Strawberry Shortcake and Friends!

This is a very late costume entry, but I don’t mind. You shouldn’t either, because you get lots of neat photos to look at.

This year’s Wellington Armageddon happened back in Auckland, right in the middle of Easter.

So, we wanted to follow up our astounding Jem and the Holograms cosplay with another vintage 80s icon group. We needed something that was easy enough to wear and recognise and also was ethnically inclusive. Strawberry Shortcake and Friends was our solution. Giffy is Almond Tea, Michaela is Strawberry Shortcake, Ange is Orange Blossom and me, well I’m Lime Chiffon.

My reason for choosing to me Lime Chiffon? Well, I had the doll as a kid and she was my favourite (after Apple Dumpling but I think it’s wrong to cosplay a baby), plus she’s the ‘ballet dancer’ one and also…well, look at her. Her outfit is completely obnoxious life size. This choice would come back to haunt me when the whole group looked adorable apart from freaky old me. But anyway.

I made the dress from one of those generic ‘sexy Halloween costumes for women’ patterns that Giffy loaned me. You know the ones, the same pattern could be a sexy nurse, sexy Little Red Riding Hood, sexy waitress, etc. I made it a bit on the large size, because Lime Chiffon should not be sexy. She should be IN YOUR FACE! So yeah. I picked up the perfect colour green (read: eye burningly bright lime) cotton at Arthur Toyes and made up the dress with help from Giffy and her sewing machine (mine broke down during the making of this costume. Almost like it was trying to tell me something.) It’s actually a circle skirt with a wide waist band and a billowy gathered shirt. Super easy to sew.

Michaela suggested we do fancy ‘EGL’ inspired versions of our characters, which let me add in some details and fun stuff to the costume. I added a pale pink ribbon around the top of the waist band, a big old bow in the back (I don’t think I got a photo of it, unfortunately), and some fancy ribbony bits on my sleeves. For the first day of Armageddon I didn’t have a hat, as you can see above. I looked more like a freakish clown than a cute dolly.

Heaps more including photos after the cut…

Before I took the stage again on Sunday, I tore apart an old turtleneck sweatshirt and make myself a hat. I’ve never made myself a hat before, but I went for a simple ‘top hat’ style tube, brim and circle top and it worked perfectly. I used lots of interfacing on the tube part and tied a white ribbon around it and it’s my favourite part of the whole costume.

see my hat?

I would have made myself a Parfait Parrot toy but I was overtaken by ennui and didn’t bother. Luckily the others didn’t do ‘pets’ either, except for Giffy who got Evie to make an adorable Marzi Panda outfit for Olive. But we don’t talk about that. Well, we do because it was adorable.

Other stuff:
The tights are from Sock Dreams
My shoes are Number 1 shoe warehouse
The wig I bought off Trade Me, although I suspect places like Toy World would have them too.
I wore a pale pink petticoat on the first day (another sock-dreams purchase) and found I wasn’t getting the volume out of it that I wanted. I bought a second petticoat on Saturday (from Jay Jays!), pinned it below the first and had extra puff on Sunday.

who needs a regular pet when you have a velociraptor?

Overall the group was really well received. Lots of people recognised us and asked for photos, and they’d go “yay Strawberry Shortcake!” and then they’d mostly not remember any of the rest of our names. But it was awesome. Even if I felt like the ugly step sister to adorable Michaela, Ange and Giffy. On stage for the Cosplay Parade me and Ange had fun being childlike, ditzy, baking obsessed and completely random. I don’t think the Wellington cosplayers knew what hit them! The outfits were pretty comfy for the long day of judging on Sunday too.

Now for the best picture of all…

punk rock 80s dollies

Yeah, that’s how bad ass we are. Fear the 80’s girl toys!

Other images:

A flash of petticoat
on stage on Sunday.

Helping an impressive costume off stage, you can see a bit of my butt bow...

A fantastic group of photos of us by Sylvie Kirkman from Friday afternoon can be seen here. You can see that the wind was having fun with my fluffy wig…But check out the adorable images of Marzi Panda.


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