Fall actual play 203 “Frenemies part 2” aka Megan’s worst day ever

The episode started right where the last one left off, with Alex going to find Calvin and see how he’s doing after telling Mason about their relationship. Calvin is lying on a park bench, hands under his head staring up at the sky. She leans over, putting her face into his line of vision and says Hey. He says hey back. She asks how things went with Mason and Calvin’s quiet for a moment.

Calvin: I think we need to avoid him for a while.
Alex: I’ve kind of already been doing that.
Calvin: Right. (He sits up.) Listen, I think there’s something weird about Ash.
A: You mean apart from the fact that he’s a bit of a creep.
C: Yeah.
A: Why do you say that?

Alex sits down. Calvin relates how the other night, when he and Ash had been surfing (after the second car race) Ash had seen the scar on Calvin’s shoulder from the vampire bite and got kind of…odd. Like staring really intensely and moving closer than Calvin was comfortable with. Then at The Limit the nigh before he’d been acting really strained after Megan got hurt. Alex points out that he might have just been angry that Megan had been thrown into the drum set.
Calvin: Maybe. But there’s just something about him. He gives me the creeps. And he was staring at me again.
Alex: Maybe he’s into you.
Calvin: That’s not what’s going on.

They try and figure out what to do, Calvin suggests he meets Ash alone and see what happens. Alex points out that it’s a dangerous plan but it’s the only way they can think of to try and get Ash to reveal himself.

Megan arrives at school quite late, wearing the same outfit that she had on the night before. She sees Mason lying on a park bench near the school entrance, staring at the sky, moodily. She goes over to see if he’s alright. He doesn’t seem too happy to be engaged in conversation but he does look at her.
Mason: Did you know?
Megan: About what?….oh. I found out last night….(she hold herself back from saying how great she thinks it is.) But you and Alex have been broken up for a while right? Up until a couple of weeks ago they just got on each other’s nerves. So I’m sure it’s a recent thing.
Mason doesn’t seem comforted by this. He politely infers that Megan should leave and she goes, leaving him staring moodily at the sky.

Inside school, Megan makes a beeline for her locker, where she keeps a change of clothes. She runs into Darius. He greets her cheerfully and then sees that she is wearing the same outfit. Megan asks him how he is and he coldly says ‘fine’, slams his locker shut and stalks off. Megan is startled. Just then Tiffany and Aurora walk by.
They comment about how Megan’s dress isn’t pretty and how she isn’t spending as much time making herself look good as she should be. They come around to saying that she doesn’t even have a boyfriend, or a date for the Spring Fling.
Megan: I totally have a date for the Spring Fling!
Tiffany: Oh really? Is he visible?
Megan: Yes! He’s older, like 19. His name is Ash and he’s from New York. He came up here specially to see me!
Aurora: So does he have a job?
Tiffany: Does he like, go to college?
Megan: He doesn’t need to, he’s like totally independently wealthy.
Tiff: I like guys who are independently wealthy.
Megan, desperate to prove herself to the vapid cheerleaders, says that they should swing by Bohemian Like Me later on tonight because then they can see Ash for themselves. They grudgingly agree, saying that they have to get to Charlie’s afterwards because he’s having a party and there is a hot tub.
They leave together, Megan immediately texts Ash to make sure he can be at the cafe.

In their motel room, Ash tells Yuki that they’re going out that night.
Yuki: That’s what we always go, we’re vampires. We go out at night.
Ash: Shut up. Did you hide that body?
Yuki: Yeah.
Ash: Did you hide it properly, not like last time when you just left it on the side of the road?
Y: I put it under a rock.

Alex, in the computer lab, sets up a google alert kind of thing that will email her whenever there are new reports of murders or bodies found in Fall River. Darius is hiding out in the AV room, watching the beret twins’ new edit of Casablanca. Something about it inspires him and he leaves the room at a run. Alex runs into Megan in the hall and notices that the bandage on her arm is higher up than it was when she put it on her last night.
Alex: So how’s things with Ash?
Megan says that everything is awesome. Alex asks Megan if she wants to hang out after school and study, and they agree to meet after school.

Ash texts Calvin about rock climbing: What time will we meet tonight?
Calvin: How about after school?
Ash: Climbing during daylight is for pussies.
Then another text: U scared of the dark?
Another text: Man up
Calvin shakes his head, texts back: 9.30? 10?
Ash: Too late 7.30.
Calvin: k
Ash texts directions to a place off the freeway where there’s some likely cliffs.

