Things I Love Thursday

Inspiration. It’s hard to get, it’s hard to keep and it’s hard to rely on. I like watching movies about insanely creative people, I find that it fires me up and makes me want to create my own stuff. Writers, artists, musicians…I want to see their lives, or their One example is the Basquiat doco I saw a couple of weeks back, but even better is the doco I saw about Keith Haring the other year. I bought myself the DVD of that movie this week and it turned up on my desk today. Can’t wait to watch it again…

How Professor X really lost the use of his legs here. In fact, that whole comic is pretty much awesome if you like superheroes and comics. There’s some line crossing but an awful lot of funny.

Writing. I am loving writing right now. Editing WtWTCH? Sorting out short stories, fixing up LARP characters, it’s all good.

I’m looking forward to the roleplaying convention CONfusion on Saturday. I’m not running anything, just going to show up and play some stuff. Should be chilled and fun. Plus I get to catch up with lovely roleplaying types, some of whom I don’t get to see too often.

Gene Kelly tap dancing in roller skates:

I watched The Princess and The Frog on Tuesday and there was lots to love about it, a pretty sassy heroine and some awesome animation being the first things that come to mind. But the thing that’s stuck with me is this love song from the firely character to the North star whom he believes is a particularly beautiful firefly called Evangeline:

Honourable Mentions: I shot a man in Reno, burgers made by Sophie, vitamin water, pictures of whales, I’m finally reading Transmetropolitan and really enjoying it, pens and notebooks available at all times, fixing up our Rock Band game so we’ve got all the songs again and downloading extra songs too, thinking about all the writing workshops at Au Contraire, love, friends, husbands and books.


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. 1) The Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup- hurrah for craft motivation.

    2) Confusion tomorrow, yay- I’m running a game in the afternoon- first time ever as a GM, I hope people will be gentle!

    3) Sewing actually turning out mostly how it’s meant to.

  2. – Happy healthy smiling baby
    – brownies
    – seeing friends
    – getting questions at quiz night that noone else on my team could answer!

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