Hallowe’en costume 1

I’m debuting my Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman costume (made by M) at my Hallowe’en party but I recently was invited to another Hallowe’en party on the 29th. Well, there’s some cross over in the people who will be going to both parties and much as I’m looking forward to being Catwoman I don’t want to wear it twice in two days. Hence I have to find another costume, that I will wear earlier.

Yesterday after talking about rule 63 I came across this gorgeous image:

From here.

The image struck a chord with me. It’s so pretty! Also Hell Boy is cool! Also I could use my own hair, and the costume isn’t so hard to put together. I don’t have to go topless under a coat if I get a red top to wear underneath it right? Basically it stung me right in the costuming gland and I went out at lunch time and bought red face paint, a long sleeve high necked red T shirt and some DAS to make the sanded down horns.

Wish me luck people! I’m not sure if I’ll pull this off or if I’ll just fall back on my Victorian dress and vampire fangs instead. I already have those after all…

I’ll post photos if I manage to get it together. I quite want to win the (possible) costume contest.

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5 thoughts on “Hallowe’en costume 1

  1. Good luck Jenni! I’m sure it will be awesome if you wear it!

    I’m not sure what to wear to your party.. maybe I’ll go as a ghost.

  2. At the Ultimate Indoor Nats last month the Saturday night party had a movie theme. One of the guys in one of our teams, Pete, went as Hellboy. It was a pretty awesome costume! There could be pictures somewhere… I’ll try and find them.

  3. Sounds cool, but be warned: DAS can be a shit to work with! You may do better buying a sheet of blue or green foamboard (insulation foam that comes in 2″ thick sheets cut to various sizes) from Gordon Harris and painting it. It’ll also be a LOT lighter and easier to wear all night, and probably easier to attach to a headband as well. Plastic glue dissolves it, and superglue may as well iirc, but it’s fine with hot glue, pva, or araldite, and you could probably run wire through it and stack it to make longer horns.

  4. I remember DAS. It was fun. Random blob-like creations we never got around to painting… how would you make it stay on your head though? Spray-on adhesive? 🙂

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