Blood 301, the final episode of Glee, my bunny, warm blankies, naps, schnitzel, pizza, winning quiz nights parties, kareoke, parcels in the mail, pink wafer biscuits, buying whatever I want at the supermarket, dreaming about holidays and free lunch at work on Wednesdays.

And you my lovely?


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I think one of the rival owls was a Sith Lord. They were playing the Imperial March and everything!

    This week, I am mainly grateful for my nice warm woolly jumpers, owing to the extreme cold.

    The prospect of the super-fun treasure hunt I’m running on Sunday (Victoria St Cafe, 3pm, win stuff!)

    Also, fast fiction challenge for keeping me from climbing the walls at work.

    Even though it’s a little snarky, I’m going to put Regretsy on the list- it’s not the things people make- it’s the requests people have put up on Etsy asking other people to make some truly bizarre objects for them.

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