Ash turns to Yuki: I need your advice. I’m seeing Calvin. Alone. Tonight.
Yuki: I didn’t realise you swung that way.
Ash: I don’t! You homo. We’re going to go rock climbing.
Y: Why are you going rock climbing?
A: Because. I. Like. Rock. Climbing.
Y: What did you want my advice for? I don’t know that kind of stuff.
A: He could join us. Tonight I could make it happen. Just me and him.
Y: He doesn’t say much. But I guess that might complement your intensity.
Ash talks for a while about how awesome Calvin is and how he would fit in really well with Yuki and Ash’s dynamic. They also talk about him being very tall.
Y: I’d hate to see that wither and die. Well, you’ve got my permission.
They wonder how it will go, changing him to a vampire, and whether they might not actually like him when they’ve spent time with him as a vampire.
A: If it’s early days, if it’s bullshit we can just kill him.
(Everyone looked at me and said I was completely dead around now. It was awesome.)

Back at school Alex and Darius are called to the Principal’s office along with an angry girl with a purple hair streak and a Jamaican guy with a certain scent about him. They are all informed that they have volunteered to help prepare for the Spring Fling.
(Aside) Alex: Sometimes I hate my life.
Darius: What? You hate YOUR life? At least you have superpowers.
Alex: And a lot of monsters who try to kill me because I exist.
D: Not lately though.
A: Yeah, that’s weird.

Darius starts brain storming brilliant ideas for themes for the Spring Fling but Jacinta waves a bit of paper in his face.
Jacinta: They already have a theme. Fire and Ice. Which is stupid because that’s just steam.
They talk a bit about possible decorations, such as a hellfire scene with demons in it and dead people trapped in ice. Jacinta and Darius seem to be sparking a little. Alex excuses herself and reminds Darius about the ‘important thing’ that they had to do. Once they’re away from the others Alex tells Darius about Calvin’s plan and their suspicions about Ash and Yuki. Darius asks if they’ve ever seen them during the day and Alex reminds him that she was stalking them to try and deduce that.
Darius: Maybe they have lupus?
They head out the main entrance of school and find Calvin. Darius suggests the interdimensional tea that Haruni gave them which makes vampires explode. They head to the car, Darius lagging behind a bit.
Alex: The craziest thing happened the other night.
Calvin: yeah?
A: My mother asked if you’d like to come over for dinner.
C (non commital) mm-hmmm
A: Wouldn’t that be hilarious? You know, you having dinner with my family?
C: Yeah. Hilarious.

Megan emerges from school after they drive off and waits for Alex. She texts Ash about what time to meet at the cafe so that he can meet Tiffany and Aurora.
Ash texts back: Do you want me to make you look real good in front of these girls? You want to make them really jealous?
Megan: That sounds really good.
Just then Tiff and Aurora stop by to boast about how awesome they are while making Megan feel bad.
Aurora: Anyway, we have to get to cheerleading practice.
Tiff: I’m having trouble with the new cheer.
Aurora: Why?
Tiff: There are so many lyrics.

At Darius’s Alex suddenly remembers that she was meant to be meeting Megan and panics slightly. Calvin just hands her his keys. Alex pulls up outside school and Megan gets in.
Megan: So, Calvin’s letting you drive Kermit now?
Alex: ….yeah. Yeah, I guess. I guess when you’ve been in life and death situations with someone, borrowing the car isn’t such a big deal.
M: But it’s Kermit. I think that’s a big deal.
A: …

They arrive back while Calvin is catching Darius up on what happened the night before.
Darius: Oh, and when I got up I found this outside my house. (He picks up the care package from Yuki.)
Calvin: How did he know where you live?
Darius: O_o
Calvin: You should probably stop leading him on.
Darius questions this and the girls pitch in with the evidence that Darius may in fact have been leading Yuki on and might need to tone it down. It’s a little like an intervention with people saying that it’s OK if Darius is gay, but if he isn’t, he may have given Yuki the wrong idea.
Darius: How would I know that anyone’s gay? Shouldn’t they wear a little tag or something?
Calvin: Dude. Even I know that’s really wrong. (He picks up a mug.) Tea, Megan?
Megan: Yeah, OK. (she sniffs it.)
Calvin: It’s herbal?
The gang hangs out and chats and all get on with each other, which is kind of nice to see, really. Also there’s a bit where Alex leans on the back of Calvin’s chair in a subtle show of affection. Darius is a little unsettled by that but doesn’t say anything.

