Fright Night 2010

I went to Fright Night again. I signed up for only LARPish games and I had a blast.

Did you hear the one…?

Sophie wrote a game influenced by the one last year in which the player characters take part in a seance. However Sophie’s game took things quite a bit further with the lights going out, flickering, odd noises, banging on the walls and her walking around ‘invisibly’ affecting us and telling us things. It was a slow burn, with things like characters and rivalries established at the start and the supernatural elements becoming more and more overt.

My character was Eloise – a rich kid thrill seeker who enjoyed being frightened. My sceptic brother was there, played by Ants. Mash played the true believer, Donna my best friend who I had dragged along and then we had Liam playing a reporter trying to get a good story. We’d all heard different stories about the “Turnbull murders” and who the killer really was. After about an hour the lights went out. People tried to leave but were repelled by an unseen force at the door. Cellphones didn’t work. We were trapped and the only way out was to solve the murder case for real.

Over the evening we all became possessed by different members of the family. Ants was possessed by the murderer and as everything escalated I was getting in between him and someone he was determined to attack. The physicality of this game really made it for me. People were leaping around, hiding in corners, grabbing each other, falling down. “Ghosts” were nudging us, grabbing our shoulders…of course it was just Sophie, but it was spooky!

All Hallow’s Eve

I played Ariel, a kid with a very dark past looking to run away from home and the whole town with her best friend Jeremy (played by Ants). The game is set at a Hallowe’en party where a bunch of people have been trapped in a room together by an unseen supernatural force. My character was screwed up. Seriously. She didn’t trust adults or older teenagers, she only trusted Jeremy. Jeremy liked her back, but he had a horribly controlling father who hated her.

The game was odd, another slow burn to shit getting real, but rather than being spooky it was more pure darkness. Scott and Bryn had both warned me beforehand that the game was bleak and dark, so I went in expecting it. I maybe expected *more* darkness than there was actually. When I first read my character sheet and the cast list I immediately suspected that my character was going to be ritually sacrificed by a dark cult made up of the other players. I was pleased when this didn’t happen.

Also I think this game was the most bad ass I have been in a LARP and actually played out. Right near the end of the game I was involved in a Mexican stand off (knife-knife-gun) and managed to save Jeremy’s life. I’m keeping details vague so that the write up’s spoiler free, but it was cool. The only people who knew I had a knife were Jeremy and an older kid Will who was really nice to me. Everyone else was surprised when I pulled it out I think.

Anyway, excellent time. Excellently gigantic thanks to Dale for organising the whole con. Thanks to Scott and Sophie for running such awesome games and thanks to Donna, Amphigori and Ants for being my LARP buddies!


One thought on “Fright Night 2010

  1. It was very funny when Sophie came in with your box of cakes going "Uh, Jenni wonders if we can use these in the game."

    I was like "Yeah sure I'll think of something."

    Cue frantic scramble for inspiration while already freaking out about hoping to not wreck Sophie's game!! The decision to have me play medium was a sort of spontaneous suggestion after the playtest as this would allow her to be freaking people out throughout the game!

    Your cakes though…NOM.

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