Fall 207 ‘Who you gonna call?’

Alex gets Calvin a mug of Hershey’s hot chocolate (actually Sophie said she got him a glass of Hershey’s hot chocolate mug but whatever, it’s sweet.) to help him recover from being all possessed and stuff. Megan internet researches Claudia Wilkins and comes up with some credit card records and evidence that Claudia has stopped George’s charitable trust from donating to causes lately. The card statements show that she’s been spending money on beauticians, dining out, the normal suddenly-rich-girl stuff. Megan gets her home address. Alex is looking for evidence that Claudia is involved in criminal activity but there doesn’t seem to be be any. There are a couple of very large cash withdrawals from the account a month or two before George’s death though.

Megan checks out the police report on George’s death, looking for poisons this time. It comes up that there was no trace of poison. The gang speculate that perhaps it was some kind of supernatural poison and decide to go to Darius’s house to research demonic poisons.
Calvin grabs his car keys, but Alex is concerned.
Alex: You sure you don’t want to rest?
Calvin: Huh? No, I’m fine.
A: You look pretty…tired.
C: We’re just reading right? I’ll be fine.
A: Oh…kay. (She keeps an eye on him.)

There is a research montage with all the gang reading in the occult library. After helping for a while Calvin falls asleep, slumped forward over the books. The rest of them are not down to 7 life points and have no trouble staying awake. They discover that there is such a thing as a Spillerath demon which has a deadly poison which is untraceable. The only way to check if that poison has been used on someone is to concoct a simple potion and put it on the liver of the deceased. Since George has been buried for some time this doesn’t seem like an option. They decide instead to try and track the demon. It seems like they would need dodgy underworld connections do get demon blood and that’s something they dont’ have. They do find the address for a magic shop in town, though, which seems like a good place to start. They decide to go the next day.

Alex goes to wake Calvin up gently but he doesn’t stir. She asks Darius if there’s a spare bed that she can put Calvin in, and Darius goes O_o but says there’s one upstairs. Alex scoops Calvin up into her arms but this startles him awake and he flails. They all go home.

Megan pratises with her sword in her bedroom again and manages to embed the sword into her wall. The lights in her room go out. Her mother knocks on the door and asks if everything’s alright.
Megan: Yeah. Everything’s fine.
Megan’s mum: What’s going on? I worry about you.
Megan: Yeah, don’t.
Megan’s mum, unsure how else to reach out to her daughter goes in for a hug. Worried that her mother will see the state of her bedroom, Megan lunges forward and kind of hug-pushes her mother back out into the hall.

Left alone at his house, Darius practises using his psychic powers and tries to lift Nebby with his mind. Nebby floats up, gently out the door and the door closes behind him. Darius is pleased, Nebby is confused but not upset, Bryn makes an awesome joke about how the dog has been Nebbytated.

In the morning Megan hacks the school attendance records to show that all four of our gang are out at a field trip. Alex heads to Calvin’s house and is let in by Martha. Megan sciences her house’s wiring so that she can have power in her room again.

At 10am the gang all meet up outside The Eye of the Dragon magic shop. The owner is called Carmen Yung and Megan heads straight for her. Megan seems to be trying to catch Carmen out, asking her if there’s anything in the store which would help her get revenge on her ex-boyfriend. Carmen says that while there are practicioners that might do such things, she wouldn’t recommend it. Megan gets quite defensive, challenging her by saying it’s all junk anyway. Carmen, who had been quite friendly to start with, becomes less helpful. Alex tries to get Megan to be quiet.

Calvin and Darius hang back, Calvin looking at Carmen, Darius looking at the merchandise. He gestures at some ‘love spells’ packaged up all pink and girly.
Darius: These are all shit.
Calvin: You’ve tried them?
D: No, I just mean they’re not…I mean NO. I haven’t tried any.
C: *raises eyebrow.*

Alex asks Megan to wait while she talks to Carmen. Megan had started going on about dark hexes and curses.
Megan to Darius: Well, he was a real jerk.
Darius: Yes. He was a real jerk. YES he was a real jerk.