Calvin goes around 6ish and drops Megan home, but before he leaves Alex takes him aside.
Alex: Do you want back up?
Calvin shrugs: I think it’ll be OK.
A: Be careful.
C: Yeah. I’ll flick you the text with the place we’re meeting.

Meanwhile, at the motel de vampire…Ash: Do you think I need back up?
Yuki: Do you want me to come? I don’t want to be the third wheel.
They talk about how exactly you turn someone into a vampire, they aren’t actually that sure. It devolves into ‘I could murder a bear right now.’
Y: Are there bears around here.
A: No, I think it’s mostly pumas.
Yuki: That’s what you should do, that’s a proper date. Take him out fighting pumas.

The meeting place. Alex cycles there early and hides behind a big boulder. Ash and Yuki pull up. Yuki sets himself up on the deck of the truck with a deck chair. Calvin arrives a little late, and Ash points out where they’ll be climbing. Calvin pulls a backpack out of the back of his car and puts it on.
Ash: What’s in there?
Calvin: Beers.

They go free climbing. Although Calvin hasn’t done this before and it’s at times, rather nerve wracking, he is able to keep up with Ash. They make it to the top and sit down.
Ash: You’re pretty good. I knew you’d be a natural.
C: Uh huh. Beer? (they drink.)
A: You’re too cool for Fall River. This town is too sleepy, there’s nothing going on. You should come with me and Yuki. Just leave, you know? Have you ever been to the West Coast?
C: Yeah.
A: Tokyo?
C: *tries to remember*
A: Paris, Rome?
C: Yeah.
Ash describes how awful Calvin’s life would be if he stayed in Fall River: stay with Alex, get married, have kids, grow old, do nothing, die unfulfilled.
C: You see the future, huh? What happens if I go with you?
A: Whatever you want. Seriously, anything at all, anything you want.
Calvin looks unimpressed.
A: You’re dead inside. I’ve seen you, at these social things, dinner, whatever, you hate it. The other night when we were surfing, when it’s dangerous, that’s when you’re alive.
C: You’ve known me, what, three days?
A: I’ve known you longer on facebook.
C: Why would I go with you?
A: Look, it wouldn’t be forever, it’s not like I’m asking you to marry me.
C: Good. (There’s a pause, Ash stares at Calvin.) Look, if you’d asked me this a year ago, I would have said yes in a heart beat. But now…
A: What’s changed?
C: Everything. I’ve changed.
A: What, just because of Alex?
C: No. We got my sister back.
He talks a bit about how she was missing and then they got her back, and how much he doesn’t want to miss spending more time with her. Ash admits that Marty seemed cool. Ash brings up vampires, I forget exactly how, Ash asks Calvin what the scar on his shoulder really is. Calvin hesitates.
A: What is it really?
C: Why do you care?
Ash reveals that maybe he has seen some stuff that can’t really be explained, that maybe if vampires are real he’d like to know about it so that he and Yuki can be safer. Calvin, who is reckless, admits that they were in a cemetery and vampires attacked. He also says that it’s not the first time that it’s happened. Ash seems pretty freaked by the news that there are multiple vampires around.
Ash: You’ve been bitten more than once?
Calvin: No…(remembers the first time he drank Haruni’s tea) Yeah.
A: What did it feel like?
C: Pain. What do you think?
A: Anne Rice said you like, jizz in your pants.
C: That’s what you get for reading Anne Rice.
Ash says that Yuki and he once saw one vampire and it was terrifying. Calvin tells Ash that vampires are relatively easy to kill. Ash asks how Alex can possibly do it, since she’s a shortish, slight girl. Calvin: She’s stronger than me.
Ash: What? But you’re really strong, like 6’4”
Calvin: Alex is…she’s stronger than she looks.
Ash can see that Calvin isn’t about to give up Alex, Marty, his comfortable life and gets annoyed. He says he has to go and they climb back down the cliff. Ash gets down first and gets a sense that there’s someone else around but he’s distracted when Calvin inelegantly falls the last couple of metres in a shower of rocks and gravel.
Ash: So next time we go we’ll work on your…finesse.

