Scott Pilgrim vs The World

As a Scott Pilgrim fan I was very much looking forward to this movie. I was not disappointed.

I don’t want to say that this is the perfect movie, because a lot of what’s in it will not work for a lot of people. But I will say that this was pretty close to being the perfect movie for me.

For one, it was very close to the comics, which I adore. So yay. But at the same time the movie was it’s own thing as well, so there were changes made and I can understand why. There were a couple of neat things I was sad not to have, like Knives Chau’s father and more of Ramona’s backstory, but they weren’t huge problems.

The movie is frenetic, extremely fast paced, action based and kooky as anything. What I liked was that the movie seemed to be pretty squarely aimed at us people who grew up with video games. Plus it’s a pretty sweet story of how to grow up and stop being a dick, basically.

My favourite ex was Todd, the bassist from The Clash at Demonhead. He’s a vegan so he has superpowers. I also liked the twins battle, that was wicked awesome and pretty much everything with Wallace Wells. Wallace = ❤

While I watched Scott Pilgrim I realised two things: 1.) I could watch Scott Pilgrim on a loop for a couple of days and be happy about it.
2.) I am over standard action movies, but I still enjoy action set pieces that make sense for the story and have a neat twist. (See: anti-grav hallway in Inception, or a battle that starts as a bass guitar war).

And I am completely obsessed with the song from evil band The Clash at Demonhead: Black Sheep. Envy Adams rocks! (Video has mild spoilers for the movie.)

Extra reading:
Spoiler heavy but excellent review over on io9. Also some possible reasons it didn’t do so hot in the box office here.
An old interview with the creator of Scott Pilgrim Bryan Lee O’Malley.


3 thoughts on “Scott Pilgrim vs The World

  1. Saw it last night, very happy with it.

    I hope their are cool DVD extras, and I’m thinking about getting the soundtrack.

    • me too! I tried to buy it on but they said it wasn’t available in NZ. Mighty Ape has it but for $27…I am settling for listening to it on Grooveshark instead.

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