Superhero Wedding Reception LARP

I can’t believe it’s over. It only seems like a week ago that Paul and I were brainstorming character ideas and now it’s all been written and confirmed and finalised and actually *done*. Odd feeling.

The whole cast of the LARP

My worst case scenario brain told me a bunch of things about this night: some people wouldn’t turn up, people would get bored and leave early, all our character’s goals will be resolved in an hour, people will sit around saying nothing.

My worst case scenario brain as it turns out, was entirely wrong. Everyone turned up. Everyone stayed the whole duration (and even helped tidy up after!), people talked, characters linked up that I didn’t expect to, time went slow but slow enough that stuff happened in a paced manner.

I don’t really know how to express my experience of running the superhero LARP. I wanted to be everywhere at once, listening to all the important conversations between characters I loved writing. I wanted to answer everyone’s questions and I was weirdly pleased when they came to me rather than Paul. I loved it when Paul and I had important conversations and worked stuff out on the fly.

I loved when I saw people acting characters out in just the best way possible: a combination of how I’d imagined them and their own amazing interpretations. So many stories happened that I wasn’t involved in at all. I’ve been impatiently checking NZrag and livejournal looking for people’s posts of their experiences.

Let’s see, what did I have direct control over? The set dressing came out pretty much perfect. A couple of scattered tables with white tablecloths and flowers, a big centrepiece on the head table and wedding favours (floral cupcake cases with lollies inside) and we had the reception dining room. We had a second room with a table of drinks and cups and another with food made up the bar. There was dancing in there later on. I made a wedding cake, because I thought it would be an excellent touch and it went down really well. People were surprised and pleased and it was quite like being an actual waitress at a wedding to carry the cake away, cut it up and then start handing it out with napkins.

Wedding cake with two stars, one for each hero

OK, not sure this has made any sense. I’ll maybe update again later in the week if I can get my head together.

In the mean time, other people’s experiences:

The write up of Tog, who played Jack Reynolds: the groom.
Ellen’s write up, she played Kara 6582 aka Cyborg, one of my favourite characters.
Two part blog write up of one of our villains starts here and ends here.
A letter from the Mother of the Groom.
The bride’s experiences.

Heaps of gorgeous photos care of our papparazzo Robyn can be viewed here.


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