Fall 206 – “Showing poor spirit”

After she gets away from planning the Spring Fling, Alex goes to George Hitchins’ house and hides up a tree to watch it. No one goes in or out. In fact, from the mail piling up outside the door it appears to be deserted. She texts Calvin: George’s house is a bust. What are you up to?
Calvin replies: Nothing.
Alex: Wanna hang out?
C: Yep, I’ll pick you up. Address?

Soon Calvin pulls up and Alex gets in, stashing her bike in the back. She tells Calvin about her plan for getting more information about the ghost: she will pretend to be a photographer for the school newspaper and he’ll go with her as a reporter for the paper, they’ll hunt down people who knew George and interrogate them. Calvin agrees, but they don’t have info on his extended family yet. Alex notices that Calvin is even more monosyllabic than usual.
Alex: Are you alright?
Calvin: Yes. Dinner?
A: Love some.
They drive to a food place and get some food.

Meanwhile, back at the occult library: Darius is having a fun evening researching spells. He reads up some more on the love spell he discovered last ep (all of us players really want him to cast this, BTW). Then he looks up spells to make you fly and spells to turn an ordinary sword into a light sabre. The spells look mostly too hard, requiring all sorts of things that Darius doesn’t have, or can only be done on a certain night. Or they only affect other people, not yourself.

Megan has been home since about 6, when Calvin dropped her home. She goes online and researches swords, they’re very expensive. She starts looking into ways of getting money, like skimming a little money out of 10,000 bank accounts or something like that. It becomes clear that in order to do that she’d need a serious computer upgrade. In the mean time she texts Calvin a link to the sword she likes the look of and asks him to buy it for her. To the viewers at home, her texts are abrupt, even presumptive in tone but Calvin doesn’t seem to notice. he texts back ‘sure.’

Alex noticed that when Calvin’s phone buzzed with the message alert he jumped, but doesn’t say anything. He shows her the website of swords (not mentioning that Megan sent it through) and asks her if she sees anything she likes. She picks one out and Calvin puts through an order.

Megan texts Darius: You busy?
D: Not really, just looking at some stuff in the library.
M: Ok. Can you pick me up?
D is a little taken back, but agrees and goes and collects her in his car. She explains that she has a plan for making a super juiced computer by combining fancy computer parts with magical elements. She asks if he’d be willing to help and he agrees to do it.

At dinner, Alex asks Calvin if he’s free after school tomorrow.
Calvin: I’m surfing tomorrow. I guess we’ll be back by 5.
Alex: I should have someone to stalk by then.

Darius offers Megan the sword that she asked about in the previous episode, she tries to turn it down since it’s important to him. He says she may as well have it since it’s just sitting on the wall, gathering dust. Megan takes it, but gets quiet and a bit awkward. Darius doesn’t meet her eyes, he had expected her to be more pleased by the gesture.

Calvin texts Darius to let him know that he’ll be by to pick him up at 8.30 tomorrow. Darius texts back: why?
Calvin: surfing.
D: sounds perfect.

Megan explains what she wants Darius to do (enchant a clay disc for the hard drive so it’s super awesome) and she uses fancy magical terminology that he doesn’t follow. She is condescending about it. He does an impression of a Jedi when he tells her about the spells he was looking up but she doesn’t smile. She drops a large hint about the time and he drives her home.

After dinner Calvin and Alex are patrolling around Lover’s Lane, just in case the suspected werewolf comes back. They are attacked by a demon. Alex spin kicks the demon who takes the hit and then lunges at Calvin, Calvin turns to Alex and says “why aren’t you helping me?”
Alex: I am! (realises it’s the ghost talking) I need more information!
The demon tackles Calvin to the ground, and since he isn’t defending himself in any way, he lands heavily. Alex kicks the demon in the head, breaking its jaw. Blood comes out of its mouth and sprays over Calvin. Calvin comes back to himself, but he has no idea how he got on the ground and it takes him a moment to get his head together.

Alex kicks again, but the demon dodges, gets up off Calvin and punches at Alex. Calvin hauls himself off the ground and swings his axe at the demon but he misses. The demon grabs Alex by the shoulders and head butts her. She finishes him off with her stake and turns to Calvin.
Alex: You OK?
Calvin: Yeah. (shakes his head) No. I feel like crap.
A: Do you remember what you said?
C: Huh?
A: I guess not. You remember how the demon was on top of you?
C: Yeah, what happened with that, was it super fast? Did it time travel?
A: No, you were possessed by the ghost.
C: huh. What did I say?
Alex suggests they try doing a séance again, to get more info from the source. Calvin says if they do that she can’t be a part of it since she was overwhelmed by it last time. She argues a little but Calvin won’t back down on this point. They go to the car (Calvin limps a bit) and drive back to his place. He first aids himself a bit, Alex finds some pain killers to feed him and she puts him to bed.

Megan is busy in her room practising sword play with Darius’s sword. (ooh err.) She isn’t very good and makes enough noise stomping around and breaking things that her mother comes to check up on her and asks what’s going on.

The next day. Alex texts Megan and asks her to adjust school records to show that Alex is off sick. She researches George’s family and finds out that he has a niece at their high school. How convenient! She heads into school for afternoon classes.

The amazingly awesome Calvin and Darius go surfing sequence:
On the drive out to the beach Calvin is silent, Darius is also uncharacteristically silent although he is jittery and fidgets a fair bit, drumming his fingers and shifting his position in the seat. Calvin tries not to notice, but viewers can see that it’s bugging him.

