Writing Wednesday

So with my new hours and my new life schedule I had to find time to write. I can’t be giving up on sleep, and I have to work a regular 40 hour week in my new job. It doesn’t help that the film festival is on at the moment as well, eating up my evenings and weekends. This will not be a problem after Sunday, but I like to have a routine if I can…

What I’ve done is keep my wake up time the same, even though I start work a half hour later. I get up like normal, have breakfast and get ready to go. Then I have (depending on how slothful a particular morning is) 20-40 minutes to write. Or rather, edit/rewrite, because I’m working through WtWTCH? as you recall.

It’s been very productive. I’ve noticed before that I’m best at editing when I’ve just woken up (hence how many naps I’ve taken on designated writing time), (no really, that’s the only reason I ever napped on those free afternoons), (seriously) and I feel good having done it when I leave for work. Starting the day doing what you love is the way to go. It’s only a little bit each day, but it adds up and it’s way better than just sleeping for an extra half hour.

Besides that I’ve found time before movies and while Lee reads the paper at brunch to write short stories. My ideas have been flowing thick and fast ever since my Auckland holiday and I am very thankful for that. I have a few half completed though, one because it’s threatening to become a novella, but a couple just because I started something new rather than finish the old one. I hate doing that, so I’m gonna set aside some time to finish things off. Then I’ll need to type ’em all up as well, because I’ve been filling up my notebook all long-handy. I love writing long hand. It’s the best.


A great article about Boys and YA, with some very good points about the stereotypes that boys are in YA lit. Although I’m not sure that boys have been weakened by the empowerment of female characters. I believe that in good stories boys and girls can both be bad-ass 🙂

An awesome list of 20 questions to ask yourself before submitting a short story. Me likey.

Very relevant to my superhero chick lit is this article on 13 ways police can help superheroes, if they are so inclined. (Awesome blog, must return and read more.)

What makes a bad guy bad? is a great run down of how to make a compelling villain.


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