Things I Love Thursday

I am cool bone guy.

Paul and my superhero LARP worked out really well. The players mostly had fun, there was crazy shit happening, people liked my cake…well, I blogged this the other day. I’m so glad I was part of making that happen, and also yay I achieved something new.

My editing mojo has been good this week. I received some in depth feedback from a reader and I’ve been looking carefully at sentence structure, character interactions and why I have included a smoking scene in the start of Rain. These are good things to think about when editing. I’ve been getting at least a half hour a day in most days this week. Will try for some epic sessions on the weekend.

I really love Hyperbole and a Half. This new article about The Party made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. Even though I’ve read most of them over and over again they still make me laugh when I read them again.

These Lord of the Rings mini plushies are completely adorable. If someone wanted to buy me them for my birthday I would not cry. In order of preference: Legolas, Gandalf, Frodo then the Orc. Also I really don’t have enough Batman/Batgirl themed T shirts and I need this one.

Honourable Mentions: Mark Reads Harry Potter (a blog post for each chapter, it’s a lot of reading but pretty freaking funny.) 3 ply extra large aloe vera tissues, being in the making sock beasties swing again, sunshiney weather, it not being properly dark even after 6pm, daylight savings starting again this weekend (bad for the earlier wake up time, but good for the sunshiney hours and summer is coming!), fresh squeezed orange juice, eating at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen, new books (Zombies vs Unicorns! ), trailers for awesome sauce new movies (e.g. Trolls) and hot chocolate from Scopa.


5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Love the Batgirl T-shirt! I think I want the Wonder Woman one…also the Star Trek TOS t-shirt dress.

    Saw the crazy skull writing paper photos you put up on FB- you were surprised about the cat saying ‘foo’. Well, as an ex-EFL teacher, I have to tell you that in Japan, cats probably do say ‘foo’. Possibly the most fun you can have with a multinational EFL class is to ask them what noises different animals make. For serious. I seem to recall one student telling me dogs went ‘dak dak’…

  2. I like the steam punk skeleton t-shirt! And the “You read my Tshirt That’s enough interaction for one day” one…

    I think i want to watch Glee

    Things that have made me happy recently:
    – that it’s stopped raining
    – Superhero LARP (and seeing old friends and meeting new people)
    – friendly comments on my LARP report
    – Fab week of gaming (Our Wed group had bonus Indie Zombie game with Mash and Mike last Friday too)… and more planned for Sunday. Also have some enthusiastic poss players for Alaska play test in Nov, though need > 2-3 more…
    – seeing my J do Kapa Haka today (though sadly there were tall people in front of him)
    – enjoying old TMBG kids music on youtube with my boys
    – J’s current preference for watching Black Ferns instead of All Blacks on You Tube
    – Looking forward to 5 days in Welly at the end of next week

  3. Oh yes, and a HUGE forgettle… the lovely gift of Drivethru RPG vouchers I was given earlier this week when things were a bit sucky… haven’t decided what to buy yet, so suggestions welcome… I think the intent was for things my boys might grow into sooner rather than later, as a distraction when I am a poor second!

  4. Ellen – in all of the anime I’ve watched and the manga, the cats tend to say ‘nya’ or something similar. I think they were trying for ‘boo!’

    Karen – yay for TMBG and so much good stuff 🙂

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