Things I Love Thursday

New hair, OK so it’s not that new, because I just got a trim, but I do have new and exciting colours in my hair: streaks of pink and deep blue/purple. I love them to bits. I have figured out the best way to show off my streaks, which is a precise little half ponytail kind of thing. It makes me want to get all my hair dyed one of these colours…No photos because I still don’t have a camera, sorry!

Books, books, comics, books. So I’ve been ordering books again, and they keep arriving and they’re freaking awesome. I got a super cheap colour plate illustrated copy of Bill Bryson’s biography of William Shakespeare in the Mighty Ape marathon the other day. I got a copy of Teen Titans Year 1 which is super adorable and has stunning art as well. I’m slowly collecting up Batman books too, and I’m really enjoying the Under the Hood story. It’s surprisingly funny. The problem with collecting Batman of course, is that there is so much of it. I basically need (as I said on Twitter yesterday) ALL the comics. Which is expensive and also not practical at all.

Star Wars/Pooh Bear crossover art wins everything. Seriously, I think I have to buy some of these and then give them to people. They are so heart warming and geeky!

My Writing/editing mojo is going strong still, I submitted like, a zillion stories last week and over the weekend. I’m looking forward to getting responses (hopefully positive) from magazines and webzines soonish. I’m nearly up to page 100 in my rewrite of What’s the Worst That Could Happen?, which used to mean I was nearly done, but I’ve added in a bunch of dialogue and stuff so I still have something like 58 pages to go. It’s all good. I am motivated and enjoying it.

I had the best ever visit to the video shop the other day. I went in thinking I’d get some kind of chick-flick ish movie, hoping for Raising Helen because I love Kate Hudson and planned to just browse for other stuff. Well, Raising Helen was staring me in the face, so I picked that up and then I went to check for Shark Attack 3: Megalodon in the action section even though it’s been missing for weeks and weeks. And not like, someone has it out, but it’s meant to be on the shelf but it just isn’t. And it’s not under M for Megalodon, or Horror or Comedy and in fact, it’s gone, was there anything else you’re interested in? I told myself this would be the last time. If SA3:M wasn’t there this time I’d give up my search. Well, it was there. I grabbed it before someone else could (since it’s clearly in high demand) and gently and quietly squeeed to myself. Then I managed to get Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist to top off the lot. A film I’ve been meaning to see for ages. And all for three dollars! I ❤ you Civic Video, Courtenay Place.

Honourable Mentions: Another session of Fall tonight, looking forward to the Superhero LARP and loving having people telling me that they’re excited about it, new work t shirt is excellent; good colour, perfect fit, nice heavy cotton. Our cleaner who cleans and tidies; so much love. The weather may not be getting warmer, but the days are getting longer. This means that summer is coming and I love summer and SQUEEEE! Also, it’s nearly my birthday. In like, a month. Huh. Also Wonka’s chewable gobstoppers, a certain creepy vampire on facebook, D&D themed improv comedy, warm feet, little notebooks, meeting people’s mothers and new Empire magazine in the mail.


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I’m excited about the Superhero LARP! And will get bonus gaming the night before with invading frisbee creatures. So with regular Wednesday, next week is going to be awesome…
    Reading The Hobbit to James (and kind of Tom)… their Dad started and they demanded that I continue… he’s a bit young but I’m enjoying it
    Mystery bulbs… the ones I thought were daffodils are all fabulous purple hyacinths… One red and yellow tulip and lots of creamy freesias have joined my beautiful anemones
    … and the two bunches of cream and yellow daffodils with awesome orange centres I bought to compensate, which are lasting ages

  2. I checked out some clips from Shark Attack 3 after seeing Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, and it looked like great fun.

    Speaking of MS v. GO, I was lucky enough to see that without having the most awesome scene spoiled for me. I hate that they put that scene on the dvd cover; I doubt it has quite the same impact when you know that it’s coming. I remember that I had to rewind the movie to see if what I thought happened, really did happen. (It did.)

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