Be Prepared

So three weeks ago Morgue did a very important thing on his blog. He pointed out that when it comes to being prepared for a natural disaster procrastination isn’t good enough. These things could happen any time and the intention to get stuff together isn’t much good if it happens before you get off to the supermarket to stock up.

Today he did his reminder post and I went and checked in. It worked, his two posts (and the earthquake, naturally) got me off my butt and onto it. I feel like we have enough water for several days now, canned food to keep us going, hand sanitiser, etc.

I left an epic comment on his blog, but it occurred to me that I have people reading that he doesn’t and reminders are important. So I’m taking his idea and propagating it and making it a meme. I’m still not quite there in terms of being prepared.

I still need to: get back up batteries for the torch and a bigger, meatier torch might be nice too.
– Transistor radio? Conceivably not necessary if we have access to the car, but we should probably not rely on the car.
– Landline phone that doesn’t need electrical power. We only have a flashy called ID phone that relies on the cradle being connected to mains power.
– Couple more things for the first aid kid (esp wipes, gauze, etc)
– Alternate method of cooking. We have a little wood burner BBQ but not so much fuel for it.

How about you? Does your survival kit need updating? This is your reminder to do it now. I’ll check back in 3 weeks and we’ll all have done something towards it by then. Comment below if you have stuff you need to do, public accountability can help with these things.

Finally some motivational music from Scar…


5 thoughts on “Be Prepared

  1. Well done, remind me in 3 weeks.

    I do have a couple of things to get, basically update the first aid kit and make sure that we do have enough food and water. I think that we are pretty much there though.

  2. WCC sells empty 10L containers for $10 each. Since you’re supposed to have 9L per person (for drinking and hygiene), I bought 3 from JVille library… I just need to fill them. Please remind me?

  3. I had one set up already, although thinking about it in light of Christchurch I’m thinking that a large pack of toilet paper and a stash of emergency cash would be an ornament to our household.

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