Alex tries a different tack with Carmen, she tells her the truth about what’s going on and asks if she’s heard of the Slayer. Carmen has.
Carmen: Well, that would explain some things.
Alex: Like what?
Carmen: Your aura.
Megan sighs loudly. Alex glares at her. They talk a bit about the vampires and demons and stuff with Carmen and Megan asks about the Spillerath demon blood. Carmen looks at her suspiciously.
Megan: It’s poison right? I don’t want to use it on my ex-boyfriend. Even if he was a c-
Alex: Megan! Can we stop the verbal diahrea?

Eventually Alex is convincingly honest enough to get Carmen to tell them that there’s a demon hangout outside of town. It’s called Evil Eddy’s and is very dangerous.
Alex: Thanks for your help. Have any other slayers ever come in here?
Carmen: No. But I haven’t been here that long.
A: How long have you been here?
C: Eight years.

Darius makes some smart ass comments about the quality of the magic books she stocks, Alex explains that Darius is a wannabe warlock and the gang leave Carmen in peace. Calvin, Alex and Megan decide to go and stake out Evil Eddy’s and see if the Spillerath demon is there. Darius thinks this is lame and goes home instead (Norm had to go play Ultimate.)

Calvin drives them the 45 minutes out of town to the turn off which leads to Evil Eddy’s. He manages to manouevre Kermit off road and up onto a raised bit of field where they can keep an eye on the bar with a pair of binocs. Nothing happens for a very long time. Megan gets very bored and slumps down in the back of the car. Calvin falls asleep for a while. Towards 6 o’clock they talk about leaving but Megan points out that it’s got a lot more busy since the sun went down. They decide to stay for a while longer. Calvin pulls out and eats a gigantic bag of popcorn, spilling it on himself as often as actually getting it in his mouth. (I may have LARPed that bit.) Just as they’ve all decided to give up, around 7ish, Calvin spots a likely looking spiny demon coming out of the bar. The demon gets into a van marked “Sam’s Odd Jobs” and drives off, Kermit in pursuit.

Cue some dangerous driving. After following the van for five minutes or so, to give them distance from the demon bar, Calvin suggests running the van off the road. For some reason both Alex and Megan think this is a good idea, so he goes to overtake and then slams Kermit into the van. Slightly losing control as he does so. The van goes off the road and into a tree and Kermit drives off a little, Calvin does a U Turn and pulls Kermit in near to the van. The van’s occupant has got out of the car and is shouting about why he has just been run off the road. Alex jumps out of the car and runs towards the demon, Megan calls out to her and throws her a machete out of the trunk. Alex catches it. It’s bad ass.

The demon seems confused, Alex says they want information from him.
Demon: You got any money on you?
Alex: I have a big knife.
Megan: She’ll fuck you up if you don’t do what she wants.
The demon, unimpressed, sends several spines from his body into a nearby tree. Alex throwse her machete at the van, embedding it just next to the demon’s head.
Demon: well, now we’ve both demonstrated our physical skills what next? You guys totalled my van.
Calvin admits that he maybe didn’t mean to damage the van so badly and gives the demon some money to get it fixed. Plus the demon’s clearly not going to co-operate when he’s angry. Once that’s square the demon agrees to help them out and says that he did in fact sell the poison to Claudia. They try and get some more info about her but he refuses, saying he’d be down a customer.
Calvin: You have repeat customers?
Alex: Listen, my tall handsome friend has quite deep pockets. If your information is good then we’ll be coming back for more.

The demon, who introduces himself as Sam, implies that he needs more money for the tow truck, and Calvin’s beginning to get pissed off with him but Alex looks at him with big, beseeching eyes so he hands over some more cash. Sam tells them that Claudia’s purchase was before George’s death and that he gave her several doses, enough for a number of large animals…Calvin, Megan and Alex drive off while Sam calls a tow truck.

