Auckland food guide part 2

Te Whau

The guy at the rental car place at Waiheke Island ferry terminal said this was the best vineyard to visit because it had great food and the best views out over the island and back towards Auckland. We didn’t have any other direction at all so we took his advice and visited it.

To be honest, I felt kind of silly visiting a vineyard since I don’t drink vin and don’t have any idea what makes a good one. HOWEVER the views were astounding and the food was indeed, great. I had venison steaks with parnsip, baby carrots and a sort of chocolate/red wine jus sauce thing. It was excellent. I really love venison and it was cooked to perfection, nice and rare in the middle but charcoaly and good on the outside. Lee had fish of the day which was also excellent and we shared a bread basket of niceness.

We did not try any wines, mostly because Lee didn’t hear the waitress offer tap water and we ended up purchasing a $10 bottle of mineral water. So I can’t tell you if the wine was any good, but the water was nice. We sat out on the balcony looking over the inlets of Waiheke and Auckland in the distance. It was a stunning day, very clear and sunny and that to me, made up for the rather high price of eating there.

Mexican place on Wellesley St that Michelle recommended

Ages ago, Chelle mentioned a place on Wellesley St that was good Mexican. Well, we finally went there and it was awesome. I had tacos and they were so so good. Basically I went to taco heaven. Lee ordered a burrito and was a bit disappointed with the smallish size of it but he was a bit grumpy as well. The service was friendly, the food came out fast and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

The tacos, for those curious, were beef or chicken (I chose beef) and you could have either soft or crispy shells (I went crispy). You told them how spicy you wanted it (not at all) and they came in two sizes as well. The tacos had a layer of refried beans, then a generous layer of beef with cheese melted onto it. Then there was heaps of lettuce and extra cheese sprinkled on top. Sour cream and salsa on the side to add as you wished. OMG I wish I could get these in Wellington. They were really really good.

It was all pretty cheap too, so really, you could just order more food if you’re worried about the size of the burrito.


It was way too cold for Giapo. I mean, it’s the middle of winter. Still, I had a pudding-ish chocolate cakey scoop and a just for girls’ strawberry jam and vanilla scoop and got through most of it. My tongue was kind of frozen by the end but it was worth it.

Patio steak and Pasta

On our last night in town I wanted a substantial meal (and I’d been a bit grumpy) so we went to this place in Queen’s Arcade, bottom of Queen St. I ordered a bacon/chicken/mushroom with tomato sauce pasta and Lee ordered a seafood pizza. Mine was passable, tasty and full of chicken, but the bacon was a bit flavourless and the mushrooms sparingly added. Lee’s seafood pizza was awesome, the base was tasty and crisp, the seafood fresh and it wasn’t too big or soggy. I would recommend the pizza if you go there.

Friendly service and reasonable prices, we’d def go back.


2 thoughts on “Auckland food guide part 2

  1. yum, foody blog. that Mexican place.. I’m pretty sure i’ve been to that Mexican place.. near Sky City? was very yummy

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