Things I Love Thursday

The Superhero LARP is on this Saturday and it’s all getting very exciting.
And not just because Paul and I have everything pretty much sorted, but also because people have been asking questions and posting on the forum in character, and some have even been writing fic for their characters! OMG. So much awesome. I can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes and see what the Hell happens on the night. I just have no idea what plot threads people will follow and which will be ignored…can’t wait. Watch this space on Sunday for photos.

Getting stuff done. So despite having a rather nasty and very persistent cold I have achieved the following in the past week:
– I converted my scrapbooking station into a dedicated writing desk. It was very therapeutic actually, because every time I’ve seen my scrapbooking stuff I’ve felt very guilty that I’m not scrapbooking. Even though I haven’t really done any in over a year.
– I have decided to edit and rewrite Rain so that it is submittable at the end of October so I can enter it into the Tessa Duder awards. (Thanks to Matt and Debs for the heads up!)
– Dragged out all my half finished craft projects to work on while we watch DVDs and movies. I have often felt like I’m wasting time when I’m doing this, but I do like TV so I don’t want to give it up altogether. Cue half sewn sock monkeys, little quilted wall hangings I just stopped working on for some reason, and random other projects. It feels good to go “That’s done.” Plus, I have gifts for people now and birthday season is coming up.

Felt Aid is a store where people are donating hand made goods and all the proceeds are being given to Red Cross to help out with the Christchurch earthquake aftermath. Nice one!

The Dog blog has moved to Tumblr and is updating more often. I say: excellent.

I had lunch with Zephfi, and I hadn’t seen her in forever and we had salad and talked and it was great. Also had Yum Cha with friends on the weekend and that was lovely. And Sok came by briefly last night and even brief chatting is good with Sok and Star came by on Tuesday to deliver me the new Meg Cabot book. My friends are awesome.

Honourable Mentions: Finding random lost stuff when I converted my desk and being happy about finding stuff, conversely, decluttering while I converted my desk was great too. Related: Making little labels for my sets of drawers and putting stuff in them that is useful, I still love my video shop even though the 2 of 4 movies I hired this week have been a bit smaverage (The Last Mimzy and In the Loop), I love the $1.50 wonka candy I can get there, scorched almonds, being warm under blankies, being sick but (mostly) cheerful, compliments on my whacky coloured hair, new camera arrived, Chrome’s gmail autochecker extension, pink heart shaped buttons, Burger Fuel and fresh clean sheets.


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Hmm TiLT:
    I got a Jenni hug this week yay! It’s been too long!
    Prospect of yum cha.
    Singing, always always singing.
    My wonderful guy 🙂

    Small list but it’s all good!

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