Things I Love Thursday

Bryn made this awesome picture of the cast of Fall (season 1 era) as lego guys. I love it so much, especially the expression on Calvin’s face 🙂 (Also, playing Fall again tonight. First time in a few weeks, should be awesome…)

One more day in my old job and then I start my new job on Monday. Woo hoo!

I’m very pleased with my writing productivity this week, so I’m celebrating my muse and my motivation. I’m not sure how else to say that. It sounds a bit wanky. Ah well.

Everything I learned about writing I learned from Zombieland. Must be about time to watch Zombieland again. It’s come up in conversations over and over again this week.

Honourable Mentions: cosplaying Kaylee at work, Roleplaying dice jewellery. So cute! Also, weeny Dr Horrible dolly!, cupcakes, pink wafer biscuits, 3L cans of Asahi, warm socks, comfy boots and sleeping in.

How about you?


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I love:
    -Tom not throwing up for 3 days (I just broke one of my TiLT rules, but without irony I really do ❤ the absence of tummy bug)
    -Hanging out with friends at the circus-themed party I went to last night… dressing up… getting slightly tiddley on delicious homebrew and feeling loved and acceptable. I mentioned Cthulu in passing and 4 people wiggled their tentacles at me. I am all affirmed!
    -Walk on Petone beach with family this afternoon. Somes Island is looking much greener these days. (I think) Wellington is beautiful and I am all optimistic about moving home again
    – Tax return and getting money back… fantasising about debt-repayment, and fixing the car 🙂
    – finally caved and bought new boots… they aren't my dream boots (which still aren't on sale) but they are practical and comfy and with the free haircut I won at the Parents' Centre fundraiser I am feeling presentable again!

  2. 1) Frank Kitts special ‘The Wonder of Wool’ market- so many pretty pretty things…

    2) Hanging out with friends over lunch on Saturday.

    3) Discovering new things in Wellington.

    4) The prospect of ‘Once Upon A Time In The West’ tonight!

    5) Knitting-related excitement.

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