Fall actual play report – 208 “Parlour Games”

Megan finished the programming of her super computer, stays up all night to doing it. (Cue lots of jokes out of character about skynet.)

Alex gets up the next morning – a woman on a mission. She’s going to see Claudia and confront her. She wears her most emo gears: black clothes, lots of eye make-up, etc. Jared and her parents are having breakfast. Her mother calls her back, but Alex rushes out the door saying she has study to do before school. She cycles to Calvin’s house, is let in by Martha and runs up the stairs and jumps on Calvin’s bed. He startles awake and slightly freaks out.
Alex: Hey!
Calvin: Hello.
Alex: So, let’s go and get a ghost.
Calvin: Sure. (pause) What’s with the make up?
A: Well, I figured if we go looking all emo then we can say that Sam sent us and she’ll let us in.
C: Demons are emo. Got it. I guess I’d better get some clothes on.
A: You don’t *have* to.

Some time later Calvin and Alex arrive in town at the swanky apartment building that Claudia lives in. There’s a receptionist/doorman/security guard who challenges them as they go in, even though Alex fully strides towards the lift like she knows what she’s doing. He doesn’t believe that two teenagers are expected by Claudia but agrees to call her apartment for them. There’s no answer. Alex offers to wait until she gets home but the doorman is a second away from calling the police so they retreat to a coffee shop conveniently located across the road. Alex orders a chai latte and Calvin says he’ll have the same, he’s a bit distracted.

They sit and watch the entrance to Claudia’s building and Calvin notices something. (This is astounding because Calvin’s skill level for noticing things is rather low.)
Calvin: Huh.
Alex: What?
C: We could go around the back. That’s where the delivery people are going.
They head round the back of the building, collect a discarded box and sneak in. They get into the staircase no problems and Alex breaks the swipe card access lock on the appropriate floor.

They knock on the door to Claudia’s but there’s no answer. Alex tries the door but it’s locked. Calvin offers to pick the lock and Alex nods. A little old lady from a few doors down comes out into the hall with her pomeranians. Alex yanks Calvin up and around, pushes him against the door and starts kissing him. Calvin doesn’t complain.
The little old lady comes and talks to them because her poms won’t stop barking at them and Alex says she’s Claudia’s niece and Calvin’s her boyfriend. The little old lady toddles off, yapping dogs in tow.

Calvin’s having some trouble with the lock but manages to get the door open, they walk in to be greeted with a beeping noise. Alex is staring at the alarm panel but Calvin opens a door next to it and yanks out a fuse. The beeping stops.

Facing the doorway is a creepy African statue. Alex is weirded out by it, actually gets some bad vibes.

Alex searches the apartment for incriminating/occultish stuff. Calvin opens a weird, out of place wardrobe and finds a bunch of weird occult stuff. Herbs, animal parts, etc. There are a bunch of books which he checks out, especially an old, leather bound book that says Ascension.

In the bedroom, Alex finds four wedding bands in a drawer. She talks to George in the mirror, asking him to come and look but nothing happens.
Alex finds Calvin reading from the book of Ascension.
Alex: What did you find?
Calvin: This shit is fucked up. There’s this whole part where you have to eat a demon.
A: Ew.

They quickly come to the conclusion that Claudia isn’t the gold digging opportunist they had previously suspected. More like an epically twisted and magical bad guy.
Alex: Her boyfriend who she murdered should haunt her, not me!
Calvin: Is…he here?
A: No.

Alex wants to leave, she feels uncomfortable and the place is eerily clean, like, no dust anywhere. Calvin asks if she wants to stay and confront Claudia, but she says no. They take all the occult books in the box and leave out the back stairs and get into Kermit.

Calvin has pulled into traffic when he is possessed by George, who is disoriented. He can’t understand how to use the car, or Calvin’s body. They pull crazily over, managing to miss any other cars or other obstacles. Alex tries to convince him that Claudia was evil, shows him photos of the rings and the books and stuff but he’s determined to believe she was a lovely girl and Alex has it wrong.
Alex, pissed off: Give me back my boyfriend because I don’t want to talk to you any more.

Calvin comes to, exhausted.
Alex: Babe, I’m sorry.
Calvin: Okay.
Alex: I told him to haunt someone else. I’m not helping him any more.
Calvin: Cool.
Calvin drives her to school and then goes home to get some sleep.

Megan hacks her school schedule to allow her to spend all day in the gym working out and being angry.

Alex catches up with Darius at the Spring Fling preparations, catching him up on all the stuff since the stake out.
Darius: Where’s Calvin?
Alex: He went home to rest.
Darius: So possession doesn’t put things into you as much as take stuff out of you.

Calvin at home is visited by a huge ass demon who asks for the books back. So big Calvin’s eye level is at the demon’s chest, and Calvin’s 6’4”. The demon is wearing a Hawaiian shirt and is quite reasonable.
Calvin wants to fight him but the demon says he’s not paid enough for that amount of trouble. Wait, that makes it sound like he thought Calvin was a threat. It wasn’t like that. He just wanted to get the books and get gone and Calvin was slowing him down. The demon then threatened to damage the nice looking lime green car in the driveway.

