Lush products what rock

Not a lot has changed since I blogged my all time favourites, a lot of them are still current. However I have tried new things so here we go..

Avobath bath ballistic was recommended to me by one of the women who work at Lush. She must have noticed my sniffly nose. Its made a of a lot of avocado but it smells of bergamot and lemongrass. In other words, refreshing and charming. It’s also got some tiny glitter particles through it, so you come out shimmering just a bit. Lovely. The fumes clear your nose a little. Soothing.

Toner tabs. It was a Q one, which I think is specially marketed for men, but they gave it to me when I told them that my skin type was both greasy and dry. You basically steam your face over it and it comes out all lovely and smooth. BUT the awesome thing is that you can then keep the water and stick it in a jar in the fridge and that’s your toner for the next couple of weeks. The tabs are only like, $3 so that’s cheap skin care. My face has been much clearer and smoother since I started using these.

Emperor of Ice Cream buttercream bar. You pay for a big chunk and then cut it up into smaller pieces and rub it on your body in the shower. I know I went on about this again but I much prefer the smell of it to their other buttercreams and I love using it in winter, when my skin gets all dry and awful.

Veganese conditioner. I’m still using I love juicy for my shampoo, but this is now my conditioner of choice. It’s lighter than American Cream so my hair doesn’t get ooky again so soon. It smells awesome, all lemon and delicious and it really wakes me up in the morning. My hair after it is soft and silky and tangle free (except for the bit on the left hand side of my head which loves to tangle.)

English Garden bath ballistic. They were sold out of it at lush which is why they recommended avobath to me. It’s green and it’s full of pretty dried flowers. It’s completely luxurious and relaxing. I loved it.

Seasonal releases that I love include: Satsuma Santa bath ballistic, Candy cane bubble bar and snow fairy 🙂

So, how about you guys? What are your favourites? Or rather, what are you using right now?


2 thoughts on “Lush products what rock

  1. Oooooh… I really can’t afford to buy this kind of thing, but you make it sound so lovely I feel happy just reading about it!

  2. Ah, you are a woman after my own heart!
    My Mum gives me Lush stuff instead of Easter Eggs every year, because she knows I’ll use it (I’ve actually left Easter Eggs so long they’ve gone MOULDY in the past). There was a time back in the day where I couldn’t walk past a Lush store, ever, without going in.

    My favourite scents are foody, so I really dig the honey-scented products. I miss the Youki-Hai honey-jasmine bath bomb (a moreish, delicious scent), but still get Flying Fox shower gel when I can. Olive Branch shower gel was something I got in a gift box and wasn’t expecting to like, but then LOVED. It’s quite an unusual scent, but really lovely.

    Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo and the H’suan Wen Hua deep conditioner both do great things to my hair.

    They use a quote I posted on the Lush forum ages ago for the King of Skin (check the little blackboard they put up by it, if it’s still the quote from an Ellen, then it’s me- the surname is my maiden name). I would buy more of their skin conditioners all the time if I had the money- Buffy the Backside Slayer and You Snap The Whip are brilliant too.

    I miss the January Sales promotion Lush did in the UK, which was spend 25 quid, and get a product from the previous year free- any product, including the super-expensive moisturisers. I used to make a point of spending some Christmas money there, and getting the good stuff free- Skin’s Shangri-La is great stuff, but I can almost never afford it. Their skincare stuff is great- and hadn’t realised that about the toner tabs! Might have to go get some.

    And if you’re into nice-smelling things I might have to corrupt you by introducing you to a friend of mine and I go in together on orders of their perfume oils, because over $50 USD, they do free international delivery. And they have some truly gorgeous scents.

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