Wednesday with some Writing stuff.

My writing mojo is finally back, I have successfully beaten back my cold. Woo!

My writing this week isn’t particularly newsworthy though. I have edited a short story, written a bunch of characters for the superhero LARP (date is set for that BTW: Sept 18th) and had an awesome session with Steve where he gave me much constructive criticism for What’s the Worst That Could Happen? I realised during the session that I have forgotten a fair bit about the book so it seems like a good time to pick it up again and give it an overhaul. The best thing about the session was how positive Steve was about my book and the characters and the way I write. I is inspired. Cheerleaders are awesome.

I didn’t really spend any time reading interesting blog entries this week, so to pad out the rest of this post here’s my answers to Gala Darling’s Curious Tuesday.

1. If it was your birthday tomorrow, what would be on your wishlist?

Time off work to attend day time sessions of the film festival. Cash to go shopping for clothes with (I am currently addicted to clothes shopping), or I guess vouchers would work. Chocolates and a trip overseas.

2. Do you look after your nails? Do you paint them? If so, do you have a colour that you keep returning to again & again?

No, not really. I sometimes get a manicure but it bugs me how quickly the paint gets chipped or ruined so I don’t do it often. I used to be fond of painting my nails camouflage style but I haven’t been bothered with that since university.

3. What star sign are you, & do you think it is accurate?

I’m Libra, and I think it’s fairly accurate. At least I think I display these typical Libran traits: artistic and drawn to beauty, unable to make a decision (constantly weighing up all options), easy going, charming, self indulgent and flirtatious.

4. What is something you have recently learned to appreciate?

This is a tough one, but my recent sickness has given me a real appreciation of my ability to write and make up stories. For so many days I simply *couldn’t*. On my darkest night I told Lee sadly that I was in fact, never writing again and I should stop even trying to pretend to be a writer. He was characteristically unmoved by my melodrama and told me to stop being stupid. Now that the cold bugs have evacuated my brain, I’m loving how I can write, and think, and create. Love.

5. What is your favourite city in the world, & why?

Well, Wellington is the best city that I know well. But then, I haven’t been to very many cities and only one or two outside of New Zealand. So I guess I’m biased.

I love Wellington because it’s small enough that there’s a lot of crossover between groups of people. There’s lots of stuff going on (quiz nights, improv comedy, film festivals, etc) so you don’t get bored. Living in the middle of Wellington has given me a feel for the rhythm of the place. I went out one Tuesday night and handed my bag of recycling to a very friendly recycling collector. When we have a fire drill we can just go to the dairy and get an ice-cream, or over the road to Burger Fuel. People get loud and drunk on Fridays and Saturdays. This morning there was screaming when I work up, which I placed as people watching the World Cup match over at Four Kings with the windows open. (My first thought was zombie apocalypse.) Besides all this, you can drive for 15 minutes from the centre of town and find yourself in the country side.

I do have one writing related link for you though. The lovely Ellen, who I have roleplayed with and is a frequent commenter here, has been writing flash fictions on demand and posting them on her blog. There’s even a longer one that I suggested the title and word for, which I like very much. There’s something about having fiction written *for you* isn’t there? Anyway, her stuff is weird and funny and spec ficcy and you should read it.

Finally, in honour of my twitter buddy Andrew Jack…

1 thought on “Wednesday with some Writing stuff.

  1. Awww!
    *is bashful*

    Thank you- I’m glad you’re enjoying the stories- feel free to give me more titles. I’m enjoying how the stories I end up writing seem to reflect, in a weird way, the people who give them to me.

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