Things I Love Thursday

Video heavy this week, in honour of the film festival.

My New Job!

I don’t have to answer the phones, I don’t have to deal with angry people, I can take lunch whenever I like, no one else is using my desk so if I leave my stuff out I know I’m not bugging anyone…it’s the little things. My new team is very friendly and welcomed me in, I have a desk with a view over the waterfront and I’m just generally very happy about it.

Leonard Nimmoy’s song about Bilbo Baggins. Yep. You read that right.

Pajamas. Yeah, OK I know this one comes up all the time in my TiLT lists, but they really do bring me joy. My new cotton Peter Alexander PJs are blue and white stripes with a repeating pattern of a bed with a pink duvet over the top. It also says ‘sweet dreams’ and ‘Peter Alexander’ and ‘time for bed’ on it. Embroidered in pink thread on the back of the collar it says “Peter says time for bed”. Very comforting. Cotton On Body has PJ pants printed with Batgirl comic panels. I don’t need them so I won’t buy them. I don’t need them so I won’t buy them. I don’t need them…

Friend of a friend’s 14 part harmony version of the Ghostbusters theme…

Awesome bad movies. What is is about terrible movies that I love so much? I guess it’s the silliness. I love ridiculous plot lines about animals attacking. I love bad acting. I love lines that make no sense. Overall I love the experience of watching these films with other people. The shared experience takes an averagely bad movie into the realms of awesome.

With that in mind, please watch the trailer for Birdemic, which shows you the quality of the acting, the SFX, the script…

Now watch the trailer for SHARKTOPUS!
I am very excited.

Honourable Mentions: Quiet or papa spank! This article about making your blog popular, snacks, the hot lemon, honey and ginger I had this afternoon at Ora cafe, how Wellington smells like the sea when there’s no wind, vivid dreams, <a href="”>young me now me, roleplaying Calvin in Fall (new actual play report tomorrow), playlists on Grooveshark, getting things done, my doc boots, my red check scarf and my Lee.

And how about you, what are you thankful for?


5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I’m thankful for

    – Morepork snuggles
    – Progress! Both on house and book
    – Sweet New Flatties!
    – My pets
    – My sweethearts

  2. Great vids… since T saw the Ghostbusters in the library he has been obsessed with ghosts and busters, so the theme song had me in fits… I must play it to him and see what he thinks… and I so want to see Birdemic!

    Today I love:
    -Early signs of spring… pink and white magnolia flowers on bare branches, day-glo pink dianthus, anemones… I have lots of purple ones this year. Colour for grey winter moods!
    -T in his pink birthday (pajama) suit with silver butterflies and his sparkle shoes (white with pink gem flowers that light up when you step on them)
    -J reading me stories
    -Art and clever stories of both my boys (T has superpowers in his pocket!)
    -Wednesday gaming at the moment making me laugh so much… still running the one session (ok, so I suck at short games) spontaneous test of the wee thumbnail pictures idea. Two Kiwis on OE are flatting in a house full of weirdos. Between their bed-sits is a hidden room in which the last thing one of them was thinking of before they fall asleep appears. The genre is not exactly the intended horror yet, but I have high hopes that it will become a ‘scary game’

    -Looking forward to a weekend alone at home… stats study, exercise, tidying up Alaska,
    -Working on a short story that suddenly appeared in my head when I read “You write what only you could write” on your blog last week (NB I am so totally NOT a writer)

  3. 1) ‘Creepy Cute Crochet’ by Christen Haden. Why? You’ll see tomorrow, if you’re at the party…

    2) A-Roy Express 4 restaurant on Cuba Street. OMG the roti with satay dipping sauce…so yummy.

    3) ‘The Wonder of Wool’ at Frank Kitts- they should totally run it again somewhere around Christmas. Possibly just after, when I can has moneys…well, MORE moneys…to spend. Big bag of purple, blue and pink GLITTERY spinning fibre for $20 + a selection of awesome vintage yarns from a $2= win!

    4) ‘What’s So Amazing About Grace?’ by Philip Yancey- has illuminated a lot of things about my faith that were problematic before. Now I have answers to more of the questions I get asked by non-Christians. It’s a good feeling.

    5) The prospect of an awesome LARP at the weekend

    6) Pajamas! Heartily seconded! I have fleece ones from The Warehouse that are all covered in stars and So.Very.Soft. Though I like the sound of the Batgirl ones, too…

    7) Yarn bombing Taita tonight with my knittin’ girls

    Honourable mentions for: The Destitute Gourmet’s Magic Chicken Pies and the Refried Beans from the same cookbook, frozen coke, writing mojo and last but by no means least, my lovely husband.

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