In the car Megan and Alex argue about who to kill. Megan can’t understand why they talked to the demon and paid him money when they’re supposed to be killing the agents of evil. Alex points out that Sam himself hasn’t killed anyone, he just sells his poison. Megan says the poison is killing people.
Alex: Don’t be ridiculous, we don’t go around killing people who have guns, do we?
Megan sighs loudly and Alex snaps, turning around in her seat to look Megan in the eyes.
Alex: Look, Ash was a bastard, OK, we get it. And he may have been a vampire and OK, you slept with a vampire and EW! But you have to get over it. The shit that you have been pulling is getting in the way. Like with Carmen back there, she might have told us nothing at all if you’d kept talking. And yelling at Sam back there.
Megan: You through a machete at him.
Alex: I was making a point!
Megan: You just paid him off. Which is great. He’ll go and tell his friends and then all the demons will think that’s what we do.
The two girls fight for a while longer, mostly about Megan’s issues with Ash and how he was a vampire.
Megan: He was different!
Alex: Well, he clearly wasn’t!
Megan lapses into pouting and sulking. Calvin says nothing through the whole argument and in fact, is trying to be completely unobtrusive so neither girl drags him into it.

No one says anything for the whole long drive back into Fall River. Calvin drops Megan home and she says a slightly passive aggressive “G’bue, have a good evening guys.” She then sneaks up to her bedroom and bursts into tears.

Calvin turns to Alex: So, do’you want to go home?
Alex: Do I want to go home? No. I should go patrolling.
Calvin drives to the cemetery but when he starts to get out Alex says that he shouldn’t come with her. Calvin disagrees, saying he’s fine, etc. Alex gently pokes him in the side where he has a fresh bruise.
Calvin: Ow.
Alex: You just, you’ve been taking a lot of hits lately, and you keep falling asleep.
Calvin: Yeah, but –
Alex: I just don’t want you to get hurt.
Calvin is clearly not pleased, but he can see that Alex isn’t going to back down and agrees to go home instead. He gets out to open the trunk so Alex can take some weapons and they hug and kiss goodnight.

Calvin gets a text from Megan about an hour later: Has Alex calmed down?
Calvin texts back, assuming that Megan wants to get in touch with Alex and apologise: She’s gone patrolling. Maybe try her in a few hours.
Megan: OK. When can we next practice? You’ve got my sword.
Calvin: Tomorrow after school.
Calvin montage follows, in which Calvin goes into the kitchen and eats a lot of food, then he crashes out on his bed. But he doesn’t sleep, he pulls out his cellphone and texts Ash…(Note: I actually texted Amphigori and she responded.)

Calvin’s text: Dude. What’s it like? Being a vampire I mean. How does it feel?
Ash replies: So good. Better than anything you’ve known. I’m no good with words but I can show you. Let me.
Calvin: I don’t know yet. But I’m thinking. Where are you?
Ash: I’m somewhere you’re not but that can change. What about Alex?
Calvin doesn’t respond.

Cut to Alex, having finished patrol, at her house. She goes to the bathroom mirror and tries to summon the ghost of George. She asks him if he’s there, and to come and see her and nothing much happens. She goes back into her room and her little brother walks in, possessed by George.
Alex tells George that it was Claudia that killed him but he refuses to believe it, stating that she was in love with him and would never hurt him.
George: Look, I’m as reasonable as the next dead guy. Go and talk to her.
Alex: Why would she tell me anything? I’m a 17 year old kid, with okay, some amazing super powers and weird connections and whatever…
It becomes clear that George isn’t going to move on until he is convinced that Claudia is the murderer, so Alex asks him to hang around and watch what she does. She’ll go and see Claudia. George tells her a lovely story of how he and Claudia met, that he was dating Samantha (who his sister didn’t approve of) and then she died of natural causes at the age of 31, and then Claudia made him feel so much better about everything.
Alex: look, why don’t you put my brother back to bed and we’ll sort something out.

Alex then texts Calvin (who jumps out of his skin when the phone text noise goes): OMG I just talked to George, Claudia killed George’s last GF!! Holy crap! She’s a total psychotic bitch!
Calvin texts back: Far out. We’ll go check it out tomorrow.
Alex: For sure. We have to do it!

With that the gang goes to sleep and the episode ends.
The next day I got the following text from Ash: You;ll always have the choice, calvin. I’ll never force it on you like what was done to me. You could help us find and fight the bad ones. Never get old. Never get soft.
Calvin replied: Do you kill people? For food or whatever.
Ash: No. They just feel tired the next day. Why are you asking me this now?
Calvin: I need to be able to do more. I’m sick of having my ass handed to me.


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  1. “Actually Sophie said she got him a glass of Hershey’s hot chocolate mug but whatever, it’s sweet..”


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