Things I Love Thursday

It’s been very cold this week so my usual list of blankies, bath, being warm and sleeping is high on my Things I Love today. I can’t cope with cold. I have a work blankie which I have on my legs when everyone else is saying the office is nice and warm. What can I say? I am a lizard, I need external heat.

Amazing art show made of trash but the shadows are something different. I rewatched the documentary about Keith Haring this week too. Art is nice and artists make me want to create also.

Had fun at quiz night although our team (Sharktopus) didn’t win, it was only by one point. We still got a substantial bar tab and I got a wind up dinosaur skeleton that walks and glows in the dark.

Good movies. I really loved Inception both times I saw it and I am super psyched to see Scott Pilgrim. Saturday day time is the plan. Oh yes. Also I am still loving being a member of the video store. You can get a 7 day hire for $1 if you go Monday – Thursday.

Honourable Mentions: Our cleaner who does all the stuff I don’t want to do, this baby tiger, lunch with friends, chocolate buttons, pizza that comes to us, Grooveshark, the superhero LARP characters coming together and looking good, reading, TV Tropes, being paid at my new rate and sharing cookies that I have made.


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Love:
    -I asked for reading books for J this weekend as he’s just gone up a level and it’s been harder The reliever teacher let him decide which ones to bring… he chose about 10, which I thought was overkill, but tonight he read me 6 bedtime stories. I was so proud!
    -T’s fashion sense. For the party today he chose his red checked “builders” shirt, red trousers with green frogs, tigger socks and his sparkle shoes (white with pink light up flowers)
    -Warm fire, electric blanket, two good nights sleep after a week of not… J said to me this morning “You feel happy today”…

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