Things I Love Thursday

Inflatable sea monster from Nantucket beach, 1937

Inspiration, motivation, riding the wave and getting it done. Since Au Contraire, and two workshops in particular (Ripley Patton on flash fic and Jay Lake on fast writing) I have been possessed with a need to get my work out there. This is excellent. I spent a fair portion of my Monday off and most mornings and the odd time after work cleaning up short stories that have been hanging around achieving nothing, finding appropriate magazines and submitting them. It’s really exhilarating to think that a bunch of my work is out there now, in editor’s in boxes…Steve showed me The Cult of Done manifesto and I think I’m now a cultist.

Especially since this has *already* resulted in me getting a story accepted for online publication! My teeny wee short story has been accepted by Nanoism. I shall get paid for my fiction! It’s a small amount, but that’s what you’d expect for a weeny story like mine. I am so super-chuffed I can’t even express it.

Second hand clothing. Au Contraire was in upper Cuba St which meant I had the opportunity (finally) to check out Wellington’s new Paper Bag Princess shop. It was awesome. Nothing is over $20 (store rule) and at the front of the shop there are racks of tops organised by colour. Then there’s a huge rack of jeans and more random dresses, skirts and designer stuff towards the back. I picked up a cute check shirt/hoodie thing and an Annah S skirt and it cost me around $30. Nice. Then I went to the recycle boutique (no easy feat, it’s always packed with people) which sells clothes on behalf of people. I got another shirt there and will definitely go back when I want more clothes. They have a huge amount of stock. You’d need to go in with a specific thing in mind or you’d get overwhelmed I think. Anyway, I have made a commitment to myself to try and buy the majority of my clothes second hand from now on. It’s better for the environment and it’s better on my credit card.

Honourable Mentions: Did you see that I’m getting a story published? And I’ll be paid for it? It’s awesome. New Threadless hoodie, market finding amazingness on duotrope, The Commons on Flickr (see image above), Candy, ice cream, laughing, writing, editing, roller derby on Saturday! hot dogs, the paper craft Gambit R made me, packages in the mail, free cake, being inside during rain storms and reading.

..and how about you? What are you grateful for this week?


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