Confusion gaming convention

A couple of weeks back I attended Confusion, Wellington’s one day gaming con where we get together and game. I only stayed for two sessions, but they were good sessions indeed.

Mutants and Masterminds run by Dale

We made up characters on the spot based on archetypes supplied. I chose a bad ass Punisher type (you know, vigilante with guns). The picture provided looked almost exactly like Trinity from The Matrix except with some panels cut out of her costume. Dale then gave us random cards with a relationship status, a motivation and a character trait. I drew Looking for Love, Activist and Spoilt. Using these prompts I made my character a kind of dual personality party girl heiress type that spent her non-shopping time terrorising mobsters. In my intro scene I had the character go from shopping in Louis Vuitton to killing a bunch of security goons and threatening a crying woman with a gun. She was the wife of a crime boss and I told her she had to donate money to charity, lots of money. If she didn’t try to save the rainforest within a month I’d be back and I wouldn’t be happy. I named my character Rain Petrelli after my latest book’s protagonist and the Heroes family.

The other heroes in the team were a formerly retired older hero called The Crown Prince, an electric mutant time traveller called Crisis, a bad ass superhero called The Edghe who had a crappy day job, a half monster/half human called The Beast and a super rich, super fit physical specimen called The Spirit of Justice (also my brother in law.)

The story was mostly about us getting cloned and framed for performing crimes which our clones had committed and then dealing with the fall out of having a clone. My character shot hers. It was bad ass. The strength of the game was in little character moments: The Crown Prince doing the school run in the morning, Crisis feeding a stray cat that lives with him, The Edge having to go back into the office after we busted some super villains, that kind of thing. It was an awesome group of people and we had fun riffing off each other.

Some quotes:
Crown Prince arrives at scene of crime in his Adam West era Batmobile: Can someone give me a hand to get out?

Crisis to Crown Prince: What do your spectacled eyes see, old man?

Rain wakes up next to some guy she picked up clubbing. It’s his house, he’s good looking and probably very rich.
Guy: Can I call you?
Rain looks him up and down: No. I don’t think so.

Rain calls Rose to give her the heads up: We’re meeting up at Central station because we’re being framed for stuff we did.

Time and Temp run by Ellen

My character was Amy Chapman. My previous jobs were Gelato store worker, Te Papa Host and hire co-ordinator at Ferg’s Kayaks. As this was Amy’s first job away from the Wellington waterfront she wasn’t too happy to be there.

We were sent back in time to medieval Scotland where we discovered Fabio had set himself as the Lord of the Manor and was paying people for topless portraits (of himself) with stainless steel spoons. Not cool, time traveller, not cool.

Bar keep: That artist in the corner? He’s made a lot of money selling pictures. Oh, he’s made a pretty spoon.

We convinced him to leave his Manor by making believe that my character was an excellent artist and I could paint his picture better than anyone. A riot occured as we escorted him through the township and we ended up having to throw him into our time machine. Along the way we made a lot of jokes over whether Fabio could believe things were butter.

Pauls’ character, in the after mission debrief: There was punching and there was children. There wasn’t any overlap.

It was Ellen’s first time GMing at a Wellington con (or possibly at all?) and she did very well. I had a good time even though the mission debrief bit at the end of Time and Temp gives me the same belly butterflies that an actual work performance review does.

After that I went to a birthday party and then a house warming. It was a busy day.


3 thoughts on “Confusion gaming convention

  1. Sounds cool… I kind of wish I’d made it to a session as I planned, but I loved seeing Morgue and Cal too, and sadly can’t do everything all at once…

  2. First time GMing AT ALL.

    I’m glad you wrote up the games- I was starting to worry that you hadn’t written about Time and Temp because you hadn’t enjoyed it. I’m glad you had a good time. There were things I learned from doing it that I would apply in the future (in a game like Time and Temp, I should make you guys roll dice WAY more often, but also I enjoy the shared-storytelling-no-dice way that Ivan runs the RPG I’m in), and I was kinda terrified all the way through, but I would do it again, I think. Thanks for being gentle on me!

    I liked the session, and I’m tempted to run another one (maybe with the same temps, maybe with different ones) where you have to go deal with all the paintings and cutlery left behind by Fabio.

    I had a lot of fun doing the performance review, in particular:
    Steve the Boss: You, um…*snaps fingers indicating Paul’s character*
    John: John
    Steve the Boss: I don’t care
    John: F*** you!
    Steve the Boss: You’re fired!

    Suzanne: Have you ever done this job? (referring to temping as an anachronous agent)
    Steve the Boss: God no, I’ve got a business degree!

    • Oh, well done you! My first time GMing I think I barely spoke. You did awesome!

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