Calvin really wants to fight him, but is exhausted and still hurt and emasculated. He offers to pay the demon more money than he’s taken for this job but the demon says it’s not like that, he has to finish the job but he could be hired afterwards to steal them back.

Calvin has actually the left the books in the car so shows the demon to it and takes the demon’s cellphone number.
Demon: Huh. There’s some other magic around this car.
Calvin: You have no idea.
Demon walks away with the books, leaving Calvin slightly forlorn with a broken front door. He calls Jim Locke to fix it.
Calvin texts Alex: Don’t have the books any more.

Megan comes over to Calvin’s place after school to practice fighting. She has an awkward talk with Jim Locke then she and Calvin go downstairs to get hot and sweaty together. Calvin is drinking a lot of coffee.

A couple of days later Alex searches out Megan in the school gym, tries to reconcile. They catch up.
Alex: I’m trying to keep it quiet, you know, cut down on patrolling. Give Calvin time to recover.
Megan: What do you mean?
A: He thinks he’s invincible and he’s not.
M: He kinda is, he’s been through a lot of stuff.
A: Yeah, he’s tough but…
M: He’s still alive.
A: Yes. Let’s keep him that way.
(Yeah, the tension is still there.)

About a week passes….

Spring Fling is coming up soon, Alex and Darius are very busy with that. Darius is studying magic and school work as well. Calvin is not patrolling, but exercising with Megan when the others are doing Spring Fling stuff.

Alex is visited in a dream by Lizzie Borden, who says she’s chased off George Hitchens. Alex asks her about Ascension and she says she thinks its about when people want to be true demons.

Dairus gets a phone call, he was waiting for Jacinta to call but it’s Henrietta Calendar.
D: Look I’m trying to learn about this magic stuff, and if you don’t want me to blow a hole it the world maybe you should help me out.
H: What do you want?
D asks about the answer phone message from Giles: And I’m trying to learn magic here without kiling anyone else.
H: Who did you kill?
D: Just myself, well nearly.
H: I will address the points that I can. You’re talking about Rupert Giles, he used to be a Watcher and he’s currently incommunicado. He’s left the…
D: Building?
H: Organisation.
D: What organisation?
H: The slayers.
D: Ok, so why was he calling my parents?
H: Based on your last name and your location I believe they were Watchers. But we lost a lot of information when the First Evil destroyed the Watchers Council.
D: So both of them were watchers? That would explain a lot.
Henrietta says that they can’t spare anyone at the moment as they’re fighting a war. She advises him to look for other options before attempting to use magic. Magic always has consequences.
Darius: Yes. I have noticed this. So if there’s some kind of war going on and a big army, why haven’t you asked us to join? Are we not good enough?
Henrietta explains that they take volunteers, they don’t go around drafting people.
Darius hangs up and looks at the note he’s written: “Rupert Giles”.

Megan wakes up because there is a soft red light in her room, a steady pulsing from her computer screen. She clicks on it and her currrent account balance comes up. It’s getting bigger by the second. She appears to have more money than Calvin’s parents. Megan closes the account scraper programme, and sleeps easy in the knowledge that everything has worked out.

Calvin gets a text from Mason: Hey.
Calvin texts back: Hey.

Some day after school Megan calls Darius and asks him to pick her up. He is surprised, asks what they’re doing. She says she has to give back the sword he lent her. He is quiet for a long moment.
Darius: Uh. Yeah, yeah of course. Of course, I’ll come over now.
She hops into the car and shows off the cool new sword that Calvin bought her. Darius is not so incredibly impressed but makes a good show of it. Megan asks if Darius can drop her off to collect her new bike.
Darius: Yeah, we can fit a bike in the back of the station wagon.
Megan: It’s a motor bike.
The salesman tries to sell her insurance. She does buy cycle leathers and a helmet.
Then she asks if Darius wants to get a coffee, he agrees and she tries to impressively pull out on the bike. Somehow, she manages not to kill herself on the Ducati and they meet up for coffee at Bohemian Like Me.

Calvin receives texts from Ash: “Are you ready yet? For the power> The strength? You’d be the most bad ass fighter. You could handle the power. Meet me, Let me show you everything you could do.” There are also messages on facebook which he responds to, asking if Ash is able to fight a big fuck off demon.

Back at the cafe…
Megan: I’ll get it. There’s no reason for you to pay any more.
Darius: I’m learning how to blow things up with my mind.
M: How is that going? Any more bleeding?
D: No. Everything stayed inside.

Calvin texts Darius, asking: where are you? I want to use your library.
Darius to Megan: Huh. I didn’t know he could read.
Megan: We should go to your place.

Calvin hears a noise that sounds like tortured gears. Megan comes slip sliding around the corner on a very fast race bike. Megan pulls up and takes off her helmet. Calvin is stunned. Darius pulls up in his station wagon. They both look at Megan and the bike.
Calvin: So, where did you get the money for this?
Darius: Yeah, I was wondering that too.
Megan explains about the account scraping programme and how it’s just a couple of cents from a huge number of people. No one will notice. Both boys disapprove but neither of them can really put it into words.
Darius: So Calvin, what did you want to research?
Calvin: Uh. Just vampires. You know, we fight them all the time but we don’t really know that much about them.
The other two accept this and they head into the house.
Credits roll.

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