After a round of surfing they’re sitting together on the beach when Darius turns to Calvin.
Darius: So. How did you get Alex to you know, talk to you and like you and go out with you and stuff?
Calvin:… it wasn’t easy.
D: Sure I can understand it wasn’t easy. I mean I wasn’t implying that it was, it’s just that how do you get to that point, I mean one day you’re not talking and then the next you’re together and how did you know she was the right one?
Calvin doesn’t answer for a while. He’s clearly missing the unspoken communication he had with Mason, eventually he says: I always knew.
Darius jumps up and starts pacing around: But it can’t be like that for everyone. OK, how do you get a girl to like you, I mean, you’ve had enough girls, you must know something about it.
Calvin (after another long pause): You have to ask yourself what you would do for her. Would her saying no be worse than anything you’d do for her?
Darius thinks about this for a long moment and then he says “surf’s back up” and they head back out into the waves.

Megan has assembled what she needs for her super powered magical computer. She shows it to Alex and explains that Darius is going to cast spells into it.
Alex: There’s no danger that the computer will, you know…
Megan: Go Skynet on us? Yeah, maybe. (She then bites her lip because of the nerdy reference which she is too cool for now. It goes over Alex’s head.)
Alex hands Megan her camera and the two seek out George Hitchin’s niece, Sam Mitchell. She is mean to be in gym class but is sitting on the bleachers watching instead. Alex cheerily bounds up the bleachers and addresses Sam. She asks for information about her uncle for an article, citing the charitable help he gave the school to rebuild the field. Sam invites them around to her house after school so they can talk.

After school Alex goes round to Sam’s house, having first texted Calvin to let him know where she’ll be. Sam is awkward, unsure of herself, but seems very pleased that Alex came. She shows her some family photo albums and reveals that George had an argument with her mother some years ago, she wasn’t too sure what it was about, except that her mother didn’t approve of Claudia. Claudia was the woman George was seeing. Claudia wasn’t at the funeral though, which seems weird to Alex. Sam mentions that there was a lot of money involved in the will, George had received an inheritance from his father.

Alex heads to Calvin’s on his bike, Megan goes to Darius’s and lets herself in with the spare key. On the drive back from the beach Calvin asks Darius to help out with the séance. He agrees but says he’ll come over later. Calvin goes home to see Alex.

Megan is patting Nebby when Darius comes home.
Megan: How was surfing?
Darius: It was good to get away, you know, just surf. And talk. Well, I talked.

Darius casts the paragon spell on the clay disc and it works. Although, nothing very exciting happens. It’s still just a clay disc. Darius is very pleased, feeling his face to check for bleeding and celebrating when there’s none there.
Megan, underwhelmed: Thanks. Let’s go see if this works.
D: Yes. No. I’ve been invited, you as well I guess. We’ve been invited to a séance.
M: What?
D: At Calvin’s.
M: OK.

They knock on the door at Calvin’s and Alex lets them in, telling them that she’s been banished from participating. Darius shows off about the spell he did and how well it works. Megan is holding the disc in a static proof bag and gives to Alex to hold while the séance is done. Megan, Darius and Calvin sit around the ouija board and Calvin says George’s name and asks him to join them. He is instantly possessed, his eyes rolling back so you can only see the whites. When Calvin speaks again it’s not his voice coming out.
George through Calvin: Thank you
Darius: You’re welcome. By the way, I’m Darius.
Alex: What do you need from us?
G: I was killed. I don’t know who by.
Megan sighs loudly.
G: I was drinking scotch. It tasted funny and then my vision went dark, blurry. That’s all I remember.
A: Why wasn’t this in the toxicology report? Surely the police would have seen poison in your blood.
G: No one investigated.
A: Who is Claudia?
G: It wouldn’t have been her.
A: but who was she? Why didn’t she go to your funeral?
G: She was the love of my life, she’s probably in mourning somewhere.
A: What’s her last name?
G: Wilkins. Claudia Wilkins.
A: what about your sister?
G: I don’t think she’d have done it.
A: Ok, so who would have benefited from your will? You know it’s being contested.
G: I didn’t know. Claudia, she was named in my will.
Megan: Wait, how old is Claudia?
Ghost of George: 29
Megan sighs loudly.
G: It won’t have been her!
Alex: what do you expect us to do? I mean surely this is a police matter.
G: You’re the only one who’s listened to me. It’s weird, it’s like you have a link to wherever I am.
Darius: So who else in your family might be contesting the will?
G: I have some cousins? Anyway find who killed me!
A: what about business dealings, have you heard of The Fallen?
G: I have to go.

Calvin slumps forward onto the table and the light bulbs in the room all burst. Calvin is drained, pretty seriously weakened by the experience. He looks up and Darius has his hand raised, ready to slap him.
Calvin: I’m okay.
Darius: Well, you can’t be too sure. How do you feel? Still possessed?
Calvin: I’m okay.

Actually it takes Calvin a minute to get his head together. Alex catches him up on what was learned and helps him up from the table.
Darius: I can totally exorcise the ghost.
Alex: He came to us for help!
D: Yeah, but you’ve got to think of the precedent you’re setting. If we help this guy, word might get around and then we’d be reduced to running some sort of ghost detective agency.
A: beats dying young.
C: huh.
A: Look, we just have to get some evidence that he was poisoned and then tell the police.

The others grudgingly agree and the credits run.

Previously on Fall season two…
Episode 1: Frenemies part 1.
Episode 2: Troubled waters.
Episode 3: Frenemies part 2.
Episode 4: Ex-communicatin.
Episode 5: The Agony of Life and Death.


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