Things I Love Thursday

Au Contraire is tomorrow and I am seriously super psyched to be going.
I’m attending all these writing courses and I fully expect to come away inspired and motivated like crazy. In fact, just the prospect of the courses has been inspiring me over the last couple of weeks. Plus there’s the Speculative Fiction NZ launch and the Sir Julius Vogel awards ceremony (Go The Event!!!)

The new draft of What’s the Worst That Could Happen? is ticking along slowly. This is because I’m seriously reworking it! I would be annoyed at the snail pace, except that I have a feeling that this is a huge improvement on the manuscript. So yay!

Excellent YA books.
Last night I finished reading Rapture of the Deep which is the latest in the Bloody Jack sequence and a very nice mostly pleasant adventure for Jacky which is a good change from some of the stuff that happens in Mississippi Jack. It was a lush book with lots of descriptions of food, clothes and diving off the Florida Keys. Guess where I want to go on holiday next? In addition, today I received my brand spanking new copy of Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. I am so desperate to read it. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Katniss and everyone…I haven’t been this excited for a new book since the last Harry Potter.

Pretty photography!
Images of post apolalyptic ruined Japan. Tourism photos where the actual monuments have been replaced with souveniers, and by the same photographer replaced with the postcard image.

The characters for the superhero reception LARP went out at the start of the week and the feedback from the players has been very positive. Lots of excited people, lots of great questions, it’s all making me really look forward to running the thing! Which is good, because I don’t want to get nervous about it. Dark, weird, gothic Tarot photography, found via Suraya.

Honourable Mentions: Reading this list of Essential sci-fi films and being satisfied that I’ve seen many of them (17/25), my rainbow sock monkey, salad for lunch, Mockingjay, hot milo, new books (I have so many things to read right now…), Transmetropolitan, steak night steak, the way trees move in the wind, clean hair, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, The Clash at Demonhead, pay day and coming home and putting on my pjs.


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Not feeling the love so much today, partly I think because I wanted it to be Friday so much as Beau has the next 5 days off work!?!

    Really like those photos with souveniers in front.

    I hope Au Contraire is awesome and that I get to see you soon.

    Some Good things what I love on a Thursday:
    – clapping baby
    – catching up with friends
    – cooking success
    – capturing clapping on camera

  2. I like that list of sci-fi movies! I’ve seen 19 of them – not the first 3, not Ghost in the Shell, not Primer, and not Moon, though the latter is in my “to see” list and I’ve seen the (execrable) remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still.

    Bloody Jack, awesome – I must reserve them from the library and re-read.

    Love those drawings of Japan.

  3. I was surprised… I’ve seen 18 of them, though not Forbidden Planet, Tron, Ghost in the Shell or Primer, and only one (Inception) of the last 4, since having kids has interfered with my movie watching!

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