Wild Things and Mr Fox

Having recently rewatched both movies I feel compelled to share my satisfaction with both Where the Wild Things Are and Fantastic Mr Fox. Both are movies of books I loved as a kid. Both are made by cult indie directors. Both are visually stunning and deal with sensitive emotional issues.

Where the Wild Things Are is an examination of loneliness and being different. Max is portrayed as a highly creative kid that yearns for someone to play with. As a youngest child by quite a few years I can relate to it. It’s sad and painful at the start, showing how his family can’t give him the attention he wants and how it leads him to act out in ways that he instantly regrets.

Overall a sad movie, it’s also about growing up enough to value the people around you and celebrate the creative spirit.

Fantastic Mr Fox is a strange movie about a fox who dreams of glory and gets his family into a world of trouble. It’s also about his son, Ash, who is an awkward teen who feels left out and misunderstood. The script is sharp as a knife, weird and awesome.

Ash: “You’re supposed to be my lab partner.”
Agnes: “I am.”
Ash: “No, you’re not. You’re disloyal.”

It’s got these weird meta moments of breaking the fourth wall, which I really loved. I also love the way that the lead characters are all civilised to a point. They’re still wild animals. Only a wild animal could invent the game ‘whack bat’ after all. It’s very funny and just a lot of fun.

So, in conclusion. Watch these movies.


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