Things I Love Thursday

I took advantage of the recent sale on Gala Darling’s Love and Sequins book and bought a full subscription in PDF/MP3 format. I haven’t had much chance to read or listen to it, but I am excited about it. Which reminds me I must finish reading How to Be Rich and Happy. In fact, I think I should start at the start of that and just read it straight through some weekend. With all this self help from the internets, I am on track to being super incredibly awesome.

The film festival. OK so it’s a massive time suck, and I’m worn out and everything, but it’s great fun. I’ve seen some great movies in the last couple of weeks. I like seeing people I recognise at the screenings, I love talking about the films after also I love ice cream.

My Job: So today started with a team breakfast, then we had an all company meeting in which I patted a baby dingo(!!!), followed by free lunch, then in the evening we had drinks and dinner. Oh and our Auckland team member brought down Dunkin’ Donuts. I got the one with pink frosting. So much win. My company and my new team takes good care of me.

I have registered for Au Contraire and I got time off from work so I can attend things on the Friday and have Monday off to recover/write. Au Contraire is a big sci fi convention and I’m very excited about all the writing classes and also about the spec fic NZ launch and attending the Sir Julius Vogel awards (which you’ll recall The Event was nominated for,) and meeting all the lovely people who will be there.

Some fun videos this week…

Glee/X men mashup at Comic con:

Adorable Pallas cat kittens!

Honourable Mentions: 6 realities about time travel that makes it sound less than awesome. The film festival, ice cream, books I’ve ordered online arriving, my new job, reading, waking up all warm and cozy, our cleaner, Inception, my pink striped hoodie, editing in the morning, my electric blanket and my awesome friends.

Your TiLT list goes below…


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. 1) The Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup (which I’ve recently joined)- hurrah for knitting motivation. I’m doing a couple of between-terms activities (including playing Exploding Snap by finishing works-in-progress) in it, when the new term starts I hope to be in Hufflepuff. I’ll be a first year.

    2) Sherlock. SO much win. Steven Moffat=win. Martin Freeman as Watson= win. Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes= SO much win. Mark Gatiss= win. I suspect I am going to enjoy this new series a LOT.

    3) Working a LARP costume piece at work- OK, so it’s just a poncho I bought for the 1970s zombie larp, but it’s warm and snuggly, and the right colour, and actually drapes in a figure-flattering way! Thus, it can be worn at work, and will get more value in terms of cost-per-wear than I expected.

  2. – girl talk
    – getting my craft on
    – unexpected new clothes
    – baby giggles and cuddles
    – sitting in the sunshine
    – DONUTS!

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