Things I Love Thursday

I iz a published author again woooooo! Um. Enamel is out, and my short story ‘Infection’ is in it, and it’s all pretty and published and I am clearly now very famous. You should totes buy it here and support independent publishing and writers in NZ. If you buy one and you bring it to me I can even sign it for you 🙂

(I would take a photo of my name in it and how happy it makes me but I lost my camera in a karaoke bar.)

I can’t stop looking at these photos from inside waves, by Clark Little. They are so stunningly beautiful. The above image is my laptop background now.

Booked a break away! Lee and I are going to Auckland for a few days at the end of next week. I am sooo looking forward to sleeping in and enjoying some fancy pants hotel room. Plus Tanuki’s Cave, $3 Japan, etc etc. And hopefully seeing Fraser.

An excellent point from the brainy Gremlin:

OMG Zoolander/True Blood animated gif of love!

A new and excellent Nimmoy Sunset Pie in which Spock doesn’t understand. It reminds me of Sheldon off BBT.

I also want to watch Hocus Pocus again….

Honourable Mentions: Asking for music suggestions online and getting a bunch of new music, second hand books (2 collections of Stephen King short stories), ordering books online as gifts for people, unsubscribing from email lists, rocky road Memphis meltdowns (seriously, we’re addicted) and waking up in the morning all toasty warm.


5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Hocus Pocus is *fun*.

    – naps
    – having hubbly home
    – honey and lemon
    – eating food prepared by someone else
    – finding a cosy spot in the sun
    – racy reading

  2. Just in time for NEXT TiLT-

    1) Friends who take care of you- a friend of mine came over on Wednesday because I was still home after the burglary, and I didn’t want to be on my own.

    2) Cinnamon buns- I have a great recipe for them. You would think knowing what goes into them (mostly butter and brown sugar) would make you not want to eat all of them. Sadly not. I took some round to a friend for a crafternoon tea, and most of them were gone in about 5 minutes. There were 16 buns, and 7 of us.

    3) Writing stories I’m pleased with, including one destined to be a birthday gift for a friend, inspired by the Leonard Cohen song ‘Suzanne’.

    4) Sales at Borders and Spotlight- yay discounted craft stuff!

    5) An understanding husband (linked to #4)


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