Ash gets in the car and tells Yuki to drive.
Yuki: You can’t be late for your date. Your second date.
Ash tells Yuki about what Calvin said, about how many vampires there are in Fall River and they’re both a bit freaked out about the whole thing. He tells Yuki about Calvin’s vamp tooth scar as well.

Calvin walks very slowly back to his car and then leans on the door. Just in case. Once the truck has gone, Alex comes out a little sheepishly. (Both of us failed a notice roll here and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.)
Alex: Hey.
Calvin: Fancy meeting you here.
A: Yeah, how was the climbing?
C: It was fun.
A: You’re okay.
C: Yep.
They get into Kermit and make out for a while.

Over at Bohemian Like You Darius walks in to find Megan on her own, waiting for Ash who is definitely late. He sits down by her and starts talking. She’s a bit distracted, checking her phone for the time or messages from Ash. Darius is wearing a nice suit with a tidy black trilby topping it off. He looks very dashing.

They are interrupted by Tiffany and Aurora who spend enough time there to tell Megan that Darius is not her 19 year old New York boyfriend and besides, he can’t be her boyfriend if he’s gay. Then they talk about the hot tub at Charlie’s and how last semester Megan would have had a place in that tub. They take off, holding pinkies.

Darius: You went to New York and you met this guy…
Megan: and he’s great!
D: Yeah.
M: It was like something that happens in the movies.
D: Right, which made me think about something. If you don’t go after the thing you think you wanted then you might not get the thing. (Megan checks her phone again.) I thought we had something there for a while, but I didn’t do anything about it. Then I was thinking if Ash turns out to be…
Ash appears next to the table.
Ash: Thanks for keeping Megan company for me. I’ll see you later.
Darius goes outside and sits at one of the tables on the street.
Ash sits next to Megan but doesn’t put his arm around her like normal.
Ash: where are your friends?
Megan: They’re gone, you’re pretty late.

Yuki approaches Darius and whispers in his ear, startles him.
Yuki: What are you doing out here?
Darius: I was talking to Megan, but then Ash arrived.
Y: Did that upset you? How are you feeling today?
D: Alright. Someone told me that it was looking like I was like, maybe hitting on you. But I just wanted to say that I’m not gay.
Y: OK, if that’s what you think.
D: Right, but sit down and have a drink.
Y: Sure. Nice hat, can I try it on? (He reaches over and takes Darius’s hat, tries it on.) How does it look?
D: Yeah, it’s good. (Yuki gives it back.)
Y: That’s a great outfit, really classic.
D: Thanks, I watched Casablanca and I was inspired.
Y: If you don’t know what to do in the future, you just look to the past.

Megan and Ash leave. Ash has told Megan that they have to have a talk.

Calvin and Alex are driving back into town.
Calvin: So…did you want me to come over to have dinner with your parents?
Alex: You know, dinner with my parents isn’t very fun, I wouldn’t want to put you through that. Thanks though.
Calvin: It’s cool. It’s this normal boyfriend stuff that I don’t usually do…

Yuki and Darius talk a bit about Ash and Megan.
Yuki: Ash’s attention’s not hat stable. He loses interest. He leaves girls behind.
Darius: How are the girls after that?
Y: Not good. It’s hard for people to up the pieces.
D: Do the girls need people to, you know, make them better?
Y: What’s left of them.

In Kermit. Alex: Do you think they’re vampires?
Calvin: I have no clue. No idea at all. He said they’d met one vampire ever and it was the scariest thing they’d ever seen.
Calvin drops Alex home, organises to meet up with her soon for patrolling and goes to his own house. Marty is sitting up, looking Hollywood tired and studying. Calvin offers to heat her up some hot pockets.
Marty: How are things going?
Calvin: Um. Everyone knows that I’m with Alex now.
M: You talked to Mason.
C: Yep.
M: How did that go?
C: About as well as can be expected. He didn’t hit me.
M: I didn’t think it was my place to say anything.
Calvin sits down and they have a talk, it’s lovely.

Ash and Megan are walking the streets of Fall River. Ash: What do you know about vampires?
Megan looks away: Um.
Ash puts his hand on her chin and forces her to look at him: I asked you a question. Answer me. What do you know about vampires?
M: Um. I know that you might be one.
A: Why didn’t you run?
M: I like you.
A: I’m not a vampire.
M: Your very cold.
A: I have poor circulation. But if you thought I was…why didn’t you run?
M: Because you’re not like the other ones. You’re not the only vampire I’ve met.
A: Calvin told me that vampires are real. What are you going to do if I’m a vampire? Are you going to get your friend Alex to kill me?
M: No. If I’d wanted to do that I would have already.
A: Do you wanna be one too?
M: No!
A: You wanna be with me forever? Live forever?
Megan doesn’t answer, she just moves in and hugs her. He pats her back and then gets impatient.
A: How are you feeling today? Tired?
M: Yeah, I ad a bad night. I mean, a good night!
A: Do you know what I did to you last night?
M: I think so…
A: Did you like it?
Megan doesn’t know what to say. Ash tells her he’s joking but Megan doesn’t believe him. He tells her that she should go, that she shouldn’t hang around him any more. He gets quite angry and she runs away, crying. Ash calls Yuki and tells him to pick him up.

Megan is walking through the dark, her hands over her eyes crying. She brushes by some trees and hears a low growling sound, like a animal very close to where she is. It sounds like a dog maybe, but coming from man height. She looks up, the street sign shows she is on Cottle St, a local make out point, she can see it clearly by the light of the full moon. She is pursued.

Alex and Calvin hear screams and run to help. They run in the direction of Cottle Rd. They see something huge and furry mauling a girl. Alex slam tackles the wolf, Calvin hits it with his axe connecting hard. It tries to kick Alex off but she clings on. She calls out, seeing Calvin preparing to swing again “It’s still a person!”
Alex wrestles it around, gets on top and smashes its head on the ground, trying to knock it out. Calvin is not able to get a clean shot at the monster now, so he looks to the victim. Seeing that’s it’s Megan he drags her clear of the fight area. Alex, thinking fast, remembers that werewolves are attracted to pheromones. Just then it gets its foot underneath her and launches her into the air. It gets back to its feet, takes a look at Calvin and Alex and runs away, knocking Megan down with a claw swipe. Alex starts to give chase but the wolf is very fast so she stops.

Calvin first aids Megan, manages to stop the bleeding but the wound is a nasty tear. Calvin tells her that things will be alright. She gives him a big hug, he tries to soothe her. It turns out that her back has been clawed as well, so he puts some gauze on it. Alex comes back to see Megan clinging to Calvin. Alex suggests that they go to the emergency room but Calvin says he can probably take care of it. They get Megan into Kermit and take her back to Calvin’s place. He does some disinfecting of her wound and closes it up. Megan is installed in one of his guest bedrooms.

Alex goes into see Megan: What happened? Where was Ash?
Megan: I don’t really know.
A: Do you want to talk about it?
M: He started talking about vampires and stuff and then he got all angry.
A: I know you two have got really close but what do you know about him?
M: We haven’t really talked about that stuff.
A: I think there’s something about Ash.
M: He’s not like other boys.
A: I’m worried that he’s not a boy.

Outside, in the night time and the black truck, Yuki has picked up Ash. Ash is very angry, bad creepy angry.
Ash: It’s all gone fucking wrong. Megan…this is all wrong, she tells me that she knows I’m a vampire. Calvin’s been bitten by vampires. This whole town is fucked!
Yuki: I know you’re angry….what do you want to do about it?
A: Calvin’s a pussy, Alex is a fucking cunt and Megan’s…
Y: Why did you come here?
A: This isn’t what I pictured. Fuck, let’s just bail. Let’s just go to New York or I don’t care. Just drive.
Y: You’ll learn eventually.
Ash and Yuki drive away into the night.

Previously on Fall season two…
Episode 1: Frenemies part 1.
Episode 2: Troubled waters.

4 thoughts on “Fall actual play 203 “Frenemies part 2” aka Megan’s worst day ever

    • Well, it was appropriate. Ash doesn’t like Alex any, and he was very angry at the time. If you like, I can go in and *** it out?

  1. I’m only part way through but had to highlight this:
    C: You’ve known me, what, three days?
    A: I’ve known you longer on facebook.

    and this:
    C: That’s what you get for reading Anne Rice.

    As awesome.

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