Things I Love Thursday

Today a woman got knocked off her scooter outside my office. Obviously this isn’t something to be happy about but what was awesome was the people coming up to check that she was alright and call for ambulances and stay with her while the police were coming. It was really, truly heart warming to know that the people of Wellington will in fact look out for each other. Awww, people are nice.

Stuff arriving in the mail. The Jenni’s Angels T shirts for example. And my order of awesome fabric from Spoonflower. I’ve ordered some more books so those will get here soon, and then Lee ordered shoes over 1 day, which isn’t so exciting for me except that I get to receive the package.

Maru and the Giant Box:

Honourable Mentions:
Compliments on the best shirt, Kareoke night where I performed That’s What You Get by Paramore to great acclaim and Alone by Heart with Sophie and it WAS AWESOME, steak at steak night, small Wellington connections, feeling better, lunch that is healthy, the return of in character texting (YES!), Clash at the Demonhead and warm bed.


7 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. No, I haven’t designed any fabric, I just use other people’s designs. The price isn’t too bad, considering. I do big orders so it’s all in one batch.

  2. Okay so let’s try this: -Took myself out to Inception last night… watched people and read mag in the posh cafe in Downtown 1st.Hot chocolate and Neenish tart were tasty too, but Morrocan chicken salad lacked zing! I realised I have hardly ever been out in Palmy at night, and never(?) by myself. It was fun! Because I dressed in new bra and clothes I love, I felt like I was role-playing a fabulous confident ex-self. Maybe I should roleplay her more often…
    -Inception! Been a while since I’ve seen a movie… Loved especially the world-bending visuals. Left with a residual sense of unease, though… Surely THIS can’t be my real life? šŸ™‚

    -Happy hormones from jogging
    -Assembling and making costume for your Superhero larp
    -Facebook scrabble… anyone else want to play?
    -Spring flowers… anemones, daffodils, snowdrops, irises, magnolias, early blossom!
    -Beautiful new turquoise and black bra
    -Having a lovely self-indulgent alone weekend, but looking forward to cuddles and stories from returning boys tonight

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