Things I Love Thursday

Singing something you really love. On Saturday at the Karaoke party I had promised myself that I would sing something alone. I’ve always been too shy to sing alone in front of people, because I’ve never had any training and come from a distinctly unmusical family. I didn’t want to break anyone’s ears 🙂 Anyway, all this rock band practice has given me courage, as has Lee commenting that I’ve definitely improved over time. So earlyish in the evening I booked Jolene and got up and sung it and afterwards a couple of people told me I sounded good and I was chuffed. Later on I was moaning to Frank about the lack of Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen and he pointed out that I should check for covers of his stuff. I found a Jeff Buckley version of Hallelujah and signed myself up for it.

OK, so it was just Karaoke, and it was just in front of some friends, and the version was weirdly long with a long intro and a huge instrumental in the middle but OMG it ROCKED to sing that song. I know it so well, and I love it so much and I felt like I was giving a little tribute and…best experience ever. Afterwards, I was so happy. I felt like I had sung it well, that I’d sounded good. I think the Karaoke DJ said something nice about it, even. Bliss.

Sharing the joys of steak night and rocky road memphis meltdowns with dear friends.

Buffy game goodness: Following the epic game of epic on Friday night Megan doesn’t seem to be coping too well. Also I had a text exchange on Wednesday night with Ash, in which he laid his cards on the table and offered Calvin something. Something very tempting…

Writing mojo is so back. I fixed up that story that was giving me trouble a few weeks back, finished it and sent it to Matt to read, since it was written with his prompts.

Honourable Mentions: Cosy warm bed, power naps, darling friends visiting, watching things that make me laugh, new shirt that people say nice things about, compliments on my pigtails, explaining the attraction of terrible movies.

Best of Gir (Invader Zim). Also, I am addicted to this song:

Please share your own thankfulness list below…


7 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Hallelujah is his most covered song, iirc – the Jeff Buckley version is gorgeous. My favourite of the bunch :). I actually prefer it to the original – there’s something about the song almost stripped bare vs the lush arrangement. Go you on the solo singing bravery!

  2. You’re solo singing was awesome – yaaay you!!! 🙂
    This Thursday I love:
    impending travel with friends
    meals with my family
    someone special coming home sooon

  3. TiLT
    – sleeping baby
    – visiting friends
    – not having to make my own dinner
    – good books 🙂
    – loving and supportive family

  4. Go you with the singing!
    Today I love:
    -Alaska finale last night… upped the pace the last two sessions and think I can now see how to turn it into the fast-paced, frightening, heartrending game I imagined… I have a vision of using the horror to make the tragedy hit home, but am not sure if I am a good enough writer or GM to achieve that
    -T’s stories about his days at creche… Today he played a game called persons and monsters… Jojo was the bad scary monster and Jessie was the bad scary person and poor T was the only person because the Mummy person was at work gathering small pretty coloured leaves for us (seems that’s what I do all day)
    -J’s drawings… pages covered in tens of brightly coloured angular people with no sense of gravity, interspersed with aliens, strange creatures, incredible machines…
    -cuddles from my gorgeous boys. It amuses me how amazing and beautiful I think my (doubtless ordinary and often exasperating) children are
    -Anticipation of Superheroes LARP and it being a convenient weekend
    -Weekend to myself between stats courses… was going to come down, but probably can’t afford 2 in a row… so might work on Alaska and sort out photos and go for a run and…
    -good things that are happening at the moment in the lives of some friends

  5. I like: bringing home little pressies for some of my fav people. Must actually remember to deliver them though;p Also, being away is cool but being home is magic:)

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