Things I Love Thursday

One week til my birthday. Which means gifts, cake, time off work and parties. I am especially looking forward to getting lots of editing done. Because that’s how much of a writing geek I am now.

Hallowe’en. This morning I ordered some costume supplies from a costume website…including an official Hell Boy foam rock hand. Hee hee. With two spooky LARPs to attend at Fright Night and two costumey Hallowe’en parties to costume for I’m really feeling the Hallowe’en love this year. Especially because on the day itself I’m seeing Leonard Cohen performing live OMG. But yes. Hallowe’en is fun. Silly, spooky fun.

Feedback from Steve on Rain. The thing I like about feedback sessions with Steve is that he gives me these great ideas for levelling up my book. In some cases it’s things that are happening in the text anyway, but not explicitly. Or things that I had thought I was doing but not quite getting it across. In other cases he hits me with something I’ve never considered and these are generally good, mind-and-manuscript opening things. Motivation for editing at the moment = high. Which is good because it’s getting closer to the end of October every day.

Well, we haven’t got to play Fall in a while, and the next session isn’t scheduled til the 20th but in the mean time our character facebooks have been active and there has also been some collaborative ficcing. This partially stems the tide of insanity that threatens to overwhelm me. I get rid of the rest of the insanity by pretending I’m Mason and then I get flooded with Mason’s Zen sense of one-ness with the universe. Laid back surfer Zen.

Patchwork! It’s amazing how quickly I can get stuff done if I just spend an hour at the machine/iron/cutting board. One baby quilt is at the hand quilting stage, one is slowly becoming blocks and I finally ironed and assembled the ‘gallery’ quilt I made like a year ago. It’s super super pretty. The neat thing about quilts is that as you make them they surprise you and you fall in love with them, and you know that when you give it away you’re giving something truly special. I am undecided on whether to keep the gallery one for myself and hang it in the bedroom or give it away to someone. Hmm. Decisions, decisions.

I watched the Philadelphia Story and I have to say I much prefer High Society, it’s lighter and more fun. Here’s one of my favourite parts of High Society, where Tracey sends herself up to freak out the columnists…

Honourable Mentions: there’s a stupid Facebook meme going around right now but I can make it positive by encouraging people to donate to Breast Cancer research instead. New super cute, summery dresses from Jay Jays (I know I said I’d be buying 2nd hand, but sometimes the perfect dress is just *there* and cheap and you have to have it), the paper craft Gambit on my desk, finishing craft projects, high tea at Martha’s Pantry, extreme success singing “Dream on” at karaoke, impressive friends singing at karaoke, perfect duvet for being warm but not too hot at night, reading random stuff on TV Tropes, vivid bizarre dreams, a cleaner cleaned house, the Birds of Prey sing about Aquaman’s small penis, sunshine and it being warm enough to go to the park and sit and read.

And it’s official. I love Lady Gaga. Check her out!

Finally, Doug Funnie channels the sadness (and oddness) of the Magnetic Fields.


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