Film Festival second week


Lee was struck down with man flu, so I hurriedly texted a couple of people I knew lived in Wellington and would hopefully be free to take the other ticket. My brother in law came through and we saw Farewell in a packed out Embassy theatre. I really really enjoyed this movie.

It’s based on the story of an actual KGB colonel who started leaking important information to France and America and essentially started the end of the Cold War. The espionage was great, but the best thing about the movie was the humanity of the two leads: the KGB agent and his amateur French contact. The KGB agent was funny and playful, actively making friends with the French businessman who had been roped in to be the contact. The French guy’s relationship with his family suffers and it’s very tense because you’re constantly worried that they’ll be found out.

Great movie, would recommend.
See also Svend and Morgue’s reviews for more opinions…

Wah Do Dem

I’m not sure about this one. It was kind of like watching unhappy hipsters the movie. It was kind of like watching a documentary about the worst trip ever. It was kind of funny and I liked the lead character, most of the time. It is very very indie, lots of handheld camera work and some poor sound and lighting. It got a bit mystical/noble savagey in the middle and then it ended very abruptly.

Overall I think I liked it, but then I think I might have been happier if I’d stayed in, had a bath and then gone to bed with a book. Tough to say.

On Wednesday I thought I was going to see The Strange Case of Angelica but I had the day wrong and nobody noticed until someone else tried to sit where I was sitting. How silly of me! So I went home and Lee suggested we see Inception and I said yes, because the internet is a dangerous mine of spoilers when you haven’t seen it.

Without spoilers: I really enjoyed Inception and it was pretty and mind-warpy and Joseph Gordon Levitt was awesome and Leonardo was awesome and Ellen Page was super awesome and I liked it. Also Cillian Murphy is very pretty.

The Runaways

Awesome. Just plain awesome. Great music, great acting, great chemistry between Dakota and Kristen (Cherie and Joan). It’s the story of The Runaways, all girl punk rock band that launched Joan Jett’s career. I don’t want to say too much, just that if the thought of watching an all girl punk band in the 70s appeals then you should see it. Reading Cinemas have a poster up for it so it looks like it’ll get a regular release.

After seeing it, I am inspired to: write, start an all girl rock band, wear crazy ass 70s shoes, style my hair like Joan Jett and sing lots and lots and lots.
Also, I am now totally addicted to this one song:

The original:


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