Fall 204 Ex-communicatin

Following the night before Megan wakes up early and sneaks out of Calvin’s house. She steals one of the cars in the garage and drives home, despite not really knowing what she’s doing. She has a slightly hair raising adventure but makes it most of the way home. She leaves the car a couple of houses away from her own and sneaks in. The first thing she does is check Facebook but Ash isn’t online. She gets into bed and cries herself to sleep.

She wakes up later in the morning when the doorbell goes off. She doesn’t move. It goes off a second time and she still ignores it. The third time she sighs and gets up. It’s a delivery man in an IKEA uniform. He says that there was no one to accept delivery at the first address and hers was the second address given. Does she want it? There’s a huge box behind him. Megan says ‘there’s been a mistake’ and slams the door on him. He rings the doorbell a couple more times and Megan ignores it, hoping he’ll go away.

Alex sends a message to her parents saying she’ll be studying with Darius and stays with Calvin. They have a nice day together doing ordinary stuff like hanging out and eating breakfast and stuff.

Megan is moping in bed when Jim and her mother come home. There is a knock on her bedroom door.
Mom: Honey, what’s that package out on the lawn? Have you been using my credit card to buy stuff?
Megan: Oh, some guy came to deliver it and I think it had something to do with Ash and Yuki (she bursts into tears) Ash broke up with me!
Megan’s mom puts her arms around her and says comforting things like ‘he was never good enough for you’ and Megan cries and cries. Later, Megan manages to go downstairs to find Jim industriously assembling the bed.
Megan: what are you doing?
Jim: Well, since it’s been paid for I figured you’d want to use it.
Megan: You guys have it! (She runs from the room and goes back upstairs.)

That night Calvin and Alex are out patrolling, Alex is worried about Megan who she has texted a few times and had brief ‘I’m fine’ responses from.
Alex: I wish I could just go over there and see how she is…
Calvin: So, why don’t you?
A: Do you remember ages ago, before all this, before she disappeared for the summer and came back all glamourous?
C: I guess?
A: We were friends before then. Like, really good friends. And she cut me out, didn’t even want me to help.
C (thinking a bit about Mason):…maybe you just need to give her some time.
A: Yeah maybe.
C: Girls usually need some time, right? After a break up.
A: Yeah, I guess so. I’ll give her tomorrow and then talk to her on Monday. Thanks Calvin.
Calvin looks surprised that he’s actually helped and Alex is now smiling at him. The patrol is pretty boring, they’re scouting around Cottle St, wondering if the werewolf (or whatever it was) will show again. Nothing has happened when a guy who is making out with his girlfriend turns to Alex as she passes and says “there’s something different about you.” Everyone kind of stares at him and he shakes his head and doesn’t remember what he’s said.

Calvin drops Alex home and she sneaks past her parents who are arguing with Jared about what he isn’t allowed to do. A few minutes later he comes into her room and bugs her, asking what she’s doing and stuff. Then he says “help me” in a different tone of voice.
Alex: with what?
Jared: what?
A: what do you want me to help you with, Jared?
J: You’re weird.

That night Alex has a long involved nightmare that I wasn’t in the room for, however I am told it involved her being surrounded by some shadowy figures. She couldn’t really see any details but one of them spoke to her and said “the third, the fourth, the fifth…help me!”. It was creepy. Then the dream turned into something about marshmallows, because it is a dream and that’s what happens.

Megan spends the whole of Sunday in her room getting steadily angrier and angrier rather than sad. She listens to angry girl music and abuses Yuki over facebook. Calvin hangs out with Martha, going to the beach and a movie. She gently asks how things are going with Mason and he points out that it’s only been a few days since he told him about Alex. Alex spends the day doing a 1000 piece puzzle with her entire family. Alex’s mother seems to be the only one enjoying it, as her father tries to sneak away a couple of times. Alex and Jared actually do bond over how much they don’t want to be doing a 1000 piece jigsaw.

Alex texts Calvin to join her patrolling and when they’re in the middle of fighting a newbie vampire he suddenly stops, devamps, grabs Alex’s shoulders and says “I died.” Calvin then beheads him with his axe. They agree that it was weird, and when added to Jared and make out guy from the night before it’s probably not a coincidence.

Monday morning Megan asks her mother for money for clothes and a new hair style. Her mother welcomes her back to the land of the living and gives her money. Megan goes a bit punk, dying her hair dark and buying New Rock boots and stuff. She tries to get into a bar but is turned away.
On Tuesday she heads into school and runs into Alex.
Alex: So, what’s going on?
Megan: Ash dumped me and I’m totally over it.
Alex: Yeah. I can see that.
Alex texts Calvin: There’s something really wrong with Megan.

Megan walks into English class late, Calvin sees her come in and thinks it’s a new girl at first, then double takes and realises it’s Megan. She sits down beside him.
Calvin: O_o
Megan: what?
C: New hair?
M: Uh. Yeah.
C shrugs: looks good.

At lunchtime they catch Megan up on the weird dream and people saying random stuff from nowhere. Alex is sure it’s a ghost trying to ask for help, Megan seems impatient, pointing out that there’s not much to go on and no way to research. After school they’re heading to Calvin’s and wondering how to start.
Calvin: where do they keep information? The library? Hall of records maybe.
Megan: The internet.
Calvin, driving past Megan’s house: are you going to bring back my car?
Megan: didn’t you get it? (Actually it’s been towed.)

As they head into Calvin’s house, he’s thinking hard: why don’t we do a seance? I have a ouija board somewhere.
Megan: sounds good.
Alex: that’s a really good idea.
He digs through a cupboard under the stairs, past 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles and old board games and pulls out a ouija board from the 70s. They set it up on the table and they each put a finger onto the planchet. Alex asks for the spirit who’s been trying to contact her to come forward. Then her eyes roll back in her head and a deep voice comes out of her mouth.
Ghost in Alex: Where am I? I can’t see.
Megan: You’re in Fall River, what do you remember?
Calvin: what’s your name?
Ghost in Alex: George
Blood starts seeping out of Alex’s nose and Calvin shakes her shoulder, trying to snap her out of it. Nothing happens, but he realises he still has one finger on the ouija board planchet. He pulls it off with some difficulty and Alex slumps forward onto the table. She can’t remember anything. Calvin tells her that they got a first name and she started bleeding.

Megan: But we didn’t even get a full name. Do you want to have another go at being possessed?
Alex leaves the room. Megan looks defensive, Calvin follows Alex. He finds her rummaging in a cabinet in the bathroom.
Calvin: what are you looking for?
Alex: Tylenol.
Calvin: top shelf.
A: What’s up with Megan anyway? No, I know what’s up with Megan. I have to be supportive.
C: she’s gone crazy.
A: No, Ash dumped her and left town.
C:…you’re okay?
A: No. I’ve been sleeping really badly and I feel like crap.
Calvin gives her a comforting hug. Megan walks in. She went online and did a search for mysterious deaths, George and Fall River and came up with George Hitchens who disappeared. Alex suggests they head to Darius’s to do further research.

Jenni, Sophie, Bryn and Dan then had Lego wars and there was Ostrich Haruni and it was awesome.


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