American Magee’s Alice

American Magee's Alice

Ants had an A themed party for his birthday and I kept thinking to myself ‘eh, it’s ages away, I don’t need to worry about my costume yet.’ and then it was suddenly that week, and I had a very busy week being ill and having no energy and then it was actually *the day* of the party. I slept in, got some food and then wandered around town trying to find something appropriate.

I had been worried that the party would be full of Alices in Wonderland, given the movie coming up earlier in the year, so I wanted something dark and Gothic like American Magee’s Alice. I found the perfect dress *on sale* at Jay Jays. It’s even official Alice movie wear, possibly designed by Avril Lavigne. It was pretty 80s, with the lace inserts at the neck line and the puffy skirt so I was definitely doing my own spin on the costume.

I got home and made myself an apron. I went with a little half-apron, since I knew I could do it quickly and without thinking too hard. I did the pockets though, and drew the symbols on with water resistant sharpie pen. I whipped it up in 45 mins, ironing, hemming and making a nice hidden hem waist band. I’m really happy with how it came out. Then I needed blood stains, so I took my red food colouring and the apron out on the balcony and had an excellent splattery time. It looked very effective when it dried!

I had a pair of black and white striped tights from ages ago and I paired these with my fairy-tale knee highs from Sock-dreams and my mary janes to simulate the boots. I dug out my seldom-worn ethereal arm warmers to compensate for not having puffy sleeves, stuck on a head bow and a bunch of dark eye make up and I was ready to go.

People got nervous about my knife. Can’t think why…

The necklace is from Jay Jays also, they have heaps of cute key themed jewellery at the moment. I looked around the $2 shops and 2 Cheap but no one had a fake plastic knife, there was only swords, so I had to take a knife from our very own kitchen. I used the most blunt one we have.

You can see the socks better in this one.

Thanks to the lovely Hannah for